Incredible tapestry of desert images shot by Kate McCabe, woven to music by Brant Bjork. Duna Records.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:79 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Incredible tapestry of desert images shot by Kate McCabe, woven to music by Brant Bjork. Duna Records. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Winston H (kr) wrote: An engaging spy film, nice departure from the action-packed Bond/Bourne/Mission Impossible spectacles, offering a more realistic look at what is a spy, and the thin line between being a traitor and a patriot.Based on actual persons and events, the story covers a bit too much in terms of persons, timeline, and events, to develop fully the characters.Key parts of the plot and characters are not fully delved into, and it becomes easy to get lost in the story without knowing some historical events taking place in the background. The story would have fit better as a miniseries.

John S (es) wrote: Amazing true story about an adventurer surviving the odds inside a canyon when he fell through there...and his right arm got pinned by a large boulder.

Abby W (nl) wrote: Personally, from my perspective, since I have seen the sequel "Lost Boys: The Tribe", I can definitely testify that it is a great movie, as well as very inspiring (especially for writers of fan fiction like myself), very neat, and very well-written, just like the 1987 original The Lost Boys film. Also, Corey Feldman returns as Edgar Frog, the vampire hunter from the original 1987 film. He does a great job in his portrayal of Edgar, and it shows that he hasn't lost his spark or his talent as an actor. :) Since Kiefer Sutherland played David in the 1987 original film, and did a fantastic job in bringing David to life, I have also noticed that Angus, Kiefer's half-brother, gives a fantastic performance as Shane Powers, the charismatic and animalistic antagonist in Lost Boys: The Tribe. From my point of view, Angus definitely not only makes a name for himself as an actor (and a darn good one at that), he also shows that he has the ability to play a character such as an evil vampire in a horror/comedy film, too. (Good for him, of course.) To sum it up, Lost Boys: The Tribe is definitely a must-see for anyone who is a fan of vampire films, a Lost Boys fan or both. Basically, this awesome film is one I highly recommend, too. No vampire film collection would be complete without this gem of a movie. :)

Marc V (fr) wrote: It's not what I would usually expect from DC comics material. It's a good watch it's not something I would add to my personal library but if it was on TV I'd watch it again. The only downside for me is I'm not a Shia LaBeouf fan I'll leave it at that. I would, however, have liked to have seen it on the 'big screen'.

Tim M (kr) wrote: This is a very aggressive, muddily plotted, ugly action film.

Ryan T (mx) wrote: I admire the much more realistic take on time travel, but I just couldn't connect with the characters or care about their story.


Diganta B (es) wrote: The two narratives; one to be devoted to triangle, the other the conclusion of the Nazi assault of Hungary, but it does handle to draw these collectively at the ending.

Javier L (mx) wrote: Para mi la mejor de las peliculas de Julio Medem. Asomobrosa mirada!!!

Andrew L (ca) wrote: Like many, if not all of Terry Gilliam's films, it's delightfully weird. There's plenty of fun characters and great sets/special effect to make for one near unforgettable adventure.

Ville H (mx) wrote: ihan ok ninki vanhaks

Ben R (de) wrote: What is wrong with all you people. This is a lame garbage musical with terrible acting. The songs are very annoying. Don't even get me started about all the "Fight scene"

David B (ca) wrote: Existential suburban adultery story. Sort of Mad Men set in the Hollywood Hills. Beautiful movie visually.