A monkey king who learns the secrets of magic goes on a spree and causes no end of aggravation for the gods, who finally imprison him. In order to make up for all the trouble he's caused, ...

A monkey king who learns the secrets of magic goes on a spree and causes no end of aggravation for the gods, who finally imprison him. In order to make up for all the trouble he's caused, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Saiyûki torrent reviews

Vtor M (de) wrote: Ele fornece uma brutal viso de em uma nao conturbada, o sofrimento solitrio de seus personagens, punidos ao ponto em que no aguentar mais.

Marilena G (it) wrote: Yet another food documentary. Still hasn't convinced me to abandon burgers for carrots. but, oh well, it's a documentary with a bias. Take that as you will.

Richard C (gb) wrote: interesting low budgeter with some good performances and a few good film references, can you spot them?

Waleed A (ag) wrote: Great movie, lots of cool fight scenes. Not as intense or emotionally powerful as the first one but they still found a way to make the story interesting and make you care about the characters. SPOILERScool new twist on the story with the addition of western boxing (2 viewings)

Joshua v (jp) wrote: An ambitious film with great performances and eye-popping visuals. Mr.Nobody may leave people scratching their heads as it doesn't try to wrap its subject matter in a nice bow, however it asks alot of interesting questions and its subject matter is interesting enough to keep you watching atleast once.

Laura G (gb) wrote: I love this band so much. This was a great documentary that I would recommend to any fan.

Tio B (nl) wrote: Way better than you would think--the writing is very consistently funny, and so are Bartel, Woronov, and the supporting cast. Necrophilia is always hilarious, but this is the definitive comedy on the subject.

Ola G (kr) wrote: UCLA college student Jonathan Moore (Anthony Edwards) is playing a game called "Gotcha", wherein the players are all assigned a mock "hit" on another player by use of a harmless paintball gun. Moore and his apartment roommate Manolo (Nick Corri) goes on a much wanted vacation to Paris, France and the plan is to go to Spain a bit later. Manolo is a ladies man compared to Jonathan, and soon enough he disappears with a girl leaving Jonathan to himself. After touring some of Paris, Jonathan meets Sasha Banicek (Linda Fiorentino), a Czechoslovakian girl in a cafe. The two falls for each other and they spend a lot of time together. Jonathan decides then to leave Manolo (who is heading to Spain) and go with Sasha to West Berlin as she has explained that she is a courier and she will do some quick business there. What Jonathan thought was a great love story developing soon becomes a deadly game with both soviet agents and CIA agents on his trail...Ah, what a treat it was to re-see this great 80s movie! The mix of the Cold War and college/frat life is intriguing and it works when you have someone like Anthony Edwards in the lead. Hes perfect as Jonathan Moore constantly with a glimpse in his eyes in a mix with his dramatic scenes. Back then I was madly in love with Linda Fiorentino and Im still. Great actress with a seductive glow you simply cant avoid. And the pairing of Edwards/Fiorentino works well and the two has a great sparkle between them. Klaus Lwitsch is also a great asset to the cast as the soviet agent Vlad. All in all "Gotcha" is an entertaining teen drama with an international twist, but yet with a slightly unusual script. Trivia is that the real-life "Gotcha!" live-action game, like in this movie, has been popular on a number of US college campuses. Many universities actually have an actual "Gotcha! Guild" club or society which co-ordinates games for its participants.

Lucas M (mx) wrote: Chantal Akerman's "Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" is a feminist classic, that force the audience to see the boring, no dreams and automatic life of the title character. A portrait of the repression of the women in the world. Jeanne (Delphine Seyrig), had bad moments in her marriage, where she always receive bad critics from your husband, meanwhile she make everything at the house. When he dies, she still be a domestic slave, living a mechanic daily routine. Her work as prostitute could be seen as a metaphor for the repression that she suffer by the men.Ms. Akerman use the long scenes and just a few words to show this empty live of Jeanne. All this looks very boring and unnecessary, but along by the film, we see that all was extremely precise for the story. Jeanne Dielman, as the majority of the housewifes, is really careful. And with just a simple gesture of: forget of turn off the light, forget of close the window or the potatoes don't stay ready in the dinner time, these little things, shock the audience, not just because she forget, but because she is do the same activity all day. These are the sign that something this going wrong and that Dielman, in the climax, express her angry in a men."Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" is a cult film with good actings and direction. A mark in experimental cinema, not for a impatient audience, this little jewel of cinema is an unforgettable film - for good or bad -. Fresh.

Anthony L (gb) wrote: None of the characters are likable. At all! The deaths are neither interesting, cool, sexy, or whatever. It's just gross. I've watched a lot of scary movies and I'd never heard of this one and now I know why.

Arianna J (es) wrote: It was interesting the whole way through. Very exciting.

Blake D (kr) wrote: Pacino and Duhamel did what they could but this movie was as un thrilling as it gets. kept waiting for a good twist or intriguing idea, unfortunatley, this movie was truly hollow. if you're on the fence, stay away.