Salaam Memsaab

Salaam Memsaab


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Pramitheus R (jp) wrote: Well, I didn't know this was a Christmas short. It somehow ended up in my laptop and now that I've seen it, I thought why not review it especially because it has Dr.Watson or Martin Freeman in it.It's a fairly simple story with Martin Freeman's Stick Man, who lives with his family and one fine day decides to go for a jog and finds himself in an adventure he wasn't really expecting. That's it. No complications, no hidden meaning. Simple and fun.The animation had a stop-motion kind of a feel to it. I mean, it looked like stop-motion but nowadays animation has reached such heights that it's difficult to tell the difference between actual stop-motion and artificial. Stick Man's youngest kid is the cutest Stick I've ever seen. The dialogue in the movie consists of rhymes that are said by various elements in the movie like the frog or the pigeon etc. It was basically Toy Story with twigs, oh sorry, Stick Man. Martin Freeman really plays these funny, frustrated characters really well and he conveys it only by the grunts when he slams into an oar and also how his tone changes every-time he says the poem.Definitely give it a watch. It's only 27 minutes long which has 5 minutes of credits in it. It reminded me that shorts and even full-length films can be made just for the fun of it and this one made me feel like a kid again.

Shane A (kr) wrote: was a good movie but there was a few cock ups I saw near the end but still a good movie

Trouble B (jp) wrote: An enjoyable 'mockumentary' for the most part, but I found there to be too few laughs for me to enjoy it as a comedy, not enough tension or suspense to enjoy it as a horror, and not enough 'weirdness' to enjoy it just for the sake of it.

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Megan K (it) wrote: Wow, what a ride! Amazing acting and great movie all the way through!

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Amy F (fr) wrote: Halloweentown has always been one of my favourite movies, even as a kid I looked forward to watching Halloweentown every Halloween. Now that I'm older I recently found out that their is a place that actually recreates Halloweentown every Halloween ... I would love to visit one day.

Simon D (br) wrote: I was hoping, and due to the name, sort of expecting this to be funny. Unbelievably, it is a genuine attempt at a dracula film. If you like Dracula films then this is certainly an original version and if you like the style of blaxploitation films, as I do, then it's a must. It's just not as good as I'd hoped.

Ol R (au) wrote: Profound, moving (profoundly moving?) and imaginative to a fault, Herzog strikes gold again with yet another brilliant documentary, that, through his one-of-kind lens, becomes not just a glimpse into the abyss of ancient pre-history, but a meditation on mankind's evolution, the birth of creativity and art and our fascination with nostalgia, imagination, light, movement, everything.