Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster

After the death of his first wife, wealthy Raja Aditya Pratap Singh, re-marries another woman, simply known as Chhoti Rani, who subsequently becomes mentally unstable. His father's former mistress, Badi Rani, controls the wealth, while he himself has a mistress. Unable to procure contracts through Mantri Prabhu Tiwari, he decides to stand for elections, while his rival, Ghenda Singh, recruits an assassin, Babalu, who is also the nephew of Sunder, Chhoti Rani's chauffeur, to kill Aditya. After Sunder is unable to drive due to an injury, he recommends Babalu, and Aditya hires him. Babalu settles down in his new job, attempts to get accepted by everyone, including Chhoti Rani, who he finds attractive. He soon finds out that she, too, has feelings for him, and then starts making plans of not only carrying out his assigned task but also becoming the next Saheb.

Hired to kill a nobleman, the assassin instead falls for the former's unstable wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abby T (gb) wrote: No bad at all. Definitely had some good moments!

Mohammed A (nl) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Paul A (br) wrote: This is an Actual Road near Bartlett, Illinois and it is also where it was filmed, local legend says it is haunted and people actually do the whole baby powder thing in real life...I Like movies that take something that is real, and incorporate it into a movie, it seems Munger Rd and the forest right next to it in real life have some eerie history, a woman was found raped/murdered in the 80's in a field next to the Railroad Crossing (Close By to the west, on the southern side) , and a man was also found murdered in 2000 in that same forest.. The Railroad Crossings most common story is that a school bus got stuck on the Railway Tracks and a Train came, and killed everybody on the bus... so people visit the crossing, put baby powder on their cars,(to recreate snow like it was supposedly on the day this school bus got hit. too see the handprints of the children pushing their vehicle of the tracks out of harms way.Really interesting story, would of been better if it didn't add the whole killer thing into it though, would of loved it too of kept to the paranormal aspect of it.

John P (mx) wrote: You would think any movie where the AWFUL Kane Hodder is killed in the first ten minutes might be good. Then you realize, any movie Kane Hodder is in will NOT be good. The problem with movies paying, um, homage to other, better, horror movies is that it only makes the movie itself seem that much worse. Winnie from The Wonder Years was decent, the two killers were okay, William Forsythe should be ashamed, he is above this. The only noteworthy thing is two people from the Rocky series were in this... Burt Young and the black trainer of Apollo Creed.

Amy F (br) wrote: Wena pelicula, tratandose de un mito urbano

Ryan M (us) wrote: An enjoyable movie that puts characters in the harsh Australian landscape. This brings out the best and the worst in characters. The Army reserve characters appear to mirror the asylum seekers and suggest that despite everything the 2 groups aren't really different. As a result it carries powerful messages that are relevant to society.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Tom D (gb) wrote: This movie would have been more interesting if the main characters were the Wind talkers instead of Nicolas Cage. There are some interesting moments but a better script would have improved this film.

Laurence B (fr) wrote: It's a bit of juvenile fun, where a fat guy clowns around, and bums his way through some slapstick fights. It's not got much going for it.

TheMaddogMusic (gb) wrote: I got bored while watching this movie. I never liked Si-Fi. I like all James Spader parts

Zachary M (es) wrote: Everyone who has ever mad a film or wanted to make a film needs to watch this. You will instantly sympathize with Johnny Deep's partial of Ed Wood, the notorious director of what are often referred to as the worst movies ever. His passion is unparalleled, but his technical ability is far behind what he can muster. It makes for both tragic and truly hilarious moments. No one but Burton could have made this film. It stands as a love letter to its name sake, to old 50's scifi, and anyone who loves and tries or tried to make movies. Bravo, everyone in this movie deserves a big pat on the back.