Sabina is a movies torrent of Pablo S. Gomez (story), Medy Tarnate (screenplay). This movie was introduced in 1963. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Lito Legaspi, Gina Pareño, Bella Flores, Etang Discher, Charlie Davao, Boy Alano, Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia, Matimtiman Cruz, German Moreno, Nenita Navarro, Jaime Javier, Ven Medina, Aring Bautista. Movie' genres are Comedy. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 10 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Adam R (ru)

First and only viewing - 10/16/2014). I found it a little confusing, and didn't feel that everything really tied together. It's a weak thriller if you even want to call it a thriller. Hugely disappointing

Aeem A (au)

Enjoy the movie. It shows the fall out after the partition and how peoples lives are changed depedning on which side of the border they end up at. Good acting with a very good story line. Mostly Pakistani cast but with Kiron Kher as one of the main characters. A must see film which will take you by surprise

Alex r (ca)

This is the type of film that you watch when you have nothing else to watch. Earthquake isn't horrible, but it never is a good affair either. Earthquake could have been good fun, but it simply never really delivers anything truly entertaining, and overall the cast, despite having some good name here, are simply wasted on a lacking script. I would recommend other films in the genre such as the one I stated earlier in this review. Don't go into this film expecting a truly entertaining film, this is no different than every other genre film, but the script suffers due to a lack of real tension, and the cast here just doesn't deliver anything that stands out among other genre films. Earthquake doesn't break new ground in the genre; it does what every other disaster film has done, and it is fairly predictable. Overall it's a decent affair that could have been much better. This film might be enjoyed by fans of other disaster films of this period, but I've seen better overall and this one just doesn't end up being anything really good. I really expected more out of the film, and though it was entertaining at times, the script's reliance on genre clichs really brought this one down a bit, and the performances were surprisingly average despite some very good talent attached to the project. The film has a good cast, but it never realizes anything truly entertaining, and quite frankly, of all the 70's era disaster films, Earthquake is among the weaker ones, With The Poseidon Adventure being the best of the genre. Decent disaster film, Earthquake continues the tradition of disaster films that became so popular during the early 70's, except now it's an earthquake that it's the disaster, and it is a film that is quite predictable in what the filmmakers try to do

Asif K (es)

all that kismat and naseeb was over done, should have been much better. . . . just watch it for the chemistry , bizzare cliche

Barney o (it)

It's darker than the first, but still a whole lot of fun. VERDICT: Iron Man 3 is arguably the best film in the Iron Man franchise. I don't normally get hung up on plot if the thing flows; but hugely glaring holes and a baffling villain do sometimes make for one hell of a confusing narrative experience. WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: There are sadly a few things that you really can't ignore. This is largely thanks to Robert Downey Jr being stripped back to basics, but it's also thanks to Shane Black's distinct style, humour and charm. Forget the rubbish of Iron Man 2, Tony Stark is developed perfectly and we really feel like we know him here. WHAT I LIKED: This is an odd mix of the amazing and the awkward, but mainly Iron Man 3 is full of the character stuff that makes Marvel films so great

Benedict R (jp)

The film was a waste of time and money, both to those who made it, and those who had to sit through it which wasnt even rewarded at the end. We all know Dyer cannot act, but apparantly neither can Mistry or anyone else in the film. And Finally the acting was abismal. The "Actors" just came out with random lines with no relevance to what was going on, and the proceeded to run around a bit more. Second the script was appalling. I literally do not understand what the conclusion of the film was, and why any of what happened, actually happened. Firstly the story/plot was non-existant and didnt even make sense. I didnt expect much from a Danny Dyer film, but I didnt expect to want to give it 0 out of 5. Basement was truly the worst film I have ever seen

Brendan N (jp)

Cannon really didn't make a lot of great films but at least they made films for the audience. I had to track this series down which I'm sadly beginning to regret. The series continues a downward spiral from here which is a shame because as kids we all loved the series. The film doesn't quite have the energy to keep the plot line moving and the acting hasn't improved. The overall scientific plot is absurd and the kidnapping of soldiers is laughable. The beach scene was humorous which takes any seriousness away from a film that is so bent on seriousness. Dudikoff returns with a sequel that bears little resemblance to the original

Charlie L (fr)

Overly long, slow, and even harder to like when Montana is such an unlikeable lead

Eric H (ru)

ll I know is this is a terrific movie and a must see. Historical distance and changes in this country may have numbed the memory of a social movement as an important racial equality step and the very words 'Black Panther' are unfortunately tainted with the radical ugly aspects. NIGHT CATCHES US is a gripping film that reminds us of the importance of the Black Panther Movement

Gregory W (ca)

great casting gives this quiet little indie the fuel to go and go it does