Sabit kanca

Sabit kanca

Sabit Kanca lives alone and has a mind full of knowledge. He enters a television game show in which he shows off his mental prowess!

Ismail Baki Tuncer is a Sabit Kanca his questions very fast know and his have Tv Shows.. One more Dog. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shanjae G (gb) wrote: This Is Definitely In My Top 5 WWII Flicks. Next To Saving Private Ryan, Flags Of Our Fathers, Band Of Brothers, & Fury. Of Course I Haven't Seen All Of The War Movies But This One Is Definitely One Of The Best!! Desmond Doss Would Have Been Proud!

Stuart M (fr) wrote: Firmly in so bad it's bad territory the film makes a number of utterly incomprehensible choices in order to make the film stand out from the nonexistent pack of comic book Westerns. Bringing supernatural powers into it was a bad idea as was pretty much every other decision they made. Brolin does as well as he can as Hex, but he's given such an unrewarding task (and poor makeup job) than nothing he does can alleviate the suffering.

Marisa R (au) wrote: This was a recommendation (shukriya!) and I must admit I really enjoyed several aspects of this movie, like the awesome scenes of Hong Kong, the sweet Mosque images which were breathtaking, and feel-good dialogues here and there. Nonetheless I was not too fond of the main character being a thug; even though he finds redemption. I also kind of dislike the action scenes, it was too unbelievable he never gets hurt, a bit too unrealisitic for me. Besides that I had a good time watching it.

Sofia W (jp) wrote: really rubbish unknown horror

(fr) wrote: Ambitious, original and so boring that you'd rather hang yourself than watch it again.Variety | Ronnie ScheibAny baby boomers who wander into Headspace might be forgiven their momentary panic as they are suddenly acid-flashed back to the psychedelic mediocrity of their youth. Jethro Senger's attempt to capture the global mindset of ravers, largely through visual mimicry -- kaleidoscopes, anyone? -- is at best a mixed bag of old tricks.

Oliver N (es) wrote: Ahh, the joy of '90s movies. So fruitful, so good. We had Pulp Fiction, Schindler's List, Titanic, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, Seven, Silence of the Lambs... to list a few. And then there were the other '90s movies. Ones that were trying so hard to be clever and unique, but in the end fell onto cliches... and actually were rather tiresome after a while.This is one of the latter. The script - though I have seen far worse - dragged on the movie for at least 30 minutes longer than it had to be. Mel Gibson gave a decent performance - as did Julia Roberts - but the movie itself can only be described as average all round. Nothing memorable.Verdict: C

MEC r (us) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Rachael S (de) wrote: Very off-balanced. Visual. Sporadic. Humorous. Beyond delicious & impressive pompadour. Loved it!

Lisa S (fr) wrote: A pretty good horror movie surrounding Christmas time. It was better than I expected.

Andrew L (de) wrote: A mature animated film filled with complex idea's and a fun universe. It may be too much for a younger audience to handle, but it'll still bring you in with it's classic Ralph Bakshi style of animation.

Russell W (ru) wrote: A yawn fest. It (rightly) won an Academy Award for its special effects, but nothing else is very interesting.

Abby T (ag) wrote: A few laughs, typical chick flick, predictable but entertaining...

Nathan K (de) wrote: I liked nothing about this movie whatsoever. The story made no sense and the fact that they felt hiring a fan of Halloween to write the Screenplay was a good Idea, needs to be fired or at least be doing the cleaning job on set, because frankly I felt sorry for everyone who had to work on set with the Director and the Producers who were sucking all the life out of a product that had run its course. (in my opinion, it should have stopped at Halloween.) I watched this trying so very hard to find something I liked but I couldn't there was terrible acting, terrible Cinematography, the shots at points were so of centre it was embarrassing to watch and overall there was the feeling that this movie was so mixed up on what it was trying to be and this is where it went wrong the production company we're showing the screenings to 14-year-old boys, instead of showing it to the mature audience they were made for in the first place. I felt annoyed when I had to sit through both editions expecting the none theatrical to be somewhat better, oh but was a wrong, so wrong I never thought it could get worse, the acting still bad of course, the cinematography terrible again, I almost looked at this movie and saw it next to a sign saying burn every evidence this was made. The Only redeeming factor is... Nop. Sorry but if you like this movie you are blind to terrible filmmaking.