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France, 1950s. From the Quartier Latin to Saint-Tropez via New York, a young Parisienne becomes the icon of a whole generation. In 1954, 19-year-old Francoise Sagan shot to fame with her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (ru) wrote: I love to watch Audrey Tautou. She could read me an encyclopedia in any of the languages which she speaks and I would probably happily pay to sit and watch it. The stars here are for Tautou for just being herself, for a very amusing supporting performance by Omar Sy, and for the sheer audacity of the project as a surrealist work in a time where surrealism is really not so much in favor.That said, the work is essentially Love Story on 'shrooms. The film has a very retro feel to it, maybe this works for you, maybe not. But the 70's-era vibe just makes the Love Story comparison seem that much more apropos. It is a sensory wonder, but I don't think that necessarily makes it a great film.I can't say a lot more about it without spoiling specific plot elements, but suffice it to say I don't especially recommend or discourage this one. If you're not into trippy art film, this is probably not for you.

Jesse O (jp) wrote: This is probably more thoughtful than your typical 'horror' flick. Problem is this isn't so much a horror film as it is a teen romance with some hints of horror here and there. I didn't entirely dislike this movie to be honest, it's got a more than solid cast, with the highlight being Brad Dourif, some good ideas and some great cinematography. But the first 40 minutes or so of the movie are a gigantic chore to get through. At least until you find out that Amanda, SPOILER ALERT, is really a ghost. And even then, they don't really use it for scares rather than using it as an obstacle in Eli and Amanda's budding "relationship". And there's some good ideas here about obsession and teen depression, especially with how the movie ends, but I don't think these ideas ever translate into a dramatically effective story. And the romance itself, while not uninteresting, felt a little vanilla. Take the horror out of this story, and the romance could've very easily been made into a CW TV pilot. Though unlike a CW series, it is more thoughtfully written. Perhaps I'm overstating the point, but the romance could've used an edgier side to it. As mentioned the cast, especially for what looks to be a low-budget affair is more than solid and they have as much to do with making the film as good as it is since I don't think the script is up to their talents. I mean it is decent, and it has some good ideas but, as mentioned, those ideas don't necessarily translate to effective storytelling. I did think that Spencer Daniels, who played the lead, was a little wooden at times and he would be the only one in the cast that, I would say, did a below average job. The movie also looks really nice for its budget. Perhaps if the first 40 or so minutes of the film were more interesting, I'd have given this film a better rating, but they are a chore to get through and it really makes the overall movie average at best.

Jane D (ca) wrote: a sweet little movie. A little slow at times and a tad short on the scares, but a refreshingly cheerful, happy ending

sherry k (jp) wrote: Akshay Kumar has done it again. I only like this movie because of Akshay's humor.

Dayo A (nl) wrote: In real life, a good ending to this type of situation is probably rare, and unfortunately so many have gone through this. This brings things to light and gives hope.

Christine C (de) wrote: Excellent depth in plot. Humorous, yet still a good final message..even though--well, I won't ruin the ending. ;) The modern scandalous romance films pale in comparison.

SharmaLee M (de) wrote: This is a really cool show esp. for those who love anime

Jason D (kr) wrote: Ok, so the Powerpuff Girls show is a small guilty pleasure of mine and naturally, where there's a powerpuff girls movie, I'm sure to be there amidst a bunch of screaming children. Twas the Fight Before Christmas is a Powerpuff Girls Christmas movie where everyone in town is getting in the spirit of the holidays, even occasional bad girl Princess Moneybags, that is, until she finds out that she is the only child on the naughty list. Sure enough, she switches the list and she becomes the nice one while every other kid in the world becomes naughty. It's up to the Powerpuff girls to save the day. This was a TV movie, so naturally, it's very short to make way for hours of commercials. In fact, the movie is really only about 40 minutes long, which kinda sucked, but meh, children have short attention spans anyways. Not bad stuff.

Antonio P (fr) wrote: dont watch it, enless its the version lloyd kaufman is in cause that awesome (i give that one 5 stars)

Josh M (it) wrote: While The Believer may leave a bad taste in your mouth, it is a very thought-provoking film and very well-made. This is the only movie where I've seen Ryan Gosling play an unlikeable character and he does a very good job of it.

Starr H (ru) wrote: watched this one with my grandfather in law and since he's passed it makes me cry to watch it but i still love it

Zach M (kr) wrote: This was an documentary, sort of movie, from Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice who gained fame from the Kenny vs Spenny show.It was all about them pitch their script idea around to people to try and make a movie about a mafia don going into have hernia surgery and ends up getting a sex change by accident.Most of it was fairly boring, though it sometimes funny, it fails to be as interesting as it could have been, which is too bad because they are both normally very funny and creative.When Roger Ebert uncovers what they are doing it is quite funny and he gets some shots in that are quite funny.

Luke B (mx) wrote: Superb action film that is superior to all recent efforts. The Street Fighter is everything you should love about the genre. In fact, it does so much right, it should be used as a template for any film wishing to achieve such levels of excitement and brutality. The first thing to grab my attention was the lead protagonist. He isn't exactly a nice guy. Far from it. He's a mercenary for hire, and not the lovable rogue like Han Solo. He is sadistic and cruel and self serving. However, Chiba manages to instill such charisma that I was drawn to the performance. As the film progressed, so did Chiba. His actions became more heroic, even if his methods could still make me cringe. The action scenes are those I long to return. This isn't some "exciting" frenetic exercise in editing. The action derives from the actors and the stunts. The camera is following what is going on, and heavy editing is not needed. There are some stylistic flourishes which add extra cool, but not so much as to detract from the emotions of the characters. Some parts are a little convoluted, but the balance between story, dialog, and action is beautifully thought out. It's all helped along by a very 70's and very sexy soundtrack.

Diego B (ca) wrote: Just love it, fucking great movie, The real Colombian culture, forget about drugdealer films, this what is going to show you how people is in Colombia, how people gamble with dignity and poverty.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Breezy, witty fun-filled comedy from the Broadway hit--Enjoyable Slice of Sixties Heyday!!

Logan T (kr) wrote: Fantastic animation and good voice acting make Assault on Arkham worth watching at least once.

Trouble B (ag) wrote: Holy crap this film is just so well acted, scripted, plotted and conceived that I could cry. Oscar Isaacs' performance is hands down one of the best I've ever seen.

Jarek M (jp) wrote: The Hangover meets Snatch

Robert I (br) wrote: The reason Morgan Freeman needs to play more detectives in movies!!!