Former special services agent plays an intricate game of chess involving several federal agencies. Queen takes pawn.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Former special services agent plays an intricate game of chess involving several federal agencies. Queen takes pawn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben H (us) wrote: A very well written sex-com...

Jason T (de) wrote: As far as coming of age movies go this could've been a lot better. And throughout the movie I kept feeling why isn't this movie better? The cast is great and the performances are decent but the movie gets boring without much going on. And it's a very forgettable a day later I can barely remember anything that happened in this film.

Kevin T (kr) wrote: this guy makes some of the most contemporary music. one of the many musicians I hold the highest regard for.

Reno V (fr) wrote: "A FAMILY TRIP WITH THE CAMPER" - 'RV' Is a road trip comedy movie directed by Barry Sonnenfelt (), starring Robin Williams (Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire) , Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, Speed), Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games Saga, Zathura) and Cheryl Hines (Along Came Polly, Herbie Fully Loaded). Not the best road movie I've seen, but I confess I did laugh. Williams was truly a brilliant actor, even if this was one of his least memorable performances: I love the scne at the beginning that brings out his multi-persona. "On a family vacation, nobody can hear you scream."Successful beverage company executive Bob Munro (Williams) cancels the family vacation to Hawaii so he can take his wife Jamie (Hines), daughter Cassie and son Carl (Hutcherson) with the camper to the Rockies. There he secretly has to attend a business meeting. The road trip turns out to be a disaster as the RV is a wreck. After dealing with a clogged sewage system and a bunch of raccoons, the Munro's meet Travis Gornicke (Daniels) and his strange family. Can Bob ditch the Gornickes, fix the camper and make it to the meeting?

David F (es) wrote: If you're a Boondock Saints fan this documentary is for you. It shows a talented writer and drirector named Troy Duff who has pissed off almost everybody in Hollywood. After watching this you will have a greater appreciation of the Boondock Saints movies.

Brody M (es) wrote: Great film & a great story.I just hated that the film didnt end the way I wanted it to

Agathi P (jp) wrote: It was ok, pleasant at points, but yeah let's face it, Jon Bonjovi is the best thing that happened to it, inspite of the fact that I hate to see one of my favorite artists act badly :)

Harry W (us) wrote: A film about Mermaids starring Winona Ryder sounded like a definite viewing pleasure in my books.The central complaint I have about the film Mermaids is that the title is misleading. I presumed that the movie might have been some kind of family friendly fantasy film about Mermaids, but in actual fact the title has little relevance to the film whatsoever. I couldn't even imagine a symbolic purpose for the title because it was just seriously confusing. So one of the main reasons I watched Mermaids was because I presumed its title would have relevance to the film in some retrospect. The only sense it made was that there was one scene in which Rachel Flax dressed up as mermaid for a New Years party, as well as the fact that are a lot of references to aquatic activity in the story, ranging from the mermaid costume to Kate Flax being an excellent swimmer and Lou Landsky setting up a bedroom to be designed like the bottom of the ocean. Perhaps the relevance of all this was covered in the original source novel, but in the film adaption I could not make sense of it. But regardless of the fact that Mermaids was not about mermaids at all, I was surprised just how great a coming of age film it was. Admittedly, a lot of the themes seem a little ridiculous such as Charlotte Flax's obsession with becoming a nun even though she is Jewish and just how all the religious beliefs of hers dominate her life, and of course the fact that the entire Flax family must move every time that Rachel is involved with some kind of scandal or bad breakup. But still, there was a lot of heart in the film and it dealt with some serious coming of age issues such as coming to terms with one's sexuality, responsibility and complex family relationships. The coming of age issues in Mermaids are actually pretty deep even if try go off track a bit at times. I don't know what it is like to grow up as a woman or in the 1960's, but Mermaids projected a lot of insight and understanding into its themes of motherhood, sisterhood and coming of age. Mermaids walks a tricky line between being a comedy and a drama, but thanks to firm direction from Richard Benjamin, it manages to end up succeeding as a compelling and deep drama which also has a lighthearted tone of comedy to it so that it doesn't end up being too melodramatic. It has some moments of inconsistency because it occasionally charters into farfetched territory and concepts which I didn't find that I really believed to be a part of the story, but as a whole there were some interesting ideas touched upon in Mermaids which were done with a truly powerful dramatic atmosphere and a touch of comedy along the way. So while there may be a few plot dynamics that are hard to comprehend as all that sensible, Mermaid transcends that thanks Yo its natural charm and a script which is able to casually play them off as part of the story while supplying a lot of strong dialogue to the actors to work with. It tells an interesting story in a complex context, but most importantly it creates a lot of good characters which demand the actors to be great in the roles. Thanks to perfect casting it is no surprise that they come out successfully, but the other thing that helps the atmosphere of the film progress is its visual style. The cinematography is the main one because it keeps its distance from the characters in most scenes but zeroes in on their facial expressions during the intense moments. It captures the nice scenery of the film as well, so the entire film proves to be a stylish feature.But like I said, the most essential element of Mermaids is the talents of its cast.Winona Ryder gives a performance which reminds me why I find her to be one of my all time favourite actresses. In quite possibly the bests performance from the early stages of her career, Winona Ryder gives a leading effort which hits the mark spot on. Although her character experiences the most farfetched elements of the story, Winona Ryder is easily able to make the ahold experience feel organic because of how she attaches herself to the character with such fearless dedication to the part. She really puts herself into the skin of the character she is playing and captures all the uncertainties and awkward elements of the character, projecting a physicality which shows her acting out every situation as if it is naturally coming to her and delivering her lines with a true grip on the complicated emotional state of mind that she is constantly in. Winona Ryder nails her performance dead on in Mermaids, and it is really one of the finest efforts of her career.Cher manages to make herself a capable foil. In an interesting contrast to the standard mother-daughter archetype in cinema, Cher plays the more free-spirited character of the two and uses her natural charisma to grasp that. Cher manages to exercise a lot of comic spirit in Mermaids without neglecting to put dramatic depth into her character, and without trouble she is able to be both funny and dramatic while also establishing a complex mother-daughter chemistry with Winona Ryder as well as Christina Ricci. Cher exerts a lot of natural acting skill in Mermaids while subtly playing out her sex appeal well, so she manages to make herself a charming and genial presence in Mermaids.Christina Ricci also makes an excellent debut. The talented actress had come a long way since Mermaids, and it is excellent to look back and see where it all started when she was simply a little child. In Mermaids, it is impossible to dislike her. She shows off a lot of childish spirit and charisma, as well as a serious passion for the part. She combines this with her natural cuteness as well so that it is easy for the viewer to sympathise for her. Christina Ricci is both easy to take seriously as an actress and admirable for being a cute child in Mermaids which is a difficult balance to find, and she shares an excellent chemistry with both Winona Ryder and Cher. Christina Ricci is a great casting decision in Mermaids.Bob Hoskins is also a nice presence because of his natural charm as an actor. He is easily able to deliver rough edged material, and in Mermaids he is able to do that but still play a charming and friendly figure at the same time. Bob Hoskins gets the part right by playing it with a mix of a naturally likable persona with a fearless determination to be really dramatic about things, walking the balance between them very well. He interacts with the young cast using plenty of charm and shares an interesting romantic chemistry with Cher. Bob Hoskins does his job to make Mermaids even better and succeeds with ease.So although Mermaids has a misleading title and some farfetched subject matter, it is strengthened by an exceptional cast and a powerful script which carries its coming-of-age themes very easily.

Adam S (fr) wrote: This is one of those movies that get unjust and harsh criticism and for two main reasons.1. James Wan did something that wasn't horror and his fans expected horror.2. People assume this is a remake of Death Wish. It's not. It's loosely based on the same BOOKS as Death Wish.Death Sentence is far beyond Death Wish. It's a revenge movie though. It's what the Punisher should be. It's moving. This movie is raw, gritty, emotional, sad, terrifying, realistic, and simple. It's an incredibly made film. Kevin Bacon knocks it out of the park with his performance. The Directing is phenomenal. The soundtrack is well suited.James Wan created what has turned out to be a true hidden gem. If you haven't seen Death Sentence and like a gritty film with emotion and real life brutality, don't hesitate. This is worth your time.

Sylvain F (nl) wrote: Very original but far from Fassbinder's best imo. Most of it felt like it was from a play and little was done to create more cinematic action. Still, the characters are pretty intriguing and the usual sense of dread you find in Fassbinder's movies is present.

Ryan W (ru) wrote: I am a big fan of the looney tunes and this movie captures the tone of the show perfectly with a really funny and over the top plot and villain it's fun and wacky entertainment from start to finish.3.2/5 stars

Henry B (nl) wrote: Good Film. Lots of laughs. Could be paced a little quicker but great acting, plot, comedy and general film!