Following a nuclear attack by terrorists on London, a mixed bag of survivors are trapped in a Government bunker cut off from the outside world. As they come to terms with their predicament they find that their security and safety are not as assured as they originally hoped…

A junior minister in the British Government discovers a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear device in London. Putting self-preservation first, he flees with a young American political ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


S.N.U.B! torrent reviews

Mary R (kr) wrote: Saw it and loved the music

People P (it) wrote: For what the film is, it's decent. I liked the dogs (mainly because I'm a dog person), I thought the construction of the hotel was creative, and the noble cause of the kids protecting the dogs was nice. However, I thought the characters were kind of bland and forgettable. A MAJOR thing that I did not like about the movie is that it's so mean-spirited, especially the animal control officers. They just won't give a break to the dogs and close to the end, they plan to euthanize ALL OF THEM. Therefore, I found the animal control and the police very despicably unlikable in this movie. Also, everyone doesn't even bother caring about all the good things that the kids are doing for these dogs and they are constantly beating them up. I think this movie is way too mean for a family flick. Regardless, I think it's an "ok" film. If you're an animal person, maybe you'll get into some of the cutesy moments of it. But otherwise, I think the mean moments are way too unpleasant. I know some people would show this film to their kids, but for me, I'd give it a skip.

Professor W (fr) wrote: Not quite a horror movie. Starring pornstar Mary Carey, that should give you an idea of what to expect. It can almost be labelled as softcore porn. This movie has no problem showing T&A at least once every minute. The plot is basic and stupidly funny, the humor isn't terrible, and the characters are well...most of them are always topless so it doesn't matter. The last twenty minutes get especially weird, I don't want to ruin it though. Ratings: Acting: 3/10 Story: 3/10 Originalality: 5/10 Soundtrack: 4/10 Characters: 5/10 Scariness: 2/10 Overall Rating: 6.3/10 Sexiness: (The following is my Review for the fappers 18+): This movie is great to fap to. One of the girls in pornstar Mary Carey, who you fapmasters may already be familiar with. There is plenty of T&A to keep you going. Fap Rating: 8.5/10

Lindsey G (es) wrote: it would have been better if the "plot twist" came out earlier on in the movie. the end was too rushed because of it

Graydon B (ca) wrote: A bad but entertaining-as-fuck! Watch the MST3K episode, its easily one of their best!!

Pampalini L (es) wrote: We're gonna give you a fair trial, followed by a first class hanging.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Extraordinary, truthful film about the effects of colonialism and racism. It's interesting that this film, based on the book by Richard Ruark, came out in 1957: a time of tumultuous change beginning to re-shape the world as we know it today. It was the same year Ghana became the first African country to win its independence and the Little Rock Nine faced violent, racist resistance in their efforts at integration and equality.

Luc L (de) wrote: A memorable classic.