Sai lor fah

Sai lor fah

Tun and Tao are friends who enjoy spending time together in karaoke bars in Pattaya. Tao has the bad habit...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Thai
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:thai,  

Tun (Choosak Lamsook) and Tao (Somchai Kemglad) are good buddies. One night at a karaoke pub, Tun falls for Nok who is a mafia's girl. Nok disappears after the night. Tun's trying to find her with the help from Tao. But things go upside-down when they have to kidnap a girl for money and almost trap themselves in their own plan. The two good buddies have to find a way to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sai lor fah torrent reviews

sitenoise (ca) wrote: This is more like an extended YouTube video than a movie anyone should have to pay to see.

Binh N (it) wrote: Oh my Gosh! This is one of the most horrible movies I have ever seen.

Aksel G (mx) wrote: This film is a faithful family movie that could be watched for many years to come. The strong bond these two build during their short but unforgettable friendship is such a strong emotional asset. The entire film really makes you think about the persons that you love. Complete film for the entire family.

Aaello A (fr) wrote: not that good as dogvill

Cole W (nl) wrote: A well-made black comedy/horror movie carried by a disturbing performance from Christian Bale. This review has meant nothing.

James R (it) wrote: This one kinda grew on me. Director Terry Gilliam is a hit or miss for me a lot of times. He makes a lot of over the top movies that are just trippy. I'm a huge fan of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998), but a lot of his other movies just don't hit home with me. For every Fisher King (1991 and which is excellent) we get a few odd balls like The Zero Theorem, but that's not saying I wasn't entertained. Dubbed an "Orwellian Triptych" the third film in his dystopic future films starting with Brazil (1985), continuing with Twelve Monkeys (1995) and culminating with The Zero Theorem. Little quick note I wasn't a huge fan of Brazil or Twelve Monkeys yeah i know sue me. This film follows a computer genius named Qohen Leth (Christoph Waltz) who after missing a phone call he believes would tell him the purpose of his life begins to work from home. He is assigned The Zero Theorem which is an impossible task to discover the meaning of live by Management (Matt Damon). After working from home for a year he begins to go a bit crazy. Management sends him over a few people to help him out. The sultry Bainsley (Melanie Thierry) and Management's teenage son Bob (Lucas Hedges) who helps Qohen realize truly what he wants. It's an interesting film. Shot with a very Terry Gilliam flavor. It won't be for everyone right off the bat. It's strange and probably needs repeat viewings to really bring it all in. I liked the whole setting of being in a society where social media and electronics controls us. Qohen wants a phone call because he believes it'll help him find out his purpose and he doesn't want to be lonely anymore, yet he requests to work alone. When he does find love finally and realizes what desire is (not being another machine in society) he rejects it at first thinking it isn't the right thing to do. This is a film you can break down quite a bit with what it's real meaning can be. It has a quite opposite ending to the film compared to Brazil. and I would say as someone who didn't quite like those other two films this one worked better for me. It isn't perfect, but overall I enjoyed this one for what it represents.

Zack B (es) wrote: One of the Best movie I've seen