Sai da Frente

Sai da Frente

Isidoro Colepicula is a humble truck driver hired to transport some furniture from São Paulo to Santos, in his worn out truck he calls "Anastácio". Hiding among the pieces travels a bride who's trying to escape her own marriage. With his dog Coroné, he gets himself into many amusing situations, especially when the packed vehicle is left without brakes on a steep road, and he has to chase after it.

Isidoro Colepicula is a humble truck driver hired to transport some furniture from São Paulo to Santos, in his worn out truck he calls "Anastácio". Hiding among the pieces travels a bride ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Haowei C (gb) wrote: You should see this!!!

Anique R (es) wrote: Those who hate this film, I can't see why. It's light, funny, and I love the whole pole apart attitude that both Martin and Latifah bring. Think you should all lighten up and look at the fun side.

John M (ca) wrote: Feels like a student film, even for someone as inept as Uwe. It is an attempt at psychological horror, even though it just ends up being utterly confusing and headache inducing. Anyways, this guy (Patrick Muldoon) goes into the backwoods of some hick town to meet the parents of his girlfriend. But everything is not as it seems as we learn about his past. This one was really bad, even by Boll standards. It plays more like an endurance test; it had me fighting off the urge to turn it off and go to bed, but I kept saying, ??No, you need to finish it??. Disregarding the creator and his track record, there are huge flaws from a technical standpoint. There are nauseating slow motion scenes that are unwatchable; I, myself, had to look away because it was hurting my eyes. There is a really bad sound mix between dialogue and music, and if there is one thing I hate about watching movies at home, it is when I have to be a volume jockey. It's a very dense film with some good ideas to it, but never has the know-how to flush out said concepts.

Allen G (de) wrote: I've seen all but one or two of Nicolas Cage's films- some are exceptional, some are good, some are bad and some are excruciatingly horrid. I'll leave it up to you to decide how much "some" is for each of those categories but please take my word for it, this one is excruciatingly horrid. In fact, it's the worst Nicolas Cage movie I've even seen and I highly doubt there could ever be one as bad as it. My standards for Nicolas Cage films are low, very low, otherwise I'd probably kill myself for liking him so much but despite these low standards, this film made me want to kill myself. I dunno if it's because Nicolas Cage had agreed to do it or because it was just such a horrible experience but I quite wanted to die.This is monotonous autopilot Nic Cage here- I don't even know if he is awake for any of it. He smiles at one point and his ultra-shiny teeth are as close as he gets to actually acting. (they displayed real character!) The script is horrendous, I hated the look of the film, everyone involved seemed bored out of their skulls. The only thing I enjoyed about this film was Cage's hair (it's so terrible that it's confusingly beautiful and gracious). Every "action" scene in this film happened while my head was wishing that all of the characters die during it. That's not a good sign.As someone who has spent many hours of his life on Cage's works, through the bad and the good, I can say that if you plan to do the same- skip this one out, it's as bad as it gets. Watch the rest though if you are really committed- none get as bad as this.Actually, stay away from "Next" too, it's also horrendous. I pray for you Cage, please do better.

Nathaniel B (mx) wrote: Nothing but depressing vignettes about how awful this poor donkey's life has become and how utterly terrible humanity is. It's all religious drivel as well, about the seven deadly sins and "good people"'s descent into evil when they get mixed up with "bad people." Marie is a good, pure Christian until she meets Gerard (who is one of the worst characters ever) and becomes unclean and "bad." Everything is just bad, there is no redeeming characteristic to this movie! How this is considered a great movie is beyond me. There is just nothing good to say about this. It leaves you sad and feeling like crap, without hope for humanity. Is that what makes a film good? If so I never want to see another "good" film. I saw this for free at the National Gallery of Art, and it really is true: you get what you pay for.

Lars P (de) wrote: A Titploitation film. And there are hot girls getting naked. And did I mention the tits? It's a campy exploitation movie and a very enjoyable guilty pleasure.Loved it in 1995, still like it today!

Robert I (mx) wrote: The uncut version is beyond better than this commercial release. Welcome to America, Woo.

Scottie T (ca) wrote: Martha Marcy May Marlene! This film was amazing, everything about it was amazing. My favourite thing about it is the cinematography or the acting, both of those were phenominal. The score was frightening and very effective in the scenes where it was used. This is arthouse at its best with a clear, but very disturbing story, and it makes this movie a masterpeice in film and a movie that you should definatley watch, i was surprised with the movie because the trailer didn't look amazing, but the critic score made me watch it and the critics are right, this movie is amazing. i highly reccomend this film!

Amanda W (mx) wrote: Part coming of age, part mystery, this was a sincere and subtle approach to how a young girl deals with the loss of a parent. It's not a classic, but neither should it be brushed off as a waste of time.

Grady H (es) wrote: It's an above average zombie flick. Has some ok ideas, a decent tough guy hero, and a little used approach to how zombies are made (designer pink drugs). Just don't take the green acid. That's for the base player