Sailor Suit and Machine Gun

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun

A high-school girl inherits a declining yakuza organization, which seeks to repair its fortunes under her leadership. This mixture of deadpan comedy and outlandish action was a smash hit in Japan. A generation of young Japanese women grew up reciting lines of dialogue from this movie.

High school student Hoshi Izumi (Nagasawa Masami) loses her father suddenly in an accident. One day, Sakuma (Tsutsumi Shinichi), the waka gashira of a small and weak Yakuza gang in Asakusa – the Medaka Gumi – pays Izumi a visit along with the gang members. The death of their former kumicho (Boss) puts Medaka Gumi on the verge of a breakup. Therefore, Sakuma begs Izumi, the former boss’s only distant relative left, to succeed to the kumicho position. Izumi is taken by surprise and keeps refusing at first. However, she ends up becoming the 8th kumicho of the Medaka Gumi! The police tell her that her father’s death may possibly be a homicide case. There’s also Mayumi (Koizumi Kyoko), a mysterious woman staring closely at Izumi’s father’s photograph at his funeral. The situation becomes complicated when the drug-dealing vicious yakuza, Hamaguchi Gumi, comes into the picture as well as Sandaiji Hajime (Ogata Ken), a politician whose public stance is to eliminate drugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sailor Suit and Machine Gun torrent reviews

Karl L (gb) wrote: Decent , worth a watch.

Chris B (es) wrote: not the worst movie ever, but not good either. best i can say is i was there for the beginning, the middle and the end

Melissa H (ag) wrote: one way to learn about Lend Lease :). Funny and way out there !!!

Billie A (ag) wrote: Good Art Direction and cinematography, as well as some good comedic acting. However the plot was weak and predictable.

Franky M (nl) wrote: this is one enjoyable movie, so fun to watch, i like the musical way of presenting the cakes. though the kidnapping storyline feels confusing. but the over-the-top acting is so entertaining.

Serena D (nl) wrote: The people behind this film are a tour-de-force. I expet them to go far and would love to see the flick. Have seen much promo and it's all pro and intriguing.

Charlie G (kr) wrote: Classic actors. Good story. Amusing.

Rasheed T (ca) wrote: Lightly funny and plenty of smiles to go around.

Manish M (es) wrote: Umm. I hesitate only due to the trauma. Overall reviews for Senseless are poor but I disagree. It's an effective and not too inaccurate concept and many people around the world probably do think America is the Imperial Britain of today waging war thru wonga rather than on water. With a lead lined stomach, it's not often I cringe but this almost had me looking away, almost. Not really knowing any of the performers previous work, I was impressed throughout. Thanks all. I'm now off to rehab. Ciao.

Barry N (ca) wrote: Sometimes funny, but the villian is so unbelievablely shallow and stupid, I don't feel a sense of threat.

Yousef S (es) wrote: The three episodes within this film are entrancing, exciting and funny to say the least. First episode called Magnetic rose, directed by Koji Morimoto can be best described as a space opera. The idea of a distress signal used to lure men into her domain seems fitting. I also understood the allusions of reality when it came to the characters Heintz and Miguel: one falling prey to the apparition whilst the other is battling with reality. Second episode called Stink Bomb, directed by Tensura Okamura can be described as comic disaster, in a good way. Funny how Nobuo does not realize the stink is perspiring off of him. I loved how everyone was trying to kill him. Even in the end, after all that had been said and done disaster strikes a bewildering final blow. The third episode called Cannon Fodder, directed by Katsuhiro Otomo could best be described as steampunk. A lovely rendition of wartime when not even the children know who they are attacking. The art style reminded me of Terry Pratchett's Discworld. The music was also inspiring to hear especially with such composers as Yoko Kanno's operatic Magnetic Rose, Jun Miyake's funky Stink Bomb, and Hiroyuki Nagashima's militaristic Cannon Fodder. overall 100% approval rating. A must-see for suckers of shorts and anime freaks.

Grant G (gb) wrote: Excellent. Jeremy Davies is amazing as Manson, truly portraying evil, the look in his eyes tells it all. Amazing movie, a must if serial killers/Charlie Manson interest you. Although he technically killed nobody, this chilling tale of Charlie Manson will satisfy anyone interested in serial killers and their stories.

intuciic (jp) wrote: good action movie! one more reminder that sometimes things are not what they seem :)