Sagarana: The Duel

Sagarana: The Duel

In Northeast Brazil, after carrying out some comissioned killing, hitman returns home to find his wife involved with a man who is a hitman hunter. A conflict ensues.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

In Northeast Brazil, after carrying out some comissioned killing, hitman returns home to find his wife involved with a man who is a hitman hunter. A conflict ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sagarana: The Duel torrent reviews

Peter R (it) wrote: Awful. About as good as the last decade of Sandler movies.

Jei P (mx) wrote: much better than seeking friend for the end of the world as in a movoe about the end of the world

Scott M (mx) wrote: The young cast are good, in this entertaining family film.

Steven V (de) wrote: This is a film that anyone can enjoy, provided they leave their own cultural bias' by the door. The story in itself is pretty unremarkable, it's a teen love story. What this particular film does, in its own sublime way, is reveal so much about the character and culture of the world's most lovable people. Thais are at once childlike and somber. The inhabit a world that is at once filled with mystical notions and aspirations, and also rife with the most petty and spiteful stereotypes and internal racism. Nam, the protagonist for this film, is characterized as "plain" and "awkward" in the film's beginning. What she's really subordinated by is her Thai features and dark complexion. The filmmaker is courageous in revealing this less-than-laudable aspect of Thai culture, with Nam's teacher calling her "dark skinned" in the film's opening moments. In spite of this honesty, the movie also manages to very lovingly portray the universal extremes of a girl's blooming feelings for her first boy crush, but again very Thai in it's portrayal. The beauty of first love, friendship and dreams, it was a refreshing movie.

Ker Malkin G (kr) wrote: Kudos to Ellis for a fine directing job but the film is oftentimes choppy and occasionally feels like the main cast is blandly reading off of a teleprompter. But the final bit was amazing.

Douglas C (ru) wrote: Special movie night with the kids. We tried the Muppet Christmas Carol but Kyle was too scared.

Premnath K (ru) wrote: The title will not only put you off, it will keep you wondering WTF. This is easily explained by the voice over in the beginning of the movie. The story is about a Desi Idol contest being held in New Jersey. Yes Bollywood seems to shoots more movies abroad than in India. And the story of the list of aspirants all of them Indians except for one very timid American Joshua Cohen (Michael Raimondi in his 3rd movie, or 1st movie with a proper presence) Joshua is a Indophile and his Indian girlfriend (Ayesha Dharkar she from the Terrorist) narrates that she met him in Bombay in a movie theatre, when she heard him sing the Indian national anthem.The movie takes you on this nice humorous journey, but in the climax they hit you in the face with a hammer! I was having a serious lump in my throat, a choked voice (so I didn't speak to Suchitra about the movie until we reached home) and moistness in my eyes. A little more and I am sure I would have bawled. And mind you my brother had almost given the ending away when he was telling us how good the movie (he who doesn't watch Bollywood movies) and stopped short when he heard that the movie was still in town and we intended seeing it.No no! No one is dying of cancer, or losing a beloved one to someone else or anything like that. And you all know I am a guns and bullets man as far as movies go;-)In fact the character concerned actually finds that a loved one who decided to leave has come back, and the incident is as simple as the character singing a very simple well know short Indian song to win the contest. You will not believe this, but all of us in the theatre stood up when this scene played! Even now while writing about it and thinking about it I get shivers running up and down my spine. And this was NO horror scene, the most benign scene you could think of. You of course have to be an Indian to understand the scene.

Chelsie H (br) wrote: This is an AWESOME movie. I feel like James was a fairly good repersentation of people with developmental disabilities. A person with a developmental disability actually played James and that is one key to get an actualo picture of people with disabilites. The Movie did get confusing at times, but I don't think it was too hard to follow.

Oscar D (ag) wrote: The inexplicable charm of Bruce Willis exploited to the full

Mack E (de) wrote: Moyle's test run for "Pump Up the Volume." The performances are great, the soundtrack is superlative, and it looks awesome. Trouble is that Stigwood went in with shears to the negative, so it makes zero sense.

Oriol N (gb) wrote: Entretenida, aunque los 20 minutos de persecucin sobran. Aunque la peli no da para mas.

Katrina L (es) wrote: A real European adventure (probably very historically inaccurate though)!

Dong Joo H (gb) wrote: Great independent film-making from Kevin Smith. Though it had interesting plot and subplots, it had no punchline.

A C (gb) wrote: The Funeral scene is hilarious with the dad's "shoes"

David L (ca) wrote: For an 80's horror, this is passable. At the time, it would have added a little variation to the likes of Halloween, and Friday 13th, whereby the masked killer comes after their prey with a big knife. This time it's a pick-axe wielding maniac that tears out people's hearts. I actually watched the remake before this so I thought that would spoil the story, but to my surprise it has an alternative ending which I didn't see coming. It's very easy viewing in the sense that a legend from the past has supposedly returned to the village on the anniversary of a tragic mining event, and is keen on causing havoc at a teenage dance. It always makes me laugh how the youngsters all look about 50 years old, what with their crazy 80's hair and handle bar moustaches, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of retro. Given the generational gap, it's by no means as gory as the remake and a fair bit is left to the imagination but that doesn't necessarily detract from a horror that has got all the basics right. It lends itself to a sequel but as far as I'm aware, there still hasn't been one, so fingers crossed there may be something in the pipeline one day. It hasn't gone down as a classic but that could just be down to this lack of sequels as opposed to lack of quality, as the horror classics can tend to be associated with quantity and not necessarily quality. Definitely worth a watch, if only for the comical fashion that's on display.

Sarah B (es) wrote: Cheesy and not even in a good way.

Troy S (ag) wrote: Linklater is slacking.