Sailor of the King

Sailor of the King

A British naval officer has a brief affair with a woman in England and never knows that she bears him a son. 20 years later the boy is on a ship under his command when he is tracking a German Raider. When the boy is captured after his ship is sunk, he finds a way to slow the German's progress while a lethal hunt for him goes on.

A British naval officer has a brief affair with a woman in England and never knows that she bears him a son. 20 years later the boy is on a ship under his command when he is tracking a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geoff J (ag) wrote: Lola versus...boredom. She lost.

Tim E (nl) wrote: An incredible venture, exploring the biggest questions of existentialism with hilarity and wit. A truly brilliant and intricate WTF film in the best way possible.

Leo K (kr) wrote: A fun, yet, very clever movie about pop culture, fame, and other stuff. Loved it for the continuous brands in almost every scene, and the boyband consisting of Seth Green, the dude from scrubs, and the other funny dudes. Fun overall, and some really cheeky writing occasionally. Recommend for a g-rated time.

Joshua I (br) wrote: a little too soap-opera-esque for me.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Well made prison drama written by Miguel Pinero based on his play (and he has a small role in the film as well) starring Bruce Davison as the title character (which is prison slang for child molester). Davison is amazing in the film, but unfortunately he isn't that much, this is really an ensemble film and about how horribly the prisoners treat each other, especially the child molesters. I think this would have been a much better film if Davison's character was in it more, the scene where he talks to Jose Perez (who also did an excellent job) about why he is the way he is is perfect acting, a very memorable moment.

Bill R (ru) wrote: The cinematography was the best thing in the movie. The area they shot in was great. The movie itself kind of falls short on being good. Not only does the action seem to take place in turns but it lacks in the action department. It was written to where one would go, the other would go and it's back and forth like that until the let down of the ending. friggin Hollywood and their always need of happiness. Also I think the lighting guy got fired at about the halfway mark because there were moments it was so dark I could barely see what was going on. Not terrible to watch but it isn't De Niro or Travoltas worst.

Kaspar K (ag) wrote: One of the best to my opinion.

Ben R (it) wrote: This movie is pretty great.The issues that are in the movie are pretty obvious to me, which makes it a little frustrating because it'd be so easy to make it a better movie. The running length is way too long, and there are lots of scenes I picked up on throughout that could've easily been cut. For example, I thought the entire arc of Tom and Violet each finding new partners shouldn't have existed; I would've preferred if Violet simply had a nice bond with her coworkers and boss, not a new romantic relationship. Tom could still be driven to return to San Francisco before the climactic reunion, and that way, it would be a complete result of their main conflict, not partly caused by almost-infidelity.The other issue with the characters of Winton and Audrey is that each character is driven away from them through narrative contrivance. In the case of Audrey, it's not so bad, because Tom breaks up with her after realizing Violet is the one for him - though even then, Audrey is such a caricature that it's an obvious choice to break up with her; she's never an actual roadblock for the relationship. Winton, though, is more of a problem, because the arc is resolved by making him act like a dick. There needed to be some way for Violet to come back to Tom, so Winton naturally ends up being a bad guy, not a real obstacle. It shows that new partners never should've been one of the main conflicts in Tom and Violet's relationship.Despite all that, every scene, even the hackneyed or unnecessary ones, are very pleasant and really, really funny. The supporting cast is packed with talent, from Chris Pratt and Allison Brie to Kevin Hart and Mindy Kaling. There are so many sweet moments between the couple - I particularly like Emily Blunt pantomiming as she prefaces her sex as the 'Cirque du Soleil' - and the ending is so adorable and fitting that it's hard to be a curmudgeon about the extra scenes of hilarity.

Cooper H (it) wrote: Another run of the mill sports movie that's final moment is never really earned. The faith based movie does not focus very hard on that aspect and seems shoehorned in the movie.