When an honest school teacher testifies in a rape case against a prominent businessman's son, he is psychologically tortured and forced to commit suicide. His young son then takes the law into his own hands in order to avenge his father.

Kandivli-based Sachidanand Agnihotri is a honest school-teacher, who has always faced problems due to his honesty, first with Poornima School; then in a Government school, and now he has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Salaakhen torrent reviews

Matthew B (it) wrote: What a disappointment. Totally lost interest around the 15 min. mark. Slow, poor character development. Cheesy plot. B movie vibe.

R Treybian P (ag) wrote: Let's give it the props it deserves. They adapted the point of Issue #775 perfectly. Though I didn't like the down grade (as I see it) in animation, this was as good as the previous movies. But the most awesometacular thing about this movie was Pauley "NCIS Abby Schutto" was voice cast as Lois Lane. I've hated Lois Lane in every her every incarnation... til this. Picturing Abby as Lois Lane was a great treat. Thanks movie.

dani w (nl) wrote: I love this movie. it's sad but good at the same time.

Ankit M (ca) wrote: Predictable but worth watching for Farhan Akhtar's acting.

anders p (jp) wrote: Review Coming soon....

Nick O (fr) wrote: A funny film based on the book by the same name. Of course, the book is better and more detailed, but the visuals of this unrated version gives you the grossest bathroom scene of all time. Well acted and scripted, the novel brings these characters to life.

Laur U (au) wrote: I desperately wanted this to be good but was sorely disappointed. The emotional beats fell flat and the comic timing was fairly off. In the hands of a better writer, maybe the premise could have been saved.

Divya K (mx) wrote: Turtles Can Fly (2004) Lakposhtha parvaz mikonandLanguage : Kurdish 3/4?? ???

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: Wild Wild West is so scatter-shot, odd, and unfunny to the point where you question Will Smith's previous films.

Drew H (ru) wrote: What a great bad movie. Props to the Culver City Red Feathers (the rival troop) for demonstrating that my neighborhood doesn't allow Beverly Hills sissies.

Sean L (es) wrote: A fistful of teenaged mall employees hold a drunken after-hours orgy at the end of their shift, just days after the installation of three roving anti-theft robots on the premises. In a typical bit of B-movie magic, the control suite is struck by half a dozen bolts of lightning and the automatons begin indiscriminately slaughtering everything with two legs and a pulse. Did I mention this is a Roger Corman production? Mired in the trappings of every bad direct-to-video slasher to ever burst upon the scene in the 1980s, it's deliciously, laughably awful. Although they produce sounds on par with a blender set to puree every time they're on-screen, these bots are able to routinely sneak up on their unsuspecting prey throughout the film, slinking like cats through the night. They're far from intimidating, with bulky tank treads and tiny little T-Rex arms to spin and clap for no particular purpose, but I suppose the kids' fear of them is somewhat justified after seeing a friend's head turned to mash by a well-placed laser shot. Crammed full of stupid decisions, silly special effects, well-glazed acting and tits, tits, tits, it's got everything you'd expect from the genre and the period... except chopping. These monsters prefer to do their killing with beams of searing pink light.

Kevin N (es) wrote: A film that, for me, is all beautiful surface level but has no depth in its story. On the outset, the plot is interesting; a samurai falls for a married woman in feudal Japan and descends into psychopathy in his desire to have her. Director Teinosuke Kinugasa painted this film in gorgeous Eastman color, a result that has had critics rediscovering and labeling this as one of the prettiest looking films of the nineteen fifties, and I cannot deny that the film looks downright beautiful. There is a massive and thoughtful color palette on display here that makes even the dark nighttime scenes heavy with saturation. Unfortunately, the execution of the story is an exercise in tedium. It starts out committing what is, to me, one of the biggest sins in cinematic storytelling- it zips through history and drops name after name of characters that won't have much if anything to do with the small tale which is about to be told. After ten minutes of trying to keep straight many battles and family lines and samurais and royalties, we zoom into this small war waged on a happy marriage by this lonely and frustrated obsessive man. To be clear, it isn't this central plot I have a problem with; to me, the best films are made out of the most confined and simple story lines, much like this one. Why it needed to be buried under layers and layers of historical specifics, however, is beyond me. The actors are all pretty good, especially Kazuo Hasegawa (who plays the central obsessive), though despite their best efforts, the characters aren't drawn very well and end up coming off as wishy-washy and contradictory. A film that is this beautiful visually is never a waste, but beyond aesthetics this is merely hollow filmmaking.

Geoff J (us) wrote: Michael Douglas chews the spectacular desert scenery in this tense, enjoyable survival thriller.

Olivier T (mx) wrote: An unrecognized film, destroyed by the critics, and yet it is a very good movie : a cult film.

Trapthony C (es) wrote: What another person said: It seems easy to forget that in the early days of Home Video, Sho Kosugi was very much a celebrity, making Ninja-themed movies like this. The plot is a revenge story, but the idea of Kosugi as a ninja who has hidden away his identity as such brings the film to a super-hero level as we have this man who is, along with his family harassed here in the Good Old U.S.A. because they bought a shop in an old building where some theives had hidden their loot. The action sequences are fascinating, a few interesting ninja techniques are shown and the fighting is fast and furious. Kosugi does not have the acting range, it seems, to handle heavier dramas, but he is ideally suited to the unique 80s genre of "Ninja Flick". Highly recommended. Not recommended to those fed a steady diet of computer generated "special effects" and cannot remember a time when athletic ability was required to nake a martial arts movie.