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Safari Rally


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Stephen F (ca) wrote: Even if Kristin Stewart wasn't in it, it still would have been a below average effort. In trying to convey the agony of grief and the things people do to cope, they ended up with a rather shallow feeling, they seemed scared to get too deep, shying away from truly opening up. Upside? It was set in New Orleans!

Theodor W (us) wrote: The movie does not know if it wants to be a romance or a heavy-handed drama

Mark M (ru) wrote: Great protagonist, quirky story, but lacking gusto

jesse m (au) wrote: It's flawed, but it rocks hard.

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: What the hell was that? Are you serious and who thought this up?

Raji K (br) wrote: After driving into a flowerbed, it becomes clear that Mrs. Daisy (Jessica Tandy) is no longer able to drive herself, and is in need of a chauffeur. Enlisted is going on 70 years of age himself Hoke is hired to drive this crusty old lady around. Set in the time of the beginning of racial equality, Driving Mrs. Daisy is a movie that does an excellent job of capturing a slice of life from that time period. It does not try to embellish, exaggerate any aspect of the time period, life or the characters themselves, but instead does its best to depict the actual possible relationship of two individuals who could not be more different, but eventually bond. Solid performances keep this otherwise mellow film afoot, but I credit this film for sticking to the strength the budding relationship between the two characters.

Stephen R (au) wrote: cute watchable predictableearnest not original but big heartedgood background movieand im always happy to see the terrific Jonathan Prycenot my usual fare