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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Sagara torrent reviews

Ken P (fr) wrote: Great tales of Watterson from his colleagues, but horrible voiceover work.

Derrick A (ru) wrote: This movie should have been a lot better than it was.

Mike M (es) wrote: Likely to be looked upon fondly by those who are, or who want to be reminded of what it is to be, twentysomething - having the world stretch out in front of you, and nothing better to do than watch the traffic lights change and go to parties at night... it's like a scruffy but well-meaning acquaintance you might chance to make on Facebook.

Megan P (jp) wrote: Beautiful movie about a forbidden romance between a woman who is 32 (Korean age) and a young man who is 19. In Korea the legal age of consent is 20 so the woman is charged. After she is released they continue their affair in secret until his 20th birthday.

Phoebe L (us) wrote: I did not know what to expect from this movie at first. The movie was not just a Christian movie, it was a movie that everyone can relate to and still find hope in the mist of past hurt and pain.

Anya E (jp) wrote: "Love actually" is an amazing biopic film, based on on love stories of the film characters. Also it has some features of a romcom film. I like it, cause it has a very realistic, light and simplistic plot, closed to a real life. These stories, placed in the film, are very funny and romantic. They creat Christmas mood and provoke sense of happiness. What aboutcharacters of the film - they are all quite different. I suppose that there are no minor characters, perhaps only Billy, who connects somehow all the characters and creat a Christmas mood throughout the film. If to speak more precisely, let's take one couple. For example David and Natalie. The first problem in their relation is that David takes a high position-he is a prime minister, whereas Natalie is just a secretary from a common family. But David likes Natalie's impulsive and spontaneous character. It's very funny to watch for them, how they try to communicate to each other, contrary to the laws of society.To sum up, I can just say that's a cute film. There are no special effects but the plot and the couples' stories are great. Also the soundtracks to the film, Christmas songs that you can't help not to sing along.

serdar n (fr) wrote: acaba gelmis gecmis en iyi oyunculuk bu mu?

Nandan T (es) wrote: I cannot believe this won Best Picture instead of The Shawshank Redemption. Not that it's a bad movie. Just not Oscar worthy. Tom Hanks was awesome.

Michael (au) wrote: Zee pearl is in zee river. Classic.

Stella D (ag) wrote: a really creepy poe adaptation with vincent price as a man whose dead wife won't give him any peace. good performance by elizabeth shepherd as the unlucky woman who marries him. great gothic atmosphere. one of the better corman films i've seen though less known than the pit and the pendulum and house of usher

Stuart M (au) wrote: Wow. This movie feels really relevant today. Aloof senators guilty of graft and using the news agencies to silence all opposition. It's vaguely reassuring to be reminded that these complaints aren't new. The story does pretty much exactly what you'd expect with its fish out of water good-natured country boy in the heart of Washington premise. He's a refreshingly innocent face dealing with a lot of serious issues, and the film does take the minutiae of getting a law passed in Congress seriously. The film does have some problems. A lot of the villainy is just too blunt and obvious. I'd like to imagine that it takes more than a minimal effort to frame a senator for corruption and I'd certainly have a hard time believing that they could go around beating up children and driving cars full of little boys off the road without anybody caring. And having to run an entire campaign in 24 hours is rather ridiculous. And if the cynicism that takes control of the film by the halfway point is unbelievable the way that he overcomes it with innate goodness is even less so. But what really sells the film is the optimistic nature of the piece and the winning performance by Jimmy Stewart (always one of my favorite performers). Whenever the film's problems threaten to overwhelm it, his performance brings it back on course. An underrated element of the film is his secretary, who's a surprisingly strong female role for 1939, played to the hilt with guts, brains, and passion. Well worth watching, but just watch out for the camp factor whenever it tries to get into issues of corruption and power.

Peter D (nl) wrote: Some critic used the word "pastiche" in his review of this movie.Buddy, if you use words like "pastiche" in your reviews, I don't think Demolition Man is the movie for you. I'll just tell you that right now.Demolition Man is the kind of action movie that doesn't get made anymore. By that I mean it's a movie with great action, dumb-as-hell one-liners, and standard action movie things like a pointlessly topless lady and an appearance by Jesse Ventura. And it's a dumb action movie that wasn't TRYING to be a dumb action movie.People will often tell me that I need to see shit like Machete. Guys, Machete sucks. That movie can't stop wanking itself long enough to make MACHETE DO SOME STUFF! All I wanted was for Machete to do some stuff, and all I got was weird plot and Lindsay Lohan's boob-stunt-double.If you're not sure whether you should see this movie, good news, I've put together a little quiz. Answer Yes or No.1. Do you like the idea that the main characters are named "John Spartan" and "Simon Phoenix"?2. Do you celebrate just a little inside when a movie has a ridiculous title and characters in the movie say that title aloud MORE THAN THREE TIMES?3. Are you a person able to relish lines like "You're gonna regret that for the rest of your life...both seconds of it"?If you answered Yes to those questions, then watch this movie. If you loved Tango & Cash, then watch this movie. If you didn't, then don't be surprised if you hate it. And go pastiche yourself.

Jareth S (de) wrote: Ever since this played at a theater where I worked, I probably love this silly comedy much more than I should. Matthew Modine's cartoonish goof is definitely the weak link in the film, but Mercedes Ruehl's OTT psycho jealous mob wife makes up for him. Whenever people are gushing on about The Godfather for the 5 zillionth time on their imdb lists, I like to jokingly present this as my favorite gangster movie...for the gritty realism. Bonus points for the jab at Reagan ("Oh there's a big difference...") and an excellent soundtrack.

Richie M (ca) wrote: worth a sunday afternoon view

Harold S (kr) wrote: Cast is awesome superior to desperado.

Sanjaya B (fr) wrote: I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that this second movie didn't as good as the first one.. From the performance, Robert Downey Jr. has did it again with his character as Sherlock Holmes, even Dr. John Watson's performance by Jude Law really got a lot of improvement too.. But their performance didn't help a lot as the story of this movie got the audiences a little confusing even though I know it's quite brilliant to make some twist like that.. The other disappointment is Noomi Rapace's performance which is for me just like a sweetener because of the death of Irene Adler, but she's nowhere for replacing Irene Adler.. Overall, for me this sequel is a little disappointment but I must appreciate Guy Ritchie's work since he did his best in here so this rating is the best that I can give to this movie..

Joshua L (mx) wrote: Its a good character piece but I wouldn't watch it again