Safe Harbour

Safe Harbour

Melissa Gilbert stars in this film adaptation of Danielle Steel's bestselling novel, in which a young girl named Pip and her mother meet an artist on the beach in Safe Harbour, where they have retreated in order to recover from the devastating loss of Pip's father and brother.

Ophelia MacKenzie is spending the summer on a beach house with her daughter Philippa, recovering from the death of her husband and son in an air crash. Philippa meets Matt Bowles on the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebecca L (fr) wrote: Not bad, funnier and better than expected. Wish Chrissie was not in the movie -- she was an eye soar to me, although I am sure a lot of guys will find her an eye candy.

Leigh S (mx) wrote: Not the best sci-fi I've ever seen and regrettably predictable, it did keep me amused for an hour and a half tho which is more than I can say for a lot of movie. It's a shame it's not a patch on the original.

Everybodys runner up (mx) wrote: Stoked is a very good doc about a pro skater back from when I was a teen. I've met quite a few riders in the video, and lived the skateboarding life for quite some years. Never met Gator, and am glad I didn't after seeing this. His board design is one of the most popular ever. This story is definitely worth watching.

William R (fr) wrote: Again the worst thing about this film is my original short story at the time turned out to be this film which i didn't know existed at the time. My sequel is this sequel done well

Kevin M W (us) wrote: A glossy revenge spin, played light, where characters quip while trading punches to the gut. It's not as amusing as it seems to think it is. And Lucy Liu ... why don't that girl see more work?

Brandon M (jp) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures... Not perfect by any means but still very creepy and entertaining for me.