Dayalan is a newly appointed teacher of a government school in a village. He is unhappy with our education system and is also worried about the pitiable condition of education of government schools. After he joined the school, he tries to change the environment of the school. This is not welcome by Singaperumal who is Assistant Head Master (AHM). Dayalan's decision for the change does not go well with other teachers and students as well. But Dayalan's good moves were slowly noticed by Pandian.

A teacher fights to change the pitiable environment of a school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saattai torrent reviews

Ajay Chander R (br) wrote: The film lacks the pace . How so ever , it does have the taste to fulfill the satisfaction for action likers...

Rasheed T (fr) wrote: While it's CG is overwhelmingly good and the action scenes were okay, the story didn't feel very strong.

Cameron J (jp) wrote: I don't know if I'm more excited about seeing Adam Goldberg in a leading role, or seeing that Adam Goldberg is actually still alive. I joke, but after Golberg spent years of being trapped in the TV guest star zone, with only small roles in films, it did seem like he was trying to tell us something the year before this film came out when he played a suicidal man on "My Name is Earl". Actually, if Goldberg was going to be up to anything in 2006, it would probably be celebrating the cancellation of "Joey" (Of course, he did join in the second season, and by that time, he should have known that it wasn't going to be the best career move for him, unless, of course, he, like plenty of people and, well, myself, didn't even watch the first season of "Joey"), so that's a good sign that he hadn't given up hope, which must have paid off, because one year later, he got a starring role in a film... that is not very good. Man, come to think of it, I don't even know if you can call him the lead in this film, because Julie Delpy is so involved in this film that she's the "co"-lead, director, co-producer, writer, score composer, editor... sound editor, casting director, makeup designer, costume designer, location manager, caterer... cinematographer and head camerawoman. I don't know how she would be able to operate a camera while acting in front of it, but hey, this film's camera is so indie film-tastically shaky that I can honestly say that I wouldn't be too surprised. Seriously though, Delpy isn't "that" involved in this film, but the fact of the matter is that this film is an "independent" film if there ever was one, as she's pretty committed to this project, which would be great and all if she didn't apparently give herself so much to do that she ended up to worn down as storyteller to make an actually good film. Yeah, I can't say that I'm all that impressed, or at least not on the whole, because it's hard to deny the strengths that almost save the final product. Julie Delpy's score is unevenly used in this generally quietly dry indie fluff piece, and when it is used, it, kind of like the film itself, doesn't do all that much that's especially refreshing, yet it's hard not to enjoy it, as Delpy delivers on a certain tastefulness that much like the locations. Whether it be because Delpy and the French audience this film is partly made for are used to Paris, or simply because Delpy's taste in framing is sometimes so amateurish that you get the midsection of someone's face more than the background that you should be immersed in, the showcase of this film's lovely setting stands to be more celebratory, but this is still a film about exploring the streets and culture within Paris, France, so when the locations are played up, they're lavish enough to draw your eyes towards a place that you have no doubt seen time and again, at least objectively, but is always a sight for sore eyes. The film is certainly not visually appealing enough to compensate for the limited emotional appeal, but it's a charming tribute to French culture, and the leads of this tour through Paris also prove to be charming, at least on the whole. Needless to say, charm and chemistry would be sharper if the characters were more interesting, or at least more fleshed out, so no amount of charisma within this talented cast can fully compensate for the shortcomings in this character study, but it's not like the performers don't still try, and with about as much success as they can achieve, boasting a certain charm that really flourishes when the charm within Delpy's script truly hits. I don't know it's because you get used to Delpy's writing style or whatever, but it seems like sharpness in writing dies down with the momentum of the film, and it's not like Delpy's script is ever all that engaging, but it has its witty moments in humor, anchored by sharp dialogue and relative highlights in characterization that give you a glimpse at what this film could have been. Sure, the film was never going to be all that much, but it still squanders potential, something that is seen enough through all of the tasteful and charming areas that are admittedly recurring enough to come close to carrying this film out of mediocrity and into genuine decency. Sadly, in the long run, the strengths in this film don't quite make it in their noble efforts to make a decent indie rom-com, coming close, but having that sweet cigar snatched from their lips by little in the way of intrigue, and just as little in the way of uniqueness within what plot there is. Clearly this film is doing something different, because somewhere along the way it ended up being not quite as likable as certain other indie comedies of this nature, yet blandness wouldn't be as firmly secured as it ultimately is if this film wasn't so formulaic, to where what story there is to this aimless mess feels predictable, thanks to such tropes as a tendency to make blandness in "story"telling all the more severe through a distinctly independent comedy type of meandering. I suppose I like plenty of this film's aimless spells, as they are often powered by snappy spots in writing, but when the wit in Julie Delpy's script wears off, all you're left with a excess filler that has always been there, just toned down by a bit of wit that can still never fully obscure the awkwardness within this film's keeping narrative momentum flowing, only to suddenly fall slave to filler that is so abundant that it ends up driving the film at times, to the point of igniting both repetition and a certain focal unevenness that challenge your investment and bland things up, if not dull things down. On top of turning in a bloated and aimless script, Delpy, as director, does only so much to compensate for dry writing with atmospheric liveliness, so when writing really blands up, things get pretty dull, and that's something that this film cannot afford to have, as your investment is shaken enough by issues in characterization that start with a certain something involving the opposite of the padding that plagues this film more than any other type of pacing problem. Immediate development is mighty minimal, and gradual exposition feels kind of thin, because if there's an area for substance to be fleshed out, this film will, more often than not, rush right back to the filler, though it's not like any amount of flesh-out can fully make up for the problems within the characters themselves, as they are mere average people with nothing particularly special going on in their lives, thus making them uninteresting as the central focus of this character study, which would be fine and all if the characters simply stopped at uninteresting, rather than be defined as obnoxious, rather pretentious, often rudely inconsiderate, over-the-top and all around unlikable, sometimes profoundly so, with problems that "plotting" ostensibly intends to remedy by the end, but ends up fleshing out too much for you to want to attach yourself to these jerks, whose inconsistency in behavior - spawned through anything from forced reminders of unlikable traits to jarring moments in the futile attempts to turn our leads into better people - further dilutes their compellingness (Of course, I do love the adorable chunky kitty in this film; cats are awesome). The charismatic performers behind this film try their hearts out to bring likability to their problematically drawn characters, and kind of succeed when Delpy's writing picks up, but on the whole, when the characters aren't uninteresting, they're unlikable, and that's bad, because the engagement value of characters can make or break a film of this type, and considering how disengaging the driving forces of this character piece are, it's all but impossible to ignore that natural shortcomings of this do-nothing film. On top of being carried by unengaging characters, this film's non-plot is uninteresting, being unfocused and aimless, with a paper-thin sense of conflict to its meandering and intimate meditations upon nobodies doing nothing, thus making for a distinctly indie comedy type of uncompellingness that goes made all that more intense by unlikable characters and atmospheric bland spells, and would have stood a chance of being compensated for with charm if Julie Delpy, as director, didn't plague the final product with a kind of annoyingly self-congratulatory tone. I wasn't exactly entering this film expecting a rewarding rom-com that particularly compelled, but I was kind of looking forward to seeing yet another very charming and enjoyable, perhaps relatively high-profile mumblecore-esque addition to the colorful independent film industry, and sure, Delpy promises just that early on, but as things progressed, I grew more and more aware of the lack of intrigue to this plotless tale, as well as of the lack of likability of the characters who drive it, especially with Delpy's overambition, maybe even pretense bearing down on me, begging me to attach myself to this film that just doesn't do anything unique or interesting, having just enough charm to come close to decency, but not enough to escape mediocrity. When the vacation is all over and finally done with, you're left with only decent score work, lovely locations, some charismatic performances and witty highlights in writing to take home with you, and that's enough for the film to almost achieve genuine decency, but not enough for you to look past the formulaic structuring, unevenness in a focus that all too often falls slave to aimless filler, underdeveloped and unlikable characters, and uninteresting story that make "2 Days in Paris" a borderline likable, but ultimately pointlessly mediocre affair with little that's interesting, and even less that's memorable. 2.25/5 - Mediocre

Nawawi B (it) wrote: Bad acting, Bad science, Bad Plot. But I enjoyed it for the wrong reasons

Mr Movie R (fr) wrote: Predictable but is somewhat enjoyable

Oldvweirdvguy W (fr) wrote: Best movie ever. No question about it.

Michael S (gb) wrote: If I was to compile a list of my favorite romantic comedies (admittedly not my go-to genre), "My Sassy Girl" might sit comfortably at the very top. Few (if any) movies of this kind have effected me as deeply and hit me as hard.The film traces a very unconventional relationship between two quirky, but effortlessly lovable, characters; Kyun-woo a good-natured college student and the nameless "girl," a complex, charming yet highly unpredictable individual. After a chance meeting on a subway platform (which comically results in his arrest after he saves her life and attempts to do the right thing), Kyun-woo falls head over heels for "the girl," who strikes us and him as a complete anomaly. Despite their blossoming relationship, it's unclear if the girl's feelings are romantic in nature, since their interactions mainly revolve around Kyun-woo getting slapped, punched, threatened, and humiliated for her pleasure! Conflicted, Kyun-woo can't help but deal with these quirks in the hopes of something more, but the more that's revealed about the girl's past, the more strained their relationship becomes."My Sassy Girl" is a completely original movie, romance or otherwise. It handles an age-old trope with such honest sincerity and eclectic execution. It's a comedy first and foremost (unexpectedly an hilarious one) even bordering on farce at times (the film's fantasy sequences are a terrific touch), but has the confidence to grow more serious and emotionally raw as it goes along. It does so without turning sour tonally. It's an organic transition for a film that is happy, sad, funny, and resonant in it's depiction of a peculiar albeit refreshingly innocent romance.The film wouldn't work nearly as well without the terrific casting. Tae-hyun Cha and Gianna Jun are utterly terrific and deserve to be placed on any respectable list of the finest screen couples. They are tremendously likable and even in their character's respective eccentricities, they seem so genuine and we root for them. As abusive as "the girl" is, we can see why Kyun-woo is inexplicably smitten with her; and vica versa!The last act of the film is emotional brilliance. If you aren't touched by the end of this, you either aren't human or had a VERY bad day prior. This is the rare movie that actually earns our tears with superb writing,. direction, and performances. "My Sassy Girl" is one of the great romantic films, effortlessly blending honest drama and pure comedy. It's a treasure of it's genre and international cinema and harbors something of worth for pretty much any viewer.

Fergus S (ag) wrote: Slow burning interconnected stories make for a slightly confusing viewing

Brett M (kr) wrote: You MUST watch this film to see the best 4-year-old actress you will EVER see in your LIFE. What an amazing movie. Hadn't watched it in 10 years or more, but I had much more of a connection to it this time around. Ponette spends the whole movie missing her mom -- who died in a car crash -- and trying to get her to come back from Heaven to visit. (Lots more theology in this movie than I remembered from my first viewing.)

Russ B (de) wrote: 7/30/2016: A good 90's action movie with a very good cast.

Chris I (jp) wrote: a tame prequel to wolf of wall street, points for the hilarious interior decorating

JohnnyLee T (ag) wrote: Glad I saw this before I died (ha-ha!)

Thomas D (gb) wrote: Resident Evil Extinction manages to dumb down the plot, action, and characters since the last film, which is an impressive "accomplishment". As hard as I try to get invested in this post-apocalyptic series, the series just keeps getting dumber.'Extinction' picks up a few years after the end of 'Apocalypse' as Alice left her group in hopes of keeping them safe from the remnants of Umbrella Corp, who are tracking Alice in order to produce more of the anti-virus. Meanwhile, Alice's life of solitude has apparently given her telekinetic abilities. Yes, it's just that ridiculous. But even with another new setting in the desert (ala Mad Max), the plot never takes any exciting twists and turns. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what any of the characters were ultimately trying to accomplish.Characters that I thought were supposed to be important are either non-existent or given anti-climatic deaths. Plus, the zombies (or whatever they are calling the undead creatures) are now able to run around and climb on top of cars and buildings? I don't know about that.Do I enjoy seeing Milla Jovovich in this role? Of course. She's been a constant bright spot through each of the first three films, but I find it hard to believe that it's enough to give a film like this a positive review. Iain Glenn is fittingly over-the-top, but why in the world does he turn into a prototypical monster in the end? At that point, the film is expectedly off the rails. Well, that's enough ranting about a film I could care less about.+Milla always impresses-What is the arc for the movie? Or any character at all?-Nothing unique4.6/10

Facebook U (de) wrote: Incredible John Wayne Deserved The Oscar

Dave J (fr) wrote: Thursday, December 19, 2013 (2012) In Their Skin PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER Starring Joshua Close who was also credited for writing the story along with the director Jeremy Power Regimbal. He plays Mark along with his wife (Selma Blair) and son settling down into a remote home somewhere along the highway. And suddenly get imposed upon by another family unexpectedly named Bobby (James D'Arcy) and his wife and kid, and then the next thing you know this dysfunctional family started terrorizing them for no apparent reason. Low budget and has been done before from such movies as "The Strangers", "The Last House On The Left" to "Funny Games". Do we really need to see a low budget variation of those movies. I think not. 2 out of 4 stars

Robert S (br) wrote: It's fun, but the racial stereotypes are fairly cringe-worthy.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: A rather silly yet mildly enjoyable comedy that belongs in the '80s with its cheesy, dated jokes and inane sense of humor (as when someone calls another a homo as a slur), and today it won't be seen as more than an ordinary pastime that can still offer a few laughs.