Salaam Cinema

Salaam Cinema

Makhmalbaf puts an advertisement in the papers calling for an open casting for his next movie. However when hundreds of people show up, he decides to make a movie about the casting and the screen tests of the would-be actors.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:actor,   riot,   interview,  

Makhmalbaf puts an advertisement in the papers calling for an open casting for his next movie. However when hundreds of people show up, he decides to make a movie about the casting and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jila M (nl) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie! I've seen it over 5 times, and willing to see it again. There are so many funny scenes. If you must want to kick back and laugh regarding a beautiful island and the lives of some couples, sit back and enjoy!

Cale R (ru) wrote: An interesting documentary about some of the most fanatical nerds on the planet. Extremely hilarious movie.

Bradley F (kr) wrote: I am honestly lost, where do I even start? This movie is utterly mystifying. The badness is almost indescribable. I almost feel bad saying that because they seems to be a whole lot of effort put into Shining Through. However, the film suffers from a huge amount of stupidity and it's almost as if these people don't know what happened during the second World War. Let's look at "Shining Through". Linda Voss (Melanie Griffith) is a huge war buff wanting to do something for the war effort. Soon she meets Ed (Michael Douglas) who is an undercover OSS officer. Through the magic of movie romances, they fall in love with no believability whatsoever. Seriously, these two have no connection at all. Anyway, she wants to be a spy for the OSS or something. Oh by the way, her experience includes a talent for making strudel and watching a bunch of War Movies. Yeah, you can pretty much tell the biggest problem this movie can't you? But we'll get to that later. The acting in this movie isn't all bad. I think the only one who really fails here is Melanie Griffith. I am still not sure what her actingstyle is All she really does is that baby voice which gets annoying very quickly. It also doesn't help that Michael Douglas is pretty much a stoic puppet throughout the entire movie. Liam Neeson also has a small role but it's totally wasted talent. He really doesn't do anything in this movie worth mentioning besides take Griffith to an Opera. There are actually two huge problems with Shining Through. Firstly, it's one of the most boring movies I ever seen. The reason being is nobody in this movie is interesting. Linda is a vapid idiot and Ed is pretty much a robot. The movie has it's own agenda and it clearly doesn't care about the tragic things in the background. Which leads to the biggest problem with this movie. It doesn't want to talk about why we are fighting with the Germans. Yeah they mention Linda is Jewish and has Jewish relatives in hiding in Berlin. However the movie never delves dep into that. I can care less about Linda and Ed's relationship. Maybe if the film did have more depth on the Holocaust and Linda's pain of having relatives in that tragic time maybe it could've been an insightful movie. However, more than half the film is focused on either the stupid love story or the stupid main character. Oh yes, Linda is a major idiot. Also, apparently the OSS is full of idiots as well. They allow a Jewish woman to go to Berlin for Spy work because she knows how to cook German food. Oh and she watched a ton of War Movies. So I can solve a murder because I've watched a lot of episodes of Law and Order SVU? I honestly have nothing else to say about this film. It's poorly acted, awfully written, it's boring and instead of focusing on the real life tragedy of the Holocaust we focus on a love story nobody cares about. Sounds like the Pearl Harbor movie doesn't it?

Scott A (br) wrote: One of my all time fav thrillers. It may look like an ALIEN rip off...only underwater...but it's so so so so good. Fantastic cast and great creature effects. I can watch this whenever its on TV.

TonyPolito (de) wrote: Tribute to Big Band era music embedded in the stylings of the grandiose MGM musicals. After Martin Scorsese scored big with "Taxi Driver," he had the freedom & funding to pursue his dream project ... and the result is this film.Watching and listening is pure pleasure, but the plot is thin, even by MGM musical standards, that being De Niro the sax player & Minnelli the front singer wandering through a lame echoing of "A Star is Born." Even so, if the viewer is up for this type of music and costuming, the plot matters little. Apparently there's three DVD treatments of this film, the 2005 Special Edition, the 2007 30th Anniversary Edition and a recent Blu-Ray treatment. None of these lead the viewer to a restoration and they all bring forward grain from the first mastering. So if you want to wallow in the visuals, save your money ... for a while longer, at least. The Soundtrack CD is, not surprisingly OOP and rare. Thank goodness once again for TCM, for re-discovering the film and putting it into a heavy rotation (in April, 2012).

Dion S (de) wrote: Interesting movie with potential. But it's one of those movies that make you mad at the end. The climax through me, but then when it ended, I was like "I knew it was going to end crazy like that"