Ashok and Kishore are two roommates living in a hostel. While Ashok takes to crime and dishonesty, Kishore is honest to a fault. When Kishore finds that his dad has been taking bribes, he leaves home angrily. Ashok and he disagree on a number of issues, mainly involving honesty, and both agree to meet each other after a period of three years, and see what life has had an effect for them.

Ashok and Kishore (Shammi Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar respectively) are two room-mates, living in a hostel. While Ashok takes to crime and dishonesty, Kishore is honest to a fault. When ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott W (us) wrote: These characters are pretty fun, but this sequel is not as good as the original. And the original was just ok to begin with. The script for this movie is what really fails it. It seems to meander from one thing to another without making us care about anything along the way. I think I liked Mary Louise Parker's character the best. She plays the fish out of water pretty well. They probably should have just stuck with one Red movie though.

Simon P (nl) wrote: Un homme en pleine crise de la quarantaine saute littralement les plombs et rgle ses comptes avec son entourage avant son grand dpart. Mais sa qute ne nous mnera pas ncessairement o l??on pense? Un film tout plein d??motion, bien interprt, bien ralis et bien crit.

Jesper G (ag) wrote: Underholdende for bde brn og voksne. Voksne vil elske alle referencerne til andre film og myten om 50'ernes Pleasantville USA. Og brnene vil grine af de sjove bifigurer.

Julien B (ag) wrote: Encore un petit bijoux de Miike. Les yokais sont ces esprits fantomes qui peuplent le bestiaire fantastique du folklore japonais. Unique !

Poul F (au) wrote: Its not very funny but it has a few laughs and if you're a fan of Green then its worth a watch.

Liina P (br) wrote: Mr Hopkins is the only reason to watch this movie.

Lyra H (gb) wrote: So emotional and honest - - - - simply spellbinding! =)

Aoth S (nl) wrote: I could go into a big depth analysis about how good this movie is, but I think I'll keep this one short, and sweet. Wet Hot American Summer is a hilarious movie if you dig the type of comedy at play. The movie itself is having fun with movies, particularly some of the cheesy 80's, early 90's teenage movies/camp movies, and a lot of the inconsistencies associated with badly made 80's movies. So, if you're not familiar with a lot of 80's movie pop cultures, and film, then you might miss some of the jokes here. That's part of what makes this movie so brilliant though. There are in your face, laugh out loud jokes, but there's plenty of reference jokes for those who will get them, then there's a huge of amount of absurdity, a few thinkers, and some raunchy stuff all thrown in the mix. I once heard someone say that this was The Caddyshack of it's generation, and I couldn't agree more. It's very much in the same type of vein as Caddyshack with some of it's humor, it's a parody as much as it is an homage to some of those classic 80's films. The reason it's gained such a cult following, is because it truly is its own unique experience. And the cast, so much talent, people are usually shocked to read the cast list, and to have never heard of this movie, but thanks to Netflix, a lot more people have found out about it. It's great that they were able to get the cast back together for Wet Hot American Summer Series on Netflix.VERDICT: B+

Edward F (us) wrote: Not a bad movie, but if you watch it late at night, don't fall asleep...because you'll get lost with all the plot twists, especially at the end...

Miguel A (ag) wrote: pouco menos que constrangedor reparar como Spike Lee arruna um dos seus melhores argumentos originais em "He Got Game". Se h um potencial enorme no melodrama do pai recluso, que obtm uma licena de alguns dias para convencer o filho prdigo a escolher determinada universidade (quando essa a mais importante deciso na sua carreira de basquetebolista) para reduzir a sua pena de priso, a maior parte das opes de Spike Lee, no tratamento dessa histria, fizeram com que perdesse um excelente filme s mos de todo o tipo de exageros. Compreende-se que Spike Lee aplique toneladas de estilo nesta ode visual ao basquetebol e a todos os sacrifcios que o desporto exige, mas nada disso obriga a que todas as mulheres no filme sejam representadas como agentes do mal ou a que a msica sinfnica de Aaron Copland imponha um ambiente de pera urbana mesmo em cenas de vulgar afecto familiar. Alm disso, "He Got Game" demonstra uma enorme dificuldade em perceber quando deve terminar cada uma das suas cenas e parece que s o sempre impecvel Denzel Washington (espicaado por um argumento realmente cativante) impede que este seja outro dos joints desastrosos de Spike Lee.

bill s (jp) wrote: This is a star vehicle for Vaughn and Favreau like Good Will Hunting was for Affleck and Damon and it's almost as good.

Thomas N (es) wrote: It was great that we got to see Pumpkinhead again but it seemed to ignore the first film almost completely. The acting was embarrassing at times and this sequel could have been a lot better.

Craig B (ag) wrote: 4/10. Two average tales.

Alex S (fr) wrote: A different kind of Clint Eastwood film, very cheesy.

Art S (au) wrote: Kobayashi's film feels like a horror film or at the very least a potently grim fable. Told mostly in flashback by Tatsuya Nakadai, a masterless samurai, who has turned up at the castle of the Ii clan, asking permission to commit ritual suicide to end his miserable life. The stark black and white serves only to highlight the stark coldness of the feudal system and its unfeeling code of honour (that may be really just a front for authoritarians who take pleasure in sadistic treatment of underlings, or so Kobayashi seems to be implying). As his story progresses, Nakadai's samurai gradually reveals his hand, undermining the moral rectitude of the clan that has put on such airs of superiority. Of course, the film crescendos with violence and ends very bleakly. In 2012, Miike Takashi remade the film in colour and 3D but that version seems almost pointless in its close transcription of the powerful and gripping original. Unbearably tense.

Pierluigi P (jp) wrote: Some people never realize how society, traditions and values imprisons and forces them to conform with banality. A candid and romantic look of a taboo relationship, done with such picturesque beauty that is hard not to be moved and enchanted by it.

Lilia A (de) wrote: By now you'd think they would have surrounded the islands with maximum security. But nope. They need one more movie!This movie was...okay. There was an even amount of positive and negative.Right off the bat, the raptors being showcased is the best part of this movie. Also the dino battles. And the ending is thought-provoking, but also chilling.As far as negatives, this movie is a nice o pot of cliches. And the cellphone Spinosaurus scene...I cringed. It was improbable and impractical. By far though, the worst part was the rescue scene. They were saved by an enormous group that was ready to fight...and no fight happened. Very disappointing. Overall though, this movie was good, but I wouldn't recommend it. Use your spare time and re-watch the first Jurassic Park.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: While not a bad Horror film, it's corny and there are too many silly moments, but you can still enjoy watching it.

Sheryl H (kr) wrote: Fantastic thriller. Best film I've seen in a while!

Stuart A (kr) wrote: Stab-happy mental patient, Emilio Estevez as an arcade hustler, Satan in a Chevy 4x4 and a giant Germanic rat that can communicate with small children.Again!