Set in the world of mega-churches in which a former Deadhead-turned-born again-Christian finds himself on the run from fundamentalist members of his mega-church who will do anything to protect their larger-than-life pastor.

James Franco's Sal chronicles the final hours of the life of actor Sal Mineo, one-time teen idol and star of the blockbuster films Rebel Without a Cause and Exodus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sal torrent reviews

Benjamin K (jp) wrote: This movie was epic and fully awesome! I loved the use of true burlesque stars as well as keeping the flavor of the movie strong throughout!

Hardy H (jp) wrote: A little bit like Juno on Roller Skate, but this turns out a bit better than i thought. It's got just enough indie spirit to break out the largely predictable plot. And surprisingly, dishes out a few good moments and breaks out from the its mostly conventional mold once in a while.The family aspect of this film, particularly the dad-daughter relationship, actually works a bit better than the bond of the team, i found. And i think as a film that has quite a bit of action, it wasn't that strong in the action sequences.all and all a worthwhile friday night movie that definitely has its moments.

Lynn B (us) wrote: It's even better if the viewer is a single woman over 40. It's a quirky subject matter " pulled off" well.

David K (ag) wrote: Its incredibly sentimental and plays on big emotions. But somehow it just doesnt work when you are forced to feel something every 5 minutes.. A mediocre Sports drama with some decent cinematography

Aisha S (kr) wrote: Nice adaption of Othello..saif and all the other actors did a great job!

Paul A (it) wrote: remember seeing this movie at the cinema, not a bad movie but not a great one either, worth watching if your a fan of the Hitman Video Games

Sacha C (kr) wrote: Funny and dramatic. This is worth seeing.

Vincent T (es) wrote: i learned how to gut a fish after i watched this movie. good show.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: Gets cheesier every time I see it but still has its moments.

Becca A (nl) wrote: I will not be upstaged by some slut with mutant lungs.