Safe Passage

Safe Passage

A mother with seven sons feels like she's losing control of her life and her family. But personal...

A mother with seven sons feels like she's losing control of her life and her family. But personal pain and a troubled marriage fade into the background as news comes that one of her sons ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marlon U (de) wrote: The only reason I gave this movie two stars is because 1. I'm a dude and all the hot women = One Star2. The ending could've been a LOT worse than it turned, i.e. them not making Ashton end up with the girl in a happy ending story is tantamount to another star.Mackenzie and the writers failed to give this indie feeling flick any legs with the character development and the story lines. Scammer meets another scammer and they fall in love? How that's as original as the DVD's sold on the streets of Manila. Oh yeah character development, I meant complete lack thereof. The acting was quite the L.A. train wreck (yes cuz L.A. doesn't have any sort of metro train system). It was so bad that it just was in make believe land.The scenes could have been real, the plot could have felt additionally authentic but everything about this film screamed "plastic" as loud as a Playboy Bunny's boobies. Great flick to relax and get off to some hot women. Either than that, the only thing great about it is that it didn't suck as bad as it could have sucked.

Angela G (jp) wrote: Originally marked this movie as not interested but since my motherly instincts are staring to kick in thought it would be good! It was ok a few teary parts.

Joanna L (es) wrote: Extremely charming, it has found its own way. The end is very lovely indeed. Very different to what I've seen before and I love it!

Leah S (ag) wrote: rlly good movie it was weird seein zac efron in somin besides HSM though but he did a good job

Jared C (br) wrote: The only flaw of this one is that it makes the mistake of talking to (read: patronize) the fat, ignorant tourist that would never watch this in the first place. The well-made, intelligent documentaries never are seen by the people that might be caught by surprise by injustices in the world.

Trey W (br) wrote: People who decided to watch this I say. WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING!

William W (gb) wrote: Wonderful to see Bogie as the bad guy in this gangster classic. Bette Davis matches him line for line and the volatile tension never lets up. Essential for fans of either the stars or the genre.

jay n (au) wrote: Doris is full of pluck and moxie fighting a big corporate jerk who actually seems unhinged in his singular quest to squash the hard working widow Jane. Jack is the earnest lawyer who has loved her since childhood. Together they make a wonderful pair as they go through no end of complications that drive them apart and united them again. Charming comedy was an inexplicable failure on its initial release probably in large part because of that atrocious title. It's re-release title of Twinkle and Shine was hardly an improvement, why they didn't stick with the initial title of That Jane from Maine which would have fit it perfectly is a mystery. Be that as it may this is a cute family comedy with wonderful location shooting and high production values as well as a super supporting cast.

Kevin R (de) wrote: Just a terrible movie. People will try to tell you it's "classic Hollywood" but there's a plethora of movies from the same time that are better than this ridiculously bloated piece of crap. Rock Hudson has as much charisma in this movie as his name sake, and Taylor and Dean wasted their talent. The only redeeming element is the beautiful locations and set pieces, but an IMAX nature documentary has those too, and that doesn't make them great films. Its especially sad that this was Dean's last film, as he was truly a great talent and did phenomenal work in "Rebel Without A Cause" and "east of Eden." If I sound bitter it's because I know there are better films that have lower scores that this, and that is a major failure of the Rotten Tomatoes system. This film is "giant" though; it's a giant load of crap and a giant waste of time.

Dawn K (mx) wrote: Watched with my mom. Not my favorite old movie, but not the worst I have seen either [by far. It was WAY better than most]. Great song and dance numbers and the love story part was interesting. Worth seeing if you love musicals.

Kim S (de) wrote: A bit dated, but good comedy is timeless. The last third is the funniest part.

joe b (jp) wrote: Sensational film making - our family loved all of the characters - Kyra, Sly, Tom Bringer, and Kelsey - he's a boss - many layers - must see.