On his way abroad, a man reflects on his college life and failed romance.

On his way abroad, a man reflects on his college life and failed romance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jos M (de) wrote: Rachel Weisz lo es todo en esta pelcula.

Ali M (it) wrote: Diamond Dogs is awfuly bad movie, nothing interesting just waste of time

John W (jp) wrote: It wasn't bad, but even for spoof it was pretty over the top - great cast and lots of good horror movie references, nods, in-jokes (but with all the references to the classics, that scared by less is more, they still couldn't resist going for the gore). Again not bad, but even at 90 min run time, it was a lot of setup for the payoff.

tp b (mx) wrote: No where near the first two.

Anastasia (ru) wrote: Needed little more (04, 13) OWN DVD

Tiffany F (nl) wrote: Based on a true story and it has true actors in it. Larenz Tate is very believable as Frankie. I enjoyed the story of his life. Job well done

L vin K (us) wrote: "Yeh kaali kaali aankhen...and yeh gore gore gaal" was the tune I sang from that year.....but, one of Shah Rukh's better earlier work....Diabolical and Treacherous masala at it's best !!!!

Julia B (kr) wrote: It is about identity, isolation and understanding in a multiple cultural landscape. This is an interesting look atcultural identity and how understanding (so simple as being able to speak the same language, but also beyond this) is key to building meaningful relationships and to love.

Logan M (nl) wrote: Daniel Day-Lewis is fantastic and the film's story telling technique attributes to excellent pacing.

Kevin M (br) wrote: "Dead End Drive In" gets a bad rap for its lack of action and overemphasis on social commentary; sure, compared to other Trenchard-Smith extravaganzas this looks like a staid parlor drama. The parlor being an outdoor theater turned internment camp in a theoretical Dystopic Australia of 1991. All the trappings of cheap 1980s sci-fi are here: ramshackle corrugated-tin sets inspired by "Mad Max", a pounding synth score, gaudy neon signs, gaudier costumes, hairdos, and makeup. Dave Gibson, as the dweebish hero with a disproportionately attractive woman by his side, finds himself the only prisoner with the stones to transcend a life of endless junk food, drugs, and triple-features of schlock projected nightly on their giant screen. While his skills as a thespian are decidedly sub-Olivier, he handles himself more than capably when it comes to laying a smackdown on local nogoodniks. The protracted fight scene through the wastes, involving various improvised weapons, is outstanding. It's also the only bit of action until the very very end; most of Act 2 is spent scampering around trying to gather parts for his 1957 Chevy, building a tentative relationship with the shady theater manager, and trying to convince his girl that a life spent in drug-addled squalor is not something to aspire to. She's convinced she's found some kind of Mecca for slackers (who knows how lousy her home life was), so why would she leave? His heartbreak is palpable because we share it too. That this relationship may not be irreversibly damaged because of an evening's indiscretion is the icing on this cake of tragedy. The inclusion of a racist subplot might not have been necessary, but the irony of White Supremacists holding an Anti-Asian rally during a screening of Trenchard-Smith's "The Man From Hong Kong" is delicious. Plus, during this act 3 climax, there's also a rip-roaring car chase with lots of low angles, guttural engine roars and juicy explosions. The surplus of action here is bewildering. In the background you can see Jimmy Wang Yu having his epic apartment brawl with George Lazenby, and in the foreground all kinds of set decoration is getting decimated by speeding cars. A special footnote must be added for the exceptional graffiti adorning the walls, the pavement, and the permanently parked cars at the Drive-In. There's even a German Shepherd with spray-paint decoration!

Kan T (it) wrote: Very Tsui Hark style film.... good film and could be one of Tsui's best...

Trent G (fr) wrote: Dehydrated Pirates! Bat-Shark Repellant! No where to get rid of a bomb! Caesar Romero's mustache!Campy, strange, silly, yet a classic. The kids loved it. I was left a little dumbfounded, being a more modern age Batman fan.

Claude S (ca) wrote: Anything can happen and it (probably) will! Hilarious stuff.

Ryan L (au) wrote: GO IRISH!!! And Go Ronald Reagan!!! The gipper would be honored being played by the greatest president in recent history.

George F (nl) wrote: Super weird movie. But Quentin Tarantino specialty...

EQ R (us) wrote: DiCaprio turns in another GREAT performance...yes there's a but, BUT even an amazing actor as talented as Leo cannot save this films storyline that bounces around way too often to comprehend and a pace so slow it makes time stand still. Eastwood definitely struck out with this bio pic that could have definitely been great had it been told in a more cohesive fashion. Keep the performances the way they were and tweak everything else and you got yourself a good movie! Unfortunately this film is barely passable. D+

Anthony L (mx) wrote: A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation along with his high school dream girl and a detective who's been training him for his upcoming role. [IMDb]Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is my all-time favorite crime comedy. Shane Black's direction and writing is immaculately handled throughout. The acting, esp. that by the three main players, is superb and arguably the highlight of the film. The dialogue is filled to the brim with clever, side-splitting humor and the script is a beautiful nod to classic noir films. I watch Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang so much, just to listen to the script. Black has designed a script that I'm jealous of. It's a perfect blend of comedy, action and a pulpy murder mystery. Robert Downey Jr. is a revelation and his role in this movie as Harry Lockheart is up there with Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder and his turn as Paul Avery in Zodiac. This is a more restrained performance and it's great to see him play an inept, bumbling idiot. Michelle Monaghan and that little red dress... I can't get over how hot she is. She is an ideal noir girl and she gives a great performance as Harmony. But the best part of this movie is Val Kilmer by a long shot. He disappeared into a bunch of direct-to-video flicks and came back swinging with his role as "Gay" Perry. Every word that comes out of his mouth is pure fire and had me rolling on the ground in uncontrollable laughter.I've yet to read Brett Halliday's 1941 mystery novel, "Bodies Are Where You Find Them", but I can honestly say that Shane Black has crafted my favorite noir comedy script. Considering that Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is based on that book, I need to read it ASAP. Each line of dialogue is masterful and the comical beats throughout are timed and delivered to perfection. Every joke hits for me and hence why, I often say that Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is one of the best comedies ever made. It also helps that there's actually a great story at the helm of this as well. It's convoluted in all the right ways like noir films typically are and it pays great homage to the classics with a self-aware and ironic sense of style. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is in my top 30 favorite movies of all time and it's a must-see. Highly recommended.