Saang gong kei bing II

Saang gong kei bing II

Three Chinese police escaped from Mainland China to Hong Kong.In order to live legally in Hong Kong,they agree to be police informers and fight with those criminals who come from Mainland China.

This sequel to the critically-acclaimed box-office winner Long Arm of the Law maintains the same stark realism of the original. In Saga Two, the Royal Hong Kong Police put into operation a new plan to counteract the problem of increasing violent crimes committed by new arrivals from across the border in China. In agreement with Chinese authorities, three Hong Kong detectives go undercover as illegal immigrants in order to infiltrate the powerful gang that is organizing the crime wave. The action is tough and graphic, reminiscent of The French Connection, Hong Kong style. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saang gong kei bing II torrent reviews

Alisha M (us) wrote: Not sure why people like this movie so much. True it's beautifully shot but it's also three hours of nothing happening.

Kevin B (kr) wrote: That was pretty really great. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't nightmare scary. Although it was still pretty scary at times. I didn't want to leave to go to the bathroom once. And it wasn't just because I went to the bathroom before the film, I really was in it throughout. I have to tell you what my buddy who was there with me said after the film. He is a very honest, no bs sort of guy. Among many things he said, here are my three favorite: 1) That was the best horror film I've seen in many years. 2) It's not even a traditional horror film, it's sort of like they are redefining what a horror film can be. And, my favorite 3) Do you think they could teach Tyler Perry how to shoot and edit a movie? On another note, I just want to say that I am really impressed by the energy Renae and Tyler bring to the whole screening event. You both looked genuinely stoked to be doing what you were doing and looked as if you were really excited to be there. That has got to be so tough doing that screening after screening etc. But your love for each other and the movie you both made really shone through. Kudos!

Dion S (gb) wrote: Useless movie. Story had huge holes in it. You have no idea why the pele are behaving how they are. It felt like I started watching it half way through (felt like i missed some key parts) even though I started watching it from the opening credits

Matt G (es) wrote: hilarious finale of the once great franchise

Dura Naqi M (nl) wrote: I would say this is the best of his work alongside Chinese Odyssey. It's really funnyl, but affecting too-especially the part of his fall from grace and discovering true love.

Sgt C (mx) wrote: (58%)A better than decent addition to period far-east martial arts moves comes this offering from legend Jet Li. Films such as this need more than just a couple of good fights to be anything worth a look, and I'm glad to report this has. The plot is basic stuff, yet it's still a well told tale of revenge and regret. The fights themselves are really well done with finely choreographed set-pieces that although push the realms of reality are still very enjoyable to watch. Overall this has all the most important bases covered: it's well made, the performances are good enough, the action works, and this has a compelling plot with a fair amount of soul and passion running through.

Ryan N (kr) wrote: Great movie, short and yet full of what makes a great paranoia film!

Riccardo D (ag) wrote: Eh b, a Billy cosa gli vuoi dire...

Jared H (us) wrote: excellent. love whole series