After a former elite agent rescues a 12-year-old Chinese girl who's been abducted, they find themselves in the middle of a standoff between Triads, the Russian Mafia and high-level corrupt New York City politicians and police.

Luke Wright is a two-bit cage fighter, until the day he throws a fixed match. Wanting to make an example of him, the Russian Mafia murders his family and banishes him from his life forever. But when he witnesses a frightened twelve-year-old Chinese girl, Mei, a young girl whose memory holds a priceless numerical code, being pursued by the same gangsters who killed his wife, Luke impulsively jumps to action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rikard B (it) wrote: Ass det r ju fint o bra tanke, men bra som film kan jag inte pst att det blir!

Dave R (br) wrote: End of world movie with aliens and comet changes people into mutants it was alright one a little weird

Deb J (gb) wrote: Cute Film! Enjoyed the Dylan music :)

Laurence A (fr) wrote: Great performance from Vincent Rottiers and Jean-Pierre Bacri, me and my mum really enjoyed it!

Shena J (fr) wrote: This is a good movie. It's a light, fun storyline. The music is awesome and captures the 80s vibe. With that being said I think Topher Grace and Anna Faris have better chemistry then he does with Teresa Palmer.

Yash B (au) wrote: Although I haven't seen "Memento" I can tell this movie rips it off big time. Still I can't help but enjoy Khan in another one of his fantastic and unique performances. I think this is one first rate mystery thriller that shouldn't be missed by Aamir Khan's fans.

mary w (kr) wrote: it was actually pretty good. it had a good message but idk it was hard for me to follow...

Matthew P (us) wrote: I think rabbits are some of the cutest creatures on this planet. They're so cute, in fact, that I would hazard a guess that you could have a film where the only thing shown is a rabbit sitting there, eating hay, and I'd still enjoy it. Night of the Lepus features a lot of rabbits, and as a result, one might think that it would be worth watching just because the little creatures that are featured. One would be wrong. The film opens with a fake news report about rabbits. I was already having fun. But, the news report tells us that there are too many rabbits, and that they threaten to destroy crops, or something like that. My interest was focused on the cute, little bunny rabbits, so I was having a difficult time listening to the stuffy news reporter. We then cut to a man named Cole (Rory Calhoun), who falls off his horse because, you guessed it, rabbits are there. I'm not sure whether the horse was tripped by the little critters, or if it was just too busy staring at them like I was, but it falls and ends up being put down. So, apparently the rabbits are a problem. Cole's a farmer, and if they eat all of his crops, he'll go out of business, end up losing his farm, die of hunger, and probably have his grave trampled on by these furry varmints. He heads to some scientists, Roy (Stuart Whitman) and Gerry (Janet Leigh), who are trying to figure out how to get rid of creatures without the use of poison. They have a daughter, Amanda (Melanie Fullerton), who is probably one of the most annoying child characters I can remember in films. Tests are performed on the rabbits in hope that the scientists will be able to interrupt their breeding cycles, eventually causing them to die off. After some failures, they decide to use a serum that was sent to their office just that morning. They don't even know what it does, but decide to inject it anyway, considering they don't think that the rabbit will ever get away. Amanda, deciding that this infected rabbit is one she wants, switches it with a controlled one while her parents aren't looking, before being allowed to take home a "controlled" rabbit, which, if you weren't paying close attention, is actually the one injected with this untested serum. The rabbit escapes in the next scene, although Amanda doesn't seem to care very much. I suppose that elaborate escape method that she used to get this specific bunny was done just because she thinks messing up scientific experiments is enjoyable. Anyway, it turns out that the untested serum makes giant rabbits, and since it can be spread easily, this means that soon enough, there are giant rabbits everywhere. Can you get cuter? It turns out, giant rabbits are killing machines. The injection didn't just give them a size increase; it also gave them a taste for blood and destruction. For most of the film, we get humans fighting against the rabbits, with the latter party generally winning out, thanks to the fact that they're giant rabbits. Who would expect rabbits to be giant, and more importantly, who thinks that rabbits will want to kill humans? When Night of the Lepus works, it's because it focuses solely on bunny rabbits doing something cute, like running around the countryside, nesting in a doll house, or eating a human. Yes, all three of those things are cute, at least, they are as they're portrayed here. Even when a rabbit is "eating" someone, all we really see are a bunch of close ups on the its face, with a bunch of ketchup smeared on it. We see the rabbit lick the ketchup off, or even appear to smile. These moments are so cute and I just wanted to hug the bunnies whenever they were "eating" a person. To make the rabbits large -- well, I'm not actually sure what was done, but it's kind of funny. I know at times they used miniature sets, while in other moments, they use a suit that doesn't at all look like a giant rabbit. When the giants are running around, everything is slowed down because -- I'm not sure why, either. Do things look less menacing in slow motion? I know that it means we get to see the rabbits for longer, and they're just so adorable that I can't complain about that, but if the filmmakers were trying to scare us, they failed. However, the film isn't all just giant bunny rabbits running around doing things. We also get human characters who frequently turn up and do nothing of importance. They want to stop the rabbits, I suppose because they want to live or something silly like that, but none of them have any real character and I didn't care if any of them would live. That's especially true of the daughter, Amanda, who I swear did things just to annoy me whenever possible, despite never being punished for her terrible behavior. I definitely wanted to see her get mauled by a rabbit, or a person in a rabbit costume, although she lives for way too long of the film. Night of the Lepus has to be seen to be believed, but don't take that as a recommendation. The humans are shown far too frequently to make this film worthwhile, and all of the characters made the film too cumbersome to be worthwhile. The bunnies were cute, though, and seeing them roam around miniature sets and lick ketchup from their face is cute and made me laugh quite often, but these scenes are not worth sitting through watching all of these annoying people do nothing of importance.

Dave J (br) wrote: Monday, November 5, 2012 (1967) The Sword Of Doom (In Japanese with English subtitles) Similar to other films such as "No Country For Old Men", "There Will Be Blood and "Limbo" where viewers have to come up with their own conclusions about what happened even though much of the movie is straight forward. The plot regards a samurai by the name of Ryunosuke Tsukue and he is disgusting and is a horrible human being. At the first few minutes an old man goes to the mountains for a picnic with his granddaughter, and upon the grandaughter fetching some water down on some stream, an unknown samurai overhears him praying onto some grave stone calling himself a pilgrim and upon hearing this, slays him. As the film progresses, it is assumed that because he is a samurai that he was able to do anything he wants which also could mean taking the life of someone whose lower class and defenseless. They're no policing back on those days so there was a time when it's defined as rank. We're then being introduced into his world and he is not a nice person, for he takes away a wife's chasity for losing a match he does not intend to keep and ends up killing the husband just because he could. He's a master samurai and at some point we want to witness his downfall and how if ever. Symbolic with reasonating dialogue with veteran actor Toshiro Mifune in a small part as a one of the moral instructors. Tatsuya Nakadai as Ryunosuke Tsukue is frightening foe whose similar to Chirgu in "No Country For Old Men". 3 out of 4 stars

Archibald T (ca) wrote: Hercules in the Haunted World or Hercules goes to Hell.Newly appointed King Lico is head of the throne of Ecalia. The king before him has died and that king's daughter, Deianira, can not rule since she's not mentally there. This is all because of Lico. He's planted a spell on her so she may not be queen leaving Lico, trying his best, to stay as the king for as long as possible. However, King Lico is aware of Deianira's relationship with Hercules. So, he dispatches some people to set out and kill Hercules which, of course, never happens since he's like the strongest man on Earth. When he gets back to Ecalia he discovers Deianira's condition and seeks out the Oracle who tells him to go to Hades and find the stone of Pluto which can help her. Him and his pal Theseus and along with the annoying Telemachus set out to Hades, but first must make a stop at Hesperides where they must retrieve a golden apple so they can get into Hades and get out of it.Hesperides is a place where beautiful women are stuck to live in eternal darkness. Telemachus speaks about how the women eat the men alive which is really not true since they get Procustes, which is a funny looking rock-like creature, to torture people instead. Once Hercules obtains the Golden Apple and defeats Procustes, he is let into Hades where he takes the stone of Pluto back with him to Ecalia. Meanwhile, King Lico talks to, I think, is the God of Pluto who tells him that if he wants to stay King for all eternity he must sacrifice Deianira to Pluto and then drink her blood. That way he can be immortal. Hercules stumbles upon this and must save Deianira before it's too late.I liked some of the visual creativity once Hercules gets to Hell. It's extremely cheesy, but very fun to watch if you don't take it too seriously. Also if you subtract the character of Hercules and just have Reg Park play a guy who is just strong it would still play very well. Slapping Hercules into the title may make some not want to see it. I'm not a big fan of Hercules myself, but I did enjoy this though.

Kay L (kr) wrote: Pretty cheesey 90s flick. Antonio Banderasis the hell out of this one.

Filius S (us) wrote: Death Race takes its name from the cult classic car racing B-movie from the 70's, Death Race 2000... then removes the 2000, throws everything else away and shits all over the entire concept. Enter Jason "I'm Great at Driving Cars in Movies" Statham, a blue collar worker who used to be in NASCAR but was given a career that would make him more relateable to audiences. He comes home from work one day when he gets laid off cause something something recession, and gets framed for (get ready for it): A crime he didn't commit. Now he's in a maximum security prison where they give prisoners ... cars... and make them drive around tracks... to kill eachother, for TV ratings... ugh. Basically it's shitty version of Running Man with cars, and the same color scheme as a call of duty game. Something like 20 minutes into the movie, you'll have figured out the entire plot line (including the ending), and all that's left for you is the car racing/crashes which are honestly really half baked. TL;DR - 3/10The characters are unlikeable, the concept of a cross country race where you murder innocent bystanders is completely butchered, the camp factor is completely erased and replaced with a gritty edge that makes you want a mountain dew, the races are boring and take place on what looks like a crappy level of twisted metal 1. In short, this movie is dreadful. If you want something like this movie that doesn't suck, just watch Death Race 2000, the recently released Speed Racer film or hold out for the upcoming Mad Max release, because honestly, this film borders on being insulting to the viewer.

Matt H (es) wrote: I usually find Hithcock's quirkiness annoying, but it's much more subdued here, and actually serves this great story with an interesting focus on background cues. Really liked it. Don't talk to anyone in the dining car. Hard lessons learned.

Ng K (ag) wrote: Praise for the marvellous artwork and fine details. The cinematography isn't the kind that you will see in Chinese films these days, no offence.

Simona S (es) wrote: Wish they focused more on "aliens of the deep" rather than the weirdo scientists in their bubbles. There was about 30 seconds of this film which deserved anything over a 4 star rating. The rest, however, see above.

Farhan M (kr) wrote: great movie, great action, what else do I need to say