Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq

The movie tells the story of Sharon Gill, a modern-day Canadian Sikh graduate student who travels to India as part of her thesis on minorities at war. Revelations about the past soon leave the student curious for more information, and Gill's awareness changes after maneuvering into prison to interview Kartaar Singh. Singh is a hockey player whose life experiences lead him to fight against corruption in the police and government systems. The film's central story is based around Kartaar Singh's journey which is filled with courage, perseverance, and faith.

Canadian Student Sharon Gill comes to India for her research on the topic "why minority was at war in Punjab"? During her journey she meets a former militant Kartar Singh Baaz who is in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael V (de) wrote: Although it's a common action/thriller movie with lots of shootings its the actual theme of the movie that makes it worth watching. Child prostitution. And while watching this I couldn't help compare this to Taken. Pretty much take everything about Taken and bump the action and nudity up to a rated R level and through in some Buddhist spirituality and you get this. The action is quite solid and enjoyable and thankfully goes with real blood versus CGI blood. Kevin Bacon is fun as a quick wit Brit gun runner and I've always enjoyed Djimon Hounsou. Very talented actor with a very powerful face.

Scott M (gb) wrote: Incredibly interesting and controversial topic without being exploitative or subjective. Although there are some scenes that seem straight out of a Michael Moore film, the filmmaker is cautious enough not to lose focus of the point just to get some laughs. He covers every point of view objectively and comes to an educated conclusion. The parts of the film that stuck with me the most were the scenes of the young Jewish high schoolers on a "pilgrimage" to Poland. The way these kids have been brainwashed their entire lives to believe that Nazis are like the bogey man and are waiting for them behind every corner is just plain scary. The fact that the Jewish community seems to deal most in stereotypes when fighting anti-Semitism is the biggest irony of them all. The director gets some really good real-life footage here, and really finds a way to get people from both sides of the argument to open up to him.

Ardis R (mx) wrote: How cute! Very '90s. A wonderful girl-movie.

Cam E (mx) wrote: It's not often I enjoy musicals unless I like the songs. Grease is a perfect example of great singing and great song choices and ideas. Grease is a fantastic film. Like most comedy's like this it does go a bit silly with the dances in the songs but it is just a bit of fun and silliness and I enjoyed it very much. Definitely a must see.

Danny M (de) wrote: Good film. John candy steals this film! Watch a lot years ago but after watching it recently. I must say it is good but nothing amazing.

Phuong D (de) wrote: Turn on those subtitles for this one!