Safe Conduct

In occupied France, German-run Continental Films calls the shots in the movie business. Assistant director and Resistance activist Jean Devaivre works for Continental, where he can get "in ...

. . Assistant director and Resistance activist Jean Devaivre works for Continental, where he can get "in . In occupied France, German-run Continental Films calls the shots in the movie business

Safe Conduct is a new movie of Jean Cosmos, Jean-Devaivre (book), Bertrand Tavernier. The released year of this movie is 2002. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Jacques Gamblin, Denis Podalydès, Charlotte Kady, Marie Desgranges, Ged Marlon, Philippe Morier-Genoud, Laurent Schilling, Maria Pitarresi, Christian Berkel, Richard Sammel, Marie Gillain, Olivier Gourmet, Philippe Saïd, Liliane Rovère, Götz Burger. The kind of movie are War. This movie was rated by 7 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Jay D (es)

One great political thriller & Calcutta looks beautiful here. Also commendable acting by 3 male leads. Terrific camera work by Ravi Chandran which gives a very raw feel to the film with Rahman's mesmerising score. His direction is equally commendable fusing student politics, romance, American dream, mafias & poverty. Mani Ratnam's hyperlink screenplay is probably the best thing in this film

Jeff S (ag)

Thumbs up. Overall, though, I really enjoyed this film, even at its excessive run time. Excellent acting combined with a truly unique plot really bring things together here; my only real complaint was the tendency of the film to get away from the trial itself and get into the backgrounds of the characters; at times this enhanced the experience, but at others it detracted. But the dissonance of one steadily becomes the dissonance of many as emotions run high new facts are brought to light in what turns out to be shocking conspiracy. Loved the characters; such a perfect cast of actors brought together to portray this thought-provoking vision of what happens behind the scenes when 12 jurors get together to deliberate on a seemingly open-and-shut case. Wow, great film

Jonathan S (br)

In the end I just like dinosaurs. This film satisfies the need to watch grown men fight plastic lizards and women prance about in the jungle wearing next to nothing. I watched this when I was little and remember liking it

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Low key coming of age tale that strikes the perfect balance between indie and Hollywood

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ho couldn't love such acting powerhouses dressed in drag?. I loved this