Saaz Aur Awaaz

Saaz Aur Awaaz


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Saaz Aur Awaaz torrent reviews

Jared S (nl) wrote: The similarities of religions are amazing! Except one?

Hildie S (nl) wrote: Charming story about a 4 generations, kid, dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather (age 5 to 80) who learn to forgive , let go, and love. If it were about 4 generations of women doing the same thing dare I say it might be considered a "chick flick". Well worth watching!

Jonathan L (us) wrote: The last hour of this movie is etched in my skull.Amistad begins like any other courtroom drama. Much like in A Few Good Men the movie begins with the main crime and the rest of the movie is spent determining whether the culprits are innocent or guilty. Amistad could have easily turned into a typical judicial thriller had it not been in the right hands. But Stephen Spielberg channels the same compelling style he used for Schindler's List and has crafted one of the best movies of 1997!Amistad is almost POV altering in its depiction of slavery. This movie is the Schindler's List equivalent of slavery. Especially in the final hour, which contains enough disturbing footage and powerful moments to fill the entire three and a half hour time slot of Schindler's List.To compliment the film's grandness is it's utterly flawless acting. Amistad introduced the world to the acting talents of Djimon Hounsou, who was not only catapulted into instant stardom from this movie, but he delivers a truly intense performance. One look in his eyes and you instantly see what this character is going through. A truly remarkable performance from a very talented actor. The rest of the principal cast consists of Mathew McConaughey, who delivers his first great performance. Morgan Freeman is also really good in his role. But Anthony Hopkins delivers the best performance as John Quincy Adams himself. Every nuance, every expression, every line delivery, and every everything about Hopkins's performance is his usual unparalleled greatness.Amistad is a great movie! One that has been overlooked in the years since it's release. The movie is beautifully made and filled with intense imagery. Definitely for mature audiences.See It!

Adriano B (kr) wrote: A meta-flick about the art of storytelling, the production creative process in media industry... And the infinite ways they intertwine, mix and disturb one another, but all ends well, despite chances. Sweet without covering of candy reality, a great slice of life comedy aptly coming from the land of Seyuu.

Rhonda W (de) wrote: Dumb but still loved Yahoo Serious!

Douglas J (fr) wrote: Michael Keatons best work. Kathy Baker and Morgan Freeman are top notch also. A compelling and sad look at drug abuse,denial,treatment and getting sober.

Knox M (kr) wrote: Jacques Tati's hilarious parody of industrialization, over-population, and other contemporary facets is just as relevant today as it was in 1967. 4/4 - Knox Morris

Barney B (kr) wrote: Worth seeing but not as great as some would have you believe. There is no subtlety or humour in it at all, and you need those things, even in a crime melodrama.

Michael S (jp) wrote: A classic comedy that hasn't aged as well as expected, though Robert Montgommery's performance is still charming. But Warren Beatty and Buck Henry's remake is actually even better.

Carol H (us) wrote: A nice film that's only occasionally entertaining. Still, "Breaking Away" holds a special connection for me because my mom's car is featured in one scene.

Matthew B (es) wrote: Great flick. If you are a fan of Red Letter Media than you will love this and get a lot of inside jokes (see Rich Evans stunt double - who is amazing). If you have no idea what Red Letter Media is - you will still find this to be hilarious. Think B humor - so good.