Story follows high school student Saki Miyanaga and her classmates as they become absorbed in the game of mahjong. They target an upcoming national competition.

Story follows high school student Saki Miyanaga (Minami Hamabe) and her classmates as they become absorbed in the game of mahjong. They target an upcoming national
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oxana (au) wrote: This movie was nothing surprising on the Pokemon front: Ash, Iris and Cilan get caught up in another adventure, this time with a new Pokemon called Keldeo - whose interrupted battle with a powerful dragon-type Kyurem has put Keldeo's friends at risk.After a somewhat slow beginning with Keldeo desperately trying to prove itself, the story picked up and rolled steadily all the way to the end. The story itself wan't surprising, with Ash encouraging Keldeo to face its fears and the eventual conclusion which really shouldn't surprise anyone in this concept.Team Rocket didn't get featured (other than in a blink-and-miss shots irrelevant to the movie itself), which helped the story to stay balanced and focused on its real goal.Kuyrem was an interesting, dark Pokemon to meet. Would have loved to see more of that.The Swords of Justice were less interesting, surprisingly enough, even though the idea of a Pokemon-equivalent of the Musketeers is amusing and inspiring.

Kristal C (ag) wrote: A kind of lazy, but still enjoyable look at the Pussy Riot trial. I wish the filmmakers had focused a bit more on why an activits group like Pussy Riot exists, but whatever. I found out stuff I didn;t know before

Priestess H (ag) wrote: There were a slew of plot holes and the child actor made me want to beat children mercilessly. I have lost people in my life and I can relate to a monster inside of us all for that, but having it appear from a children's book and relating to the child is hard to do in general. Maybe the remake of this will be better, because we know Hollywood will do that.

Ilja S (it) wrote: The fourth entrance in the Underworld fanchise manages to be more boring despite more action and a somewhat interesting plot that never really rolled out in the way it should have (maybe just to make room for a sequel).

David S (ca) wrote: Quite a cute little movie, actually. It had me laughing throughout, it had a lot of heart, and it was fun. Risk yourself the cheese-touch and see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, especially if you have kids.

Kristina K (it) wrote: You're gonna love it or hate it. It is funny if you're into that kind of funny. I obviously I liked it, just wished it would've been longer!

Diego F V (it) wrote: Esperaba un poco mas de esta cinta. Se queda corta en actuaciones y quizas lo unico que resalta es el montaje.

Adam R (gb) wrote: I thought it was terrible when I saw it for the first time, but I appreciated it more after watching it again recently. It's a unique and quirky film with a style of its own, even if it is pretty senseless. (First viewing - Late teen years)

Joey S (fr) wrote: A very weak and pretty boring 70s horror movie that tries to be atmospheric but doesn't do a good job at it. Burnt Offerings isn't worth a second glance, and there are tons of great 70s haunted house movies that are far superior to it.

Les E (mx) wrote: Brilliant original story. The determined British spirit in post war London shines through as Pimlico becomes an independent state. It's so much more than a comedy. Margaret Rutherford gives her usual blustery performance. A real joy.

Vince O (gb) wrote: Decent indie horror.

Daniel R (it) wrote: Regular guy inherits a fortune in this typical Sandler comedy.

Roy S (br) wrote: I probably enjoy these sorts of documentaries more than most, but this is a good one about the National Film Registry. Just seeing the clips of these dozens of great films on the big screen was a treat. The initial choices of the committee were easy; Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, that sort of thing. Now they are picking a few odd films, like home movies and experimental stuff. The politics of those choices could have been more thoroughly examined, but this is primarily a big sloppy kiss to American cinema.

Charles P (br) wrote: John Wayne fans will delight this rip-roarin' shoot-em-out Western.