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Saadhyam torrent reviews

Nelika W (nl) wrote: I got bored quarter way through. My husband watched the whole thing and said that the end was worth waiting for but meh... too slow and confusing...

Wes S (au) wrote: Not too bad. There is a lot of brutal violence and gore, but it can be entertaining and tense. The characters aren't too bad but could of been more interesting. The crocodile isn't exactly the main enemy in the film but still shows up a lot, and the CGI is pretty decent.

Yves L (de) wrote: Le plus beau malade du cinema japonais, Miike r???alise un film fort, entre hommage a Lynch et Bunuel!

marissa y (ca) wrote: i luv movies with soccer

Kati C (nl) wrote: Harmless comedy that makes Christmas Day pass a little quicker. I still wouldn't watch this twice, and Steve Guttenberg's lame Santa laugh was sooo fake!!

Jarrin R (fr) wrote: As far as zombie movies go this sure is different. It is also very raw and gritty, as well as inappropriate at times. I do not feel like I need to watch it again.

Luis M (jp) wrote: It could be better than the first, but there's not much to say.

Chad R (nl) wrote: Well the title attracts intrest but reading the plot, really, really doesn't.

Scott A (au) wrote: Excellent. touching, humorous... irrelevant... just like Kramer.

Asher K (jp) wrote: Superb acting and quite enjoyable...and The Who's soundtrack is amazing. Not at all what I imagined when listening to the 1973 album, but a really well put together film experience

Scott M (ca) wrote: A movie about immature kids who get taught the facts of life by their high school teacher. I love this movie so much. Its really corny and dumb but I still love it anyway. Sidney Poitier's best movie.

Jim H (jp) wrote: Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni star in three stories about sex and love.What a delightful Italian comedy. Loren and Mastroianni are a classic pair, and each story allows them to explore a different facet of sexual chemistry. They rise to each challenge, and they're a delight to watch.The first story, about a couple who squirts out babies in order to avoid debtors' prison, defies realism, but it allows Loren to strut and saunter her way around the world-weary, oversexed Mastroianni. The second story, about a man and woman escaping her husband for a weekend in the country, sets an adversarial relationship between the two Italian stars. The final story contains one of the most hilarious, off-the-wall seduction sequences I've ever seen, and Mastroianni howls his way into our hearts -- broad comedy at its best.Overall, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is an Italian classic and a must-see.

Amanda M (ru) wrote: I'm not generally a war film fan but this one's interesting from a wartime Hollywood perspective in regards to the views of the Japanese, American minority soldiers, and the status of the homefront. Plus there's Desi Arnaz.

Gabriel A (gb) wrote: Este (C) um filme sem heris, sem ritmo narrativo, e personagens sem moral construdo sobre clichs e alimentado por performances descartveis. Como resultado, (C) tamb (C)m um filme sem senso de propsito, nenhuma autenticidade e sem vida.

Spencer P (fr) wrote: It's solidly cast and practically convincing, but the plot-holed script takes every chance it can get to portray Steve Jobs as a tyranical jerk, and somehow show that off as an inspirational drive more his entrepreneurial vision.