Safe Conduct

Safe Conduct

The film is about the French film industry from 1942 to 1944 during the Nazi occupation. The film focuses on assistant director and resistance fighter Jean Devaivre and screenwriter Jean Aurenche. Aurenche is on the move so that he doesn't have to write anything collaborationist. Devaivre is in dangerous political activity. Devaivre also works for the German production company Continental where he is respected. On the other hand, Aurenche's scriptwriting doesn't help how he lives and he is a womanizer which causes him to procrastinate.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sneezing,   capture,   escape,  

In occupied France, German-run Continental Films calls the shots in the movie business. Assistant director and Resistance activist Jean Devaivre works for Continental, where he can get "in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Safe Conduct torrent reviews

Shawn S (br) wrote: Informative and sometimes inspiring.

Justin B (es) wrote: Low key coming of age tale that strikes the perfect balance between indie and Hollywood.

Aja W (ca) wrote: horrible !!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff S (ag) wrote: Wow, great film. Loved the characters; such a perfect cast of actors brought together to portray this thought-provoking vision of what happens behind the scenes when 12 jurors get together to deliberate on a seemingly open-and-shut case. But the dissonance of one steadily becomes the dissonance of many as emotions run high new facts are brought to light in what turns out to be shocking conspiracy. Excellent acting combined with a truly unique plot really bring things together here; my only real complaint was the tendency of the film to get away from the trial itself and get into the backgrounds of the characters; at times this enhanced the experience, but at others it detracted. Overall, though, I really enjoyed this film, even at its excessive run time. Thumbs up.

Neal T (es) wrote: Madhur Bhandarkar delivers again! I don't think it was better than Fashion but still preety damn good. I think Neil acted very good but Mugdha's acting was weak but she is still hot! Overall it was nicely made and deserves a 3.5/5! :)

Peter T (nl) wrote: So emotional made me cry .

Hollie C (es) wrote: I have a visual for you, John with a snake around his waist... HOT

Jay D (es) wrote: Mani Ratnam's hyperlink screenplay is probably the best thing in this film. His direction is equally commendable fusing student politics, romance, American dream, mafias & poverty. Terrific camera work by Ravi Chandran which gives a very raw feel to the film with Rahman's mesmerising score. Also commendable acting by 3 male leads. One great political thriller & Calcutta looks beautiful here.

Julien E (br) wrote: Wow. Juste wow. L'habit ne fait pas le moine comme on dit. Cette expression n'avait jamais fait autant de sens que pour Baadasssss! Petit film btard indpendant dont on n'a jamais entendu parl a 3$ au Zellers avec comme titre ''Baadasssss!'' sur un homme noir moustachu avec un chapeau devant des flammes. Srieusement, je me suis dit: ''Mais quel film ridiculement hilarant ce film va-t-il tre?!'' A ce prix-la, je n'ai pas pu rsist! Finalement, c'est un genre de drame vraiment captivant et intressant sur de nombreux aspects qui raconte la ralit noire dans les ghettos et les obstacles que peut rencontrer un ralisateur qui n'est qu'a son premier film.

Missy M (ru) wrote: this is a funny movie

Kate D (mx) wrote: I loved this. Who couldn't love such acting powerhouses dressed in drag?

Griffin M (ag) wrote: I hate hats even more now

Stephen R (ag) wrote: a classic thru and thrufor MLK day time to ponderdont you call me man jew boy

Tom J (it) wrote: Predictable and poorly written. Lorraine Bracco is worth watching but not enough to carry the film. Late 80's attempt at noir-styling misses the mark.

Trent R (au) wrote: So, you've got Pam Grier headlining your Canadian Terminator rip-off. She's played up as a bad-ass bounty hunter specifically hired to take out The Vindicator. What do you do? Spoiler: Have an extended, humiliating fight sequence featuring Maury Chaykin in a non-acting role. Then have Pam Grier do nothing for an hour until blowing her brains out rather than face the Termi... Vindicator. This guy's still directing for Canadian tv.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: I watched this when I was little and remember liking it. This film satisfies the need to watch grown men fight plastic lizards and women prance about in the jungle wearing next to nothing. In the end I just like dinosaurs.

Elmer F (de) wrote: In this revamping of House of Frankenstein the ever suicidal Talbot returns with annoying Dracula blood tainted Onslow Stevens.