Sahte kabadayi

Sahte kabadayi

Mafia father's legacy with his son, Kemal divided his father's death. To get his father's revenge takes back the money of everyone else.

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John B (ag) wrote: weak sequel, but, ok overall family movie that provides a few laughs

Alice B (kr) wrote: One of the Best horror movies I've watched in awhile, I highly recommend it.

Carmen C (kr) wrote: ?' 3/4?''?,' 1/2<>, 1/2,?,(TM) 1/2?'?''(TM)... (C) 1/2?"',' (R)"~,?' 3/4, (R)? 1/2... 1/2........(?(TM) 1/4 1/4, '-<), >...(-"?-,(TM)- 1/4" 1/2 1/2 (R)), ? 1/2<) , 1/2, 3/4,,,...--... ,... 1/4 1/4,over,

Mario J (fr) wrote: Comedia decente, digo decente porque entretiene, pero no tiene suficientes momentos que hagan reir. El guin y las actuaciones no son muy buenas, en conclusin... 4/10

Alex C (br) wrote: Although the film contains an average storyline, with slight unpredictability, Tower Heist certainly deserves good marks for its strong cast, with an exceptionally strong, throwback performance by Eddie Murphy which makes this film easy viewing.

Mike C (au) wrote: funny as fuck!! #myfav

Matthieu H (kr) wrote: dame there is a lot of x scenes

Damon R (ca) wrote: This is one of the best WWII movies ever made. It goes on the list with Miracle at St. Anna and Saving Private Ryan.

Graeme H (gb) wrote: While damp on story, it is ultimately the technical area of its visual splendor that must assure the viewer whether it is a ride worth taking or not. In that, audiences will be polarized; my personal experience was a good one, for what it's worth.

Mike P (ca) wrote: 15%? These are probably the same Marvel fanboy critics. THIS MOVIE WAS LEGENDARY!!!! D:<

Bengel W (us) wrote: This film had problems when Steven walked out of the shoot after 18 days and thus all fight scenes required a double and stunt personnel. The film is well photographed but the acting fails to come up to any real standard as such this is ranked as a TV movie fill in. The plot is engaging and may keep you to the end. Music is cheap and cheerful. Nibbles: Roasted Red Cabbage.

Brinn O (ca) wrote: Warm and full of spirit, with enough emotion to bring a tear to your eye

Cyrus B (br) wrote: A FILM ABOUT JIMI HENDRIX A Film About Jimi Hendrix(Details here), is a documentary made three years after Jimi Hendrix's death in September 1970. Using clips of various concerts, interviews and the man himself in private, it builds up a very interesting picture of the cultural icon, showing sides to him that people seem to overlook. Whilst his music is well known across the globe, the man's private life is rarely discussed, far from the sensationalist portrayed on stage, Hendrix was a very different man in his private life, many great artists comment on the star's life and music here, with some startling insights. There is a great emotional swell that we become privy to, and one particular performance is so emotively charged, that is almost jerks the audience to tears as we see how his personal life took it's toll and his only means of a voice or expression was his music. A truly unmissable film for any fan of Hendrix, or rock music in general, getting a new and more accurate picture of one of the greatest icons of the 20th century, it's hard not to be amazed. Whether you just appreciate the outstanding musical prowess, or see the deep expressionism and are moved, this movie is undoubtedly remarkable.

Orlok W (au) wrote: Pam goes to prison - again--Whoa mama!!

Dusty L (us) wrote: 85% on my Tomatometer.

Frank M (de) wrote: upbeat and adorable.

Kade C (ru) wrote: This movie was able to take a character that many were not familiar with and turn him into a household name, and sparked what would soon become the wildfire that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark and joins a cast of other fantastic characters to jump-start the Iron Man franchise. One of the best in it's genre.

Javier E (au) wrote: BASURA. Una de las peores peliculas del 2014. Rich (Cam Gigandet) se despierta sin su pene (despues de haber abusado de el por muchos anos), recibe una llamada de su pene desde la calle en donde amanecio. El pene empieza a tener nuevas experiencias (nunca habia tenido cuerpo) y le hace la vida imposible a Rich, quien obviamente conoce a alguien con quien todo sale bien, pero pues NO TIENE PENE, entonces continua esta historia... Gracias a Dios dura menos de hora y media. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Robert M (us) wrote: Fantasia is an unbelievable mix of Disney's most creative animated talent and the beauty of some of the most classical pieces of music together in a cleverly produced form of entertainment. I find it quite hard to believe that this particular form of entertainment is not as widespread as I think it should be, but at least we can say that it was very popular during and for it's time. I was well fascinated by this sensational production as a very young child and I would do almost anything to have it be as well known today as it was many years ago. I especially enjoy the more abstract moments throughout the film mostly considering the introduction of the presentation, with the in-depth look at the imagination of what we may visualize when we hear not just classical music, but just about any well crafted song out there. The rest of the tracks apply the same basic principal, but mostly containing stories of interest. The Rite of Spring (the birth of living species) and The Pastoral Symphony (Mt. Olympus) are two of my top favorite tracks in this unforgettable production. Fantasia 2000 was a good sequel, but the original shall stay the best for me. The subjects of beauty and mythological fantasy need to be reminded again in this generation. A fun and childhood-classic Disney film overall.

Armchair O (br) wrote: Stanley Crawford makes his living with smoke and mirrors. As a world-renowned magician, he travels around Europe in the late 1920s billed as Wei Ling Soo, the Chinese wizard of the Orient who enthralls packed houses with a magic show that involves nothing less than making an elephant disappear, sawing a woman in half, and a neat trick in which he enters a sarcophagus on one end of the stage and then emerges from the other end. All this while dressed in a get-up that he might have been purloined from Ming the Merciless.Off-stage Stanley is a snobbish, self-satisfied cynic who scoffs at his audience and sniffs at the idea of anything that isn't grounded in scientific reasoning - he practically worships the writing of Nietzsche. For him, the great philosopher's assertion that "God is Dead" is the closest thing to scripture that he is likely to even touch. Stanley is an expert at fooling the eye, so it pleases him to reason out anything that could be confused as spiritual or other-worldly. In his down-time he amuses himself by debunking psychics, those oddly dressed people who attend sances where they supposedly speak to the dead. When his old magician friend Howard (Simon McBurney) makes him an offer to debunk the work of a young psychic who appears, against all odds, to be the real deal, Stanley can't wait to poke holes in her mystical faade.Safe to say, this is the kind of plot that Woody Allen can juggle in his sleep. Magic in the Moonlight is an imperfect but genuinely good-hearted movie about a man whose world view is shaken when he is confronted by something that he cannot reasonably explain. It's not Allen's best work, but like all of his work it's not about plot so much as it's about characters. This time he has found a great asset in Colin Firth who gives a terrific performance that I'm afraid will be overlooked. Firth is something of an expert at playing the insecure stick-in-the-mud with an inability to break away from grounded reasoning, yet possesses a good heart that he claims he has no use for.Howard's offer is tempting. He wants Stanley to accompany him to the south of France to debunk a supposed mystic named Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) who may or may not be taking advantage of a gullible rich American family. The family is a bunch of dupes. The wide-eyed family matriarch (Jackie Weaver) is delighted at the prospect of Sophie being able to contact her late husband, while her foppish son worships Sophie and persistently writes songs of love the he plays on his ukulele.What strikes Stanley is that Sophie is convincing. He's amused during their first few meetings because she spends much of the time with her eyes glazed over and her fingers affixed to her temple. He's not fooled, but when she begins to reveal facts about his own private life, cracks form in his resolve. It doesn't help that Sophie is - I'll say it - easy on the eyes. She's charming in a way that brings down Stanley's guard especially when she unexpectedly plucks his heart strings.The point of the movie is not abundantly clear at first. It is kind of up to the viewer to catch what is not being said. Stanley makes his living as manipulator, but he's being put into a situation in which he is slowly being led to believe things that he has previously dismissed. All of it comes from feminine manipulation. Is Sophie playing him, or is she the real deal? Whatever it is, she's touched his heart and he starts to lose his perspective. He's also, unknowingly, being led by another influence in his life, his Aunt Vanessa (Eileen Atkins), a kindly widow who plays more of a part in Stanley's decision making then he realizes. Watch her late in the film as she sits at the dining room table playing solitaire with Stanley just behind her. Her eyes are glued to her game while he tries vocally to sort out his confused feelings. Notice that with just slight variations of commentary and word play, she almost makes up his mind for him. It's a subtle and perfectly modulated moment.Magic in the Moonlight is the kind of sweet confection that Allen usually makes between more serious projects like Blue Jasmine and Match Point. It might be considered a throw-away. It runs on too long and tends to make its point over and over, but it's not a waste. I'll take Woody Allen's mediocre films over other director's hits any day. This is a nice, sweet movie with a good heart and good performances. Yeah, it could be better but when it's over you're ready for Allen to get serious again.