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Timm S (fr) wrote: Considering Any Real Attempt To Visit The Planet Mars Will Be A Non-Return Trip, This Held Some Elements Of Believablity. I'm Sure Not Keen To Be Stuck There.

Marassa B (it) wrote: Ehhhh some funny stuff!

Sylvester K (it) wrote: In this campy thriller, a man murders his lover so he can marry a wealthy socialite, but his dead lover keeps coming back to haunt him. It's campy but rather fun to say the least.

Jayne Elia P (nl) wrote: I'm honestly not going, to give this movie any stars while watching this i found i was going off to do other stuff, like check facebook, twitter and instagram i couldn't stay focused on this film..

JOSEPH A (de) wrote: A masterpiece as timeless as is Shakespeare but it requires thought to understand human nature, to understand why we do what we do.

Edgar C (es) wrote: Riveting, and strong as a thunder. Authoritarian figures and the misuse of power will always be problems to deal with as long as more resources are given to the wrong political candidates. The big picture is how many lives have to be sacrificed in order to maintain dignity and honor.... errr, peace. However, that's just the background. The real issue is whether this unjust decisions and stupid "holes" in the law will carry on with even more serious social and political issues in the future. God, how stupid can man be sometimes.95/100

Darren P (kr) wrote: An electrifying performance by Bob Hoskins is the glue to this unique gangster film. "The Long Good Friday" is more about the politics, money, and relationships of organized crime, which makes its story more worthwhile than other crime pictures out there.

John T (br) wrote: A group of friends come of age in the asphalt desert of the San Fernando Valley set to a blazing soundtrack and endless drinking, drugs and sex.

Aaron W (de) wrote: This is one of Lumet's first films and deals with considerably different subject matter than any of the other films of his I've seen. Nope, no gangsters, thieves, angry men or dirty cops; just a fame hungry actress and a guy with the power to give her what she wants. Henry Fonda and Christopher Plummer are great, as is expected. What brings this film down is Susan Strasberg. She's cute, but really quite irritating. Her voice is grating, and even when she's sad she just seems so damned bubbly. The story has it's moments, the Romeo and Juliet scene being a highlight, but overall the film just isn't anything paricularly special. It's not bad, in fact I'd have to say it was good, just not great.

WS W (kr) wrote: Totally forgettable.And, why? Why asking Anjelica Huston re-doing the whole Streep's Miranda Priestly thing here again?!!