Rene (Paolo Rivero) is supporting his ailing grandmother by running the family business. His grandmother's friend is constantly trying to set him up with various women, hoping that he'll ...

Rene (Paolo Rivero) is supporting his ailing grandmother by running the family business. His grandmother's friend is constantly trying to set him up with various women, hoping that he'll ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Salo torrent reviews

Julia K (jp) wrote: Overwhelming. Didn't know Greece so poor country. Anyways, great movie!

Rodrigo Q (gb) wrote: I am a total skeptic, but found the film fascinating, as an insight to the motivations and needs of people who seek out and feel the urgence of considering someone else as their teacher.

Danny M (nl) wrote: Watchable, not brilliant.

Josh G (br) wrote: I don't know if there's any movie I'm looking forward to as much as this one.

X T (gb) wrote: Davies' essay film on his hometown is like a more bitter My Winnipeg. Using a lot of archive footage and ironic use of pop songs he illustrates his childhood's joys and pains such as his love of Hollywood and his burdened homosexuality repressed by his Catholic upbringing. His feelings seem conflicted, on one hand he likes to wax nostaligic of the good old times, on the other hand he is angry toward the poor housing conditions and social problems of those times. Sometimes he comes off as rather snobby, such as when he says he got into classical music when the Beatles were popular, and it doesn't help that his tone throughout is rather pompous.

MF J (kr) wrote: Excellent French thriller! The story is really good but this film is great because the director is a smart guy & really put some nerves & guts into his production! The cast is awesome! Most actors are actully used here in an unusual repertoire wich is a strong point in this film because it works really well! Jean Reno is a king as always, i don't think this guy will ever act badly! Everything from the sets, to the light & colors had been chosen carefully with a lot of attention & taste! This is the kind of film that show you France can produce some really awesome flicks, maybe even better than sometimes one dimentional thrillers coming from the U.S film market! I'm looking forwrd to Mr. Berry's next project, because this kind of film shows an intense ability for direction & superb film making!

william l (gb) wrote: Although the film tends to insist that it's a war film, it is in fact a horror film in the first order. No real gripes about it except for the fact that some scenes creaped the s**t out of me and the fact that it gets kinda formulaic towards the end.

Nick C (ca) wrote: One of the best movies ever! A movie that's like a fine wine. It gets better with time.

Nick K (us) wrote: great Saturday night flick, a lot fun to watch. decent acting actually ,gore effects are pretty good. All the music is done by Anthrax, what more could u want.

Justin N (kr) wrote: More amazing cinematography, but unlike its predecessor, the narrative seems a bit muddled. Still very captivating in spots.

John M (gb) wrote: Fairly standard Joe Eszterhaus potboiler with brutal murder, big money, and courtroom melodrama all tossed together. Competently made, but that's about it. You can see the plot developments coming quite a ways away. Richard Marquand does well enough, John Barry provides a good score, and Matthew Leonetti shoots in a straight-down-the-middle way.

Zoran S (au) wrote: Brilliant, weird, and original like all early Makavejev.

Jill R (fr) wrote: Fun little mindless comedy. Nothing great but enjoyable enough to warrant a recommendation.Grade B-

Damon R (ag) wrote: It's been years since I've seen Kindergarten Cop, and it's still one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best films ever.