Mohan lives a middle-class life with his ailing mother, and works as a college professor. His mother would like him to get married, but he asks her to be patient as he awaits his probationary period to end at the college. At the college he lectures his students about Vasantsena, the evils of prostitution and his personal hatred of courtesans, who sell their lives for money. Things take a turn for the worse, when his mother suddenly collapses, loses consciousness, and is not expected to live long. The only way he can bring peace to his dying mother is to get married. His neighbor, Jeevan Ram, agrees to find a woman who will pose as a wife for a fee, and introduces him to a woman named Rajni, who is then introduced to his mother.

Mohan lives a middle-class life with his ailing mother, and works as a college professor. His mother would like him to get married, but he asks her to be patient as he awaits his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samir S (fr) wrote: Mithya proves Bollywood's "Indie" movement is going strong. Rajat Kapoor's follow up to the slightly disappointing Bheja Fry is a more professional, well-rounded effort that is never short on inventiveness or wit (particularly when depicting the mundane daily concerns of the don's henchmen). Proceedings are greatly helped by Shorey's brilliant portrayal of a struggling bit actor who is forced to play a gangster in real life. His transition from small time hustler to family man and genuine father is very convincing, but it is in the periodic outbursts of indignation that he provides the film its best comedic moments (one where he defends the gangster's right to other people's money is wickedly subversive and very very funny). An unexpectedly bleak ending does leave a tinge of regret, but probably ends up making the film's choreographed chaos a bit more poignant and meaningful.

Jude P (kr) wrote: Brilliant depiction of what all American family goes through when any one within goes awry.

Ashton L (br) wrote: It's the right blend of action, adventure, and comedy. The weird and comedic nature of Captain Jack Sparrow coupled with the sort of darker tone of the movie, which was unexpected for me at the time, makes this a fun movie for children and adults alike. It has the humor and goofiness that kids will enjoy while also having an adventurous dark pirate tale to tell that adults can find great joy in. A few negatives are that some of the characters felt a bit underdeveloped and the story neat the end of the film dragged on a bit more than it needed too. In the end, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a fantastic pirate/Disney film that almost anyone can enjoy.

Julie C (mx) wrote: I expected this to be funnier due to the stars in this movie. There were funny parts, but hillarious.

C Damien B (ru) wrote: I'm going to give this a decent score. I remember watching this a lot as a kid, and I still enjoy it today.

Aaron W (ru) wrote: For me, tough to rate for a couple of contradicting reasons. I haven't seen it for years, but even with a young persons view of the film, I still can tell how bad it was in objective terms. But I loved it so much as a kid, and it's probably the reason I now have a dirt bike. It was so magical as a child, but I'm sure most adults would give it shit ratings. I say that if it did the job for its target audience (young kids) then it's good.

Olivier B (br) wrote: A l'inverse d'Easy Rider, ce film se positionne su point de vue des flics de la route face au phnomne hippie; anticipant Mad Max, on suit un policier qui veut devenir enquteur et refuse les violences gratuites. Vritable road movie, le gnrique en plans rapprochs a certainement influenc celui de la srie Dexter.

Gaspard R (ru) wrote: un coup de vieux evidemment , mais la c'est quand mme bien sexy ...un pink eiga pretention artistique ( et qui s'y prete trs bien d'ailleurs) lorgnant vers le mauvais got esthtisant ( enfin vue d'ici)... bisous les amis

Ron H (nl) wrote: This is a solid psychological drama with Peck giving a fine performance. The romantic subplot needs more development and resolution, however.

Timothy M (br) wrote: Really uninteresting film. And I mean really.