Saath Saath

Saath Saath

The story is about a simple man with high moral values. Avinash (Farookh Shekh) is a poor but self respected guy. His policy is to earn while you learn. He excels in his studies and wishes for an idealistic society to live in. He wants to change the world with truth and simplicity. Movie has beautiful Gazals from Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh

Avinash, an M.A. student, is an idealistic young man with socialist views and stern principles. He is not affected by materialistic nature of his generation and strongly opposes acquiring ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa H (mx) wrote: A bunch of scenes that will leave you saying, "meh."

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Patrick B (us) wrote: Not Cassavete's best, but well worth a look. It gets uncomfortably meta-fictional at times (Cassavetes' rambling about himself as a minor, unsympathetic character) which doesn't gel well with the surrounding virtues of his films: grungy realism, strong psychological portraits and grandiose--but conversational--scenes. Perhaps he was trying to work on new levels: a play-within-the-film titled "The Other Woman" referring to the character's status as an ex-wife, her aging personality, the "ghost" of the actress that plays her, etc. One example of its self-aware themes. But they integrate a little awkwardly at times with the aforementioned virtues. And here, even the virtues are nearly exhausted! (The improvisational ending scene feels awkward and undeserving of its place in the narrative.) But when it's good it's really good (nearly all performances are stellar), and it gives me one more reason to love the "father of independent filmmaking".

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