Sade: Lovers Live

Sade: Lovers Live


Sade fans may experience a range of emotions while watching the first-rate Lovers Live, but one thing they won't feel is shortchanged--not with nearly two hours of concert footage, 22 songs (including almost all of her Lovers Rock album), and DVD bonus features galore. That sultry, soulful Sade sound is in full effect throughout the concert (filmed at two Southern California locations in 2001), brought to life by a capable band, some superbly evocative visuals and sound effects, and, of course, the singer herself. The show is dramatic, but never overly theatrical; best of all, Sade, while perhaps not the world's greatest performer, is an adult--you'll find no pop-princess posing here. Of the nine songs from Lovers Rock, "Slave Song" and "Immigrant" are especially moving, revealing that Sade added some new flavors to her sound during her protracted layoff from performing. This show is pure Sade--and that's a good thing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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