Saint Monica

Saint Monica

Saint Monica centers on a young girl named Monica, whose fervent desire is to return to the Toronto church with which she grew up. Determined to play an angel in its annual Christmas procession, Monica steals a pair of wings and prepares to join the rest of the cast. Complications arise when an eccentric old woman steals them back.

Portuguese-Canadians Icelia and her ten year old daughter Monica have just moved from the Portuguese neighborhood in Toronto's inner city to a small basement suite in the outer suburbs ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex H (jp) wrote: A really depressing movie but has a kind of bad voiceover, the animation is great though and has a very good story.

Thomas T (ru) wrote: This reminds me of Shaun of the Dead. But hey, it is near better than Edgar Wright's creation.

Joshua F (nl) wrote: Weird, brilliant. Oh, wow. Wow. Somehow outlandish and funny and restrained and absolutely heartbreaking. Brilliant.

Denver N (fr) wrote: A great film starring Brendan Fraser who does an amazing job as the lead character. The movie brings to light the issue of anti-semitism in America which reached its height in the periods shortly after WW2. This is a powerful story of frienship and acceptance and is definately worth the watch.

AnnJean P (de) wrote: a great story of jerry lee lewis i love it

Del H (it) wrote: Allen takes a leap of faith with this one- he diverts a bit from the existential neurosis and wimpy intellectual humor that characterize the majority of his movies- and manages to come up with a touching, compelling, and very well-acted story of a woman who learns she's not all that happy in her upper tier existence.

Sarah F (it) wrote: This film looks alright , i would like to see it!

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