Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya torrent reviews

Ren E (de) wrote: buenas escenas de accion la zorra las peleasawante el pseudo-robin

Samuel J (mx) wrote: Jackie Chan Y U No make good movies anymore?

Laurent B (de) wrote: Remonter le temps dans la filmographie de Johnnie To permet de voir des films assez surprenant comme Love on a diet qui fait inevitablement penser a Runing on karma ou l'on suit un moine bouddhiste bodybuilde. Love in a diet fait penser a ses comedies deconnantes americaines ou des acteurs comme Eddy Murphy ou Martin Laurence incarnent des personnages plsu que voluptieux mais on pense encore plus a l'histoire d'amour entre Gwyneth Paltrow et Jack Black dans L'amour extra-large, un film americano-allemand sorti la meme annee. Love on a diet est cependant un peu plus complexe et interessant d'autant qu'il se veut moins moralisateur.

Louise W (mx) wrote: Some good ideas and some really good burst of action and black humour, but it wasn't ebought to keep my interest sustained for the whole film, nor did it stay with me afterwards.

Dan G (ru) wrote: class but builds up to a bit of an anti climax - would have been better of he had posioned them with hilarious consequences.


Derrick C (de) wrote: Beyond the amazing female (mmm) talent, this is a fairly pedestrian giallo with the kind of reveal that makes you wish you hadn't have even started the movie. I literally said "Who the fuck is that?" when the killer was revealed. Then you have a 20 second explanation as to what the motives were at the very end. It was completely disappointing. If you can forgive the fact the end is entirely underwhelming, the film has some great tension filled cat and mouse sections that rank with the best gialli and you can replace the black leather gloves with rubber gloves. Fans check it out because your freaks anyway, otherwise most people can live without seeing this one.

John M (it) wrote: Another fascinating entry in the Herschell Gordon Lewis catalog, The Wizard of Gore may not be the least bit scary or suspenseful, but as usual Lewis treats us to an odd plot, creatively bad acting, and scenes of violence executed with a level of technical sophistication designed to appeal to prepubescent boys. Montag the Magnificent (Ray Sager) dressed like a magician from junior high school drama class, appears to murder female volunteers from the audience on stage only to have their wounds miraculously close up before our eyes. Montag delights viewers by not only borrowing the leftover white powder to dust his hair and mustache from Lewis's other killer in Blood Feast, but also by speaking with the same dramatically slow cadence. When the hostess of a talk show for housewives (Judy Cler) tries to figure out how Montag does it, she and her fianc (Wayne Ratay) are drawn into his mysterious world of death. While the wooden acting by the supporting cast provides the expected pleasures, it's Sager's brilliantly goony style and bonkers delight he brings to fondling women's bloody guts that gives Wizard of Gore its real appeal. Complete with a crazy twist at the end (a la Bad Girls Go to Hell), Wizard of Gore is the movie my 12 year old self wished he would have seen on my local cable access channel's Fright Fest.

Chucky (it) wrote: August 17th 2011September 2nd -3rd 2016

Barry H (de) wrote: It was funny and charming :) I enjoyed the movie alot