Saajan Ki Saheli

Saajan Ki Saheli

Young and attractive Kunti has fallen in love with a young man by the name of Anil, and both intend to marry...

Young and attractive Kunti has fallen in love with a young man by the name of Anil, and both intend to marry. They do get intimate which ends in Kunti getting pregnant. Kunti finds out that... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diamond B (de) wrote: awesome movie i watch this all the time

Dinesh P (es) wrote: Best part of the story was that main character wants to avenge his injury from the main villian and it is towards the end they turn out to be pawn in a bigger game plan hatched by Commisioner and local politician. It has been shot brilliantly too. The first chase cum fight is brilliant. A movie worth a watch.

Jagoda J (de) wrote: not a typical romantic comedy, rather strange you might say, but created from a fresh and interesting angle and that's why worth watching

Yann B (kr) wrote: on s'attend un peu a ce qui va arriver mais c'est quand meme pas malquelques scenes bien delirantes, notamment celle de la jaguar qui m'a bien fait rire, ca permet de pas tomber dans le gros truc hyper lourd et larmoyant

Mike V (nl) wrote: I couldn't connect with this film. Slow paced and with little mystery, suspense, or even plot, there was nothing new here. AAN

Andy C (ag) wrote: An interesting twist to the series which serves to improve on the previous instalment. Quite enjoyable and certainly better than the usual response to an ongoing series (set an episode in space).

Richard A (ru) wrote: One of my favorite dwight yoakam movies

Devonte S (br) wrote: One of the best movies Ive seen! I remember watching this movie when I was a teenager!!!!! -Great Picture!

Ernie P (es) wrote: Best twist ending I've ever seen in any film. Very dark crime drama that may be disturbing to some. Also known as "Kidnapped".

Sean D (ca) wrote: It is rare that a director hits all the right notes with their first film. Every now and again you get a "Reservoir Dogs" or an "Eraserhead" or a "MASH" where they hit it out of the park. But for every "12 Angry Men," there are several "Shallow Graves" and "Bottle Rockets" where a director is still finding their way. Such is Stanley Kubrick's first feature "Fear and Desire."A group soldiers find themselves behind enemy lines and are trying desparately to get back to base. As the pressures of war wear on one of the soldiers, they stumble upon an enemy base where a mad general resides. The soldiers must decide whether to strike a strong blow to the enemy or to escape back to base.At a taut 60 minutes, the film is thin on plot and character development. The storyline is not too simple, but Kubrick at this point simply did not have the experience. He doesn't take the time to flesh out character neuroses nor does he develop any sort of tension that would make this film a more exciting and engaging one. As a result, the characters are rather flat with only brief glimpses into their true character. Yet, despite its shortcomings, there are surfacings of typical Kubrickian themes and styles. In the soldier Sidney (Paul Mazursky), we see the how the pressures of war can ravage the mind. This theme, however, is better played out in his later films, mainly "Paths of Glory" and "Full Metal Jacket." We also are shown a mad man with authority. In arguably the best scene in the film, we see the enemy General philosophizing about war to his dog. It is reminiscent of future incompetent and mad authority figures in "Paths of Glory" and "Dr. Strangelove." One thing that is evident from this film is the consistent quality of Kubrick's eye for beautiful photography. Like some of his great works, like "A Clockwork Orange," or "2001: A Space Odyssey," he effectively sets up his shots well. He does well to capture the intensity of the soldiers and conveys the setting in an uncanny manner.Until recently, this film was rarely seen and it was one of two films Kubrick made that he disowned (the other being "Spartacus"). However, an edition has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD recently that warrants exploring. Compared to Kubrick's works as a whole, it does not live up to the quality that Kubrick produces. But it is absolutely worth watching, if only to see the surfacings of Kubrick's future genius.

Ray B (ru) wrote: Typical die hard movie. Lots of action and of course John survives. I enjoyed the movie when watching on TV. Great TV movie simply because it's basically the same type as the others.

Fredrik S (kr) wrote: An OK film, especially for the message of the environmental need for bees, but it is a bit awkward in the relationship between the bee and the female human and the animation is so-so. I saw this in a dubbed version with my kids and I guess it might be a bit better with the original voice cast, but probably not much...

Tyler S (ca) wrote: Artistically, Wilder wouldn't fail completely until much later in his career. But critically, this was the end of the road.

Noah S (nl) wrote: Jennifer Lawrence breaks out as a star in this film as she and Pita endure the difficulties of entering the "Hunger Games". This movie is the best in the franchise.

Robert G (ca) wrote: Very enjoyable movie, but from Crowe, Cruise, Diaz and Cruz I just expected more.

John E (fr) wrote: This is far more fiction than fact. Entertaining, but I give it only two stars because it claims to be more accurate than it actually is. Robert Stroud never saw this film, but if he had I'm sure he would have laughed himself silly!