Sad Spanish Song

Sad Spanish Song

All about a British man who has the ability to strike deep friendships with people he meets under outlandish circumstances.

All about a British man who has the ability to strike deep friendships with people he meets under outlandish circumstances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sad Spanish Song torrent reviews

Allison H (mx) wrote: This documentary is a must see.

Edward M (es) wrote: a good bit of mental tweaking here

Emily A (gb) wrote: Just absolutely stunning, I don't even know what else to say. One of the most beautiful animated films I have seen.

JJ W (nl) wrote: Everything from the poster to the character's title name to the stock fantasy visuals just reeks of a soulless retread. Unfortunately, the core of the film itself isn't really that different. One of the biggest box office flops in recent history, Delgo deserves praise for making such an alien and foreign environment feel so familiar and mundane. There's a strange sense of bewilderment when you sit through the plot as there's elements that seem a bit dark for a light hearted fantasy adventure movie but it just never follows through on anything worthwhile. From the get go you can see the character developments a mile away and a lot of these character's establishment aren't very good to begin with. The worst of which is Delgo's friend who is one of the most obnoxious sidekick characters in the history of animated movies. Overall Delgo follows a formula to the T in hopes of creating an interesting and memorable experience when the formula has long since been run dry by Star Wars ripoffs. Funnily enough, Delgo can be a perfect example of what not to do or write in a fantasy story.

jesse k (us) wrote: I like this film a lot and I've seen it many times. At least five times. This movie grows on you. You have to be patient because it builds slowly. Stallone proves he can act -- he definitely proves it here. An exceptional cast all around. I'm surprised that more people don't appreciate this movie.

Ernie T (mx) wrote: Great documentary that takes an up close look at insects and the environments they live in. It's a predecessor to shows like "Life" and "Planet Earth."

Mary C (fr) wrote: Not as good as the first one, but still entertaining.

Tim S (mx) wrote: Before buddy cop movies became as big as they did, 48 Hrs. came along and helped to establish the genre a bit. To be fair, Eddie Murphy's character is not a cop in this, but considering that him and Nick Nolte are out to hunt down the bad guys, it's pretty much the kind of formula you'd expect. Having watched it recently, I had forgotten what a gritty movie it is. Most people tend to lump it in with Beverly Hills Cop because of how funny Eddie can be, but the truth is that it's not really a comedy. It has some comedic elements to it, but it's more of a cop drama than anything else. It just has a great pairing of actors with a nice touch of action and a decent enough story. Walter Hill's direction keeps things hard-nosed and the chemistry between Nolte and Murphy keeps you wanting to see how things work out between the two of them. It's not a perfect film as it tends to have some story problems, but it's a strong film with a strong cast.

Reece L (jp) wrote: More a harrowing cautionary tale about the nature of human self-indulgence and the problems associated with anthropomorphizing animals than a coherent piece of filmmaking, Roar nonetheless warrants a viewing for film buffs clued in on the nature of its fascinatingly troubled production history. That being said, it offers little in the way of story, existing as a loose collection of shots documenting a pack of lions repeatedly mauling their captors for an hour and a half while Marshall seemingly invents a narrative on the spot in between his passionate speeches about the need to respect the animal (apparently oblivious to both the fact that his film only serves to underline the horrific violence these animals engage in and the effect seeing this kind of material would have on an audience).

Yash B (fr) wrote: Just down right unwatchable and ridiculously silly.

Demetrios M (gb) wrote: As a fellow Greek, this movie makes me appreciate what my family gave up to come to this wonderful country, America.

K L (nl) wrote: One of The Best Classic Spoofs of all time

Dane W (nl) wrote: Although the CGI is dull and the 3 hours and 7 minutes (3 hours and 20 minutes with extended version) are time consuming, the stories drive and characters make Peter Jackson's King Kong a great reboot.

Scott A (ru) wrote: If you can get past Baldwin's goofy haircut, this movie is decent to watch. Baldwin is a criminal released from jail and goes right back to his bad ways and at one point he steals a badge from a Cop and goes on a crime spree with it that is kind of fun! I think he actually starts to believe he is a cop after awhile.Fred Ward is the cop he steals it from, and he gives kind of an off performance. He also had his dentures stolen, so he talks funny half the film.Jennifer Jason Leigh is a hooker hired by Baldwin, but then they fall in love. Her voice can be grating, but hey she is pretty adorable as is and of course since it's Leigh, she shows the goods too!That scene in the Pawn Shop was awesome by the way.All that saying, it does seem to drag on at times and the ending is kind of a let down.

Mandy W (us) wrote: A typical Amicus movie with the short stories. The best horror movies!!

Lingi X (jp) wrote: Tom is so cute. It's definitely my type <3