Go deep inside one of the most recognizable gay porn stars of all time. This exciting doc takes you behind-the-scenes to get a glimpse at the real life of François Sagat.

Documentary about French gay porn star Francois Sagat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vincent P (ag) wrote: Some effective J-horror undone by a miscalculated (really unsatisfying) ending.

Monique Y (us) wrote: Interesting european multilingual effort.. was flipping channels and this came as a catchy surprise... was entertaining, surprised me with Desplat's soundtrack and had great locations! True, it could have better lines but I thought that considering that it was spoken in several languages, it was a smart idea to keep it simple.

Evan H (jp) wrote: I love this film, and not just out of Miike-worship. The pacing is excellent. The lighting, color, and soft textures give the visual presentation an enchanted feeling.

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Martin T (gb) wrote: Amusing, but not the best showcase for Tati's talents. There's a callback to L'Ecole des Facteurs. The horseback sequence has some funny ideas, but the obvious time jumps are distracting.

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