Salome Where She Danced

Salome Where She Danced

The camp classic drama that catapolted De Carlo into stardom. During the Austrian-Prussian war, Anna Marie (De Carlo) is a dancer who is forced to flee her country after she is accused of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ash K (us) wrote: Surprisingly sweet. About friendship, sisterhood, dating, and growing up.

Jeremy R (ag) wrote: This shit is hilarious!!

just c (ag) wrote: a simple, feel good movie

Carlos M (ag) wrote: The greatest achievement of this bleak drama is how it makes us sympathize with a character that could have been easily stereotyped if played by a not-so-great actress, but Sidibe is superb as well as Mo'Nique, who shines as the selfish mother.

Suraj S (ag) wrote: The plot is terrible, the characters are all annoying, and even the "perfect ending" is annoying.

Owais H (kr) wrote: brilliant brilliant love story though a copy you can imagine Rani and no one else to pull this off...i fall in love with everytime i see it and esp Rani my o my i jus love her

Robin (jp) wrote: Well I did make it through the film but was really disappointed. Less about staging King Lear and surviving the desert and more about a bunch of worthless, pitiless individuals that should perish in the desert.

Godfrey C (nl) wrote: I don't know what to feel about this. It started off strong, with entertaining dialogue and some pretty disturbing stuff, and then it just kinda faultered and got corny. Decent, I guess. I'm kindof on the fence.

Chris C (jp) wrote: Like Friday The 13th but without Jason and with mutant insects, Ticks is a gore-fest with better acting and a early solid performance by Seth Green.

Guido S (kr) wrote: Mel gibson is a taxi driver who spews off all the conspiracies to his clients and follows Julia Roberts who is a government attorney and form a weird bond. Eventually, Gibson is captured and tortured in a bit of brainwashing that goes bad and he escapes. He and Julia are on the run from the government in a conspiracy. Sounds like it could have been a good movie, but it is not. Gibson is great as a crazy man for obvious reasons, but Roberts seems like she is out of place the whole time and her performance is really best described as sleepwalking. It really brings things down. That's not the only thing, the story is simple, but it is long at over 2 hours and it really suffers from stretching such a simple concept too thin. I'll give credit to Gibson and a decent idea, but everything else is a mess.

Bruce T (jp) wrote: While beautifully filmed it is unfortunately just more feminazi tripe. Of interest only to feminazis and manginas.

Thomas Z (ca) wrote: I think the critics are overly harsh in their reviews of this movie. Cold War movies rarely get much attention unless they threaten a hot war like "the Hunt For Red October". This movie probably also doesn't speak to them because they haven't lived it. I have. I saw many of the experiences Charlie Sheen's character does. I too was a young white private in that same era and I too had little concept of black people. For me this will always be Charlie Sheen's finest movie, but as I said, if you haven't lived it you may not get it.

Knox M (ru) wrote: Half of the film is excess fat, the other is brilliant Antonioni. The final sequence, as well noted, is brilliant. It's a competently produced criticism of modern America but lacking depth. The acting is very low-key.

Tommaso D (gb) wrote: Blue Jasmine is a remarcably well directed and acted movie, even though something is missing in the screenplay.This film misses some substance.

Leon B (kr) wrote: Review:This is a sweat movie about a elderly man who can't find the will to live after the death of his wife. After deciding to live in Paris, he befriends a young French girl who brings a little joy to his life but he can't fight the depression from loosing his wife. Although I found the storyline touching, I did get bored after a while because the pace of the movie is really slow and it's nearly 2 hours long. You do get to see Michael Caine in a different light and he does bring a lot of emotion to his role, but I found myself waiting for something to happen. The chemistry between Caine and Poesy was quite good, but the director didn't have to make it so long. In all, I did find the film to be a little depressing, but the acting is great and it was funny to see Caine trying to dance. Average!Round-Up:Michael Caine seems to be taking a lot of independant roles lately, which isn't surprising after starring in big blockbusters like the Batman movies, Now You See Me and putting his voice to the Cars 2. He always pulls out great performances, no matter what the budget is, which is why he will always be classed as one of the best in his field. Clemence Poesy has also starred in some big movies which range from the Harry Potter franchise to 127 Hours and In Bruges so she isn't a newcomer. I liked her sweat and innocent approach to her role which really worked in this movie, especially alongside Caine's character. Anyway, the movie does drag after a while but the subject matter is touching.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $2millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there touching dramas about a elderly man fighting depression after he looses his wife to cancer. 4/10

Jonny P (it) wrote: "The Giant Mechanical Man" is completely charming. This slice of real life feels completely natural through its simple language, unique settings, and wonderful acting. It is the definition of an indie film, using its small cast to bring this heart-felt story to life. The highlight of the film is Jenna Fischer, who harnesses the character traits of Pam from "The Office" and uses them to create this amiable-but-timid character who can't find her way. Chris Messina surpasses his average performance in films like "Argo" and "Devil." His character is interesting because he is devoted to something larger than himself and does so with a craft that has rarely been explored on screen, but more importantly, Messina really nails embodies this message through his emotion and non-emotion. The effectiveness of Fischer and Messina comes from their relatability to just about every audience member, presenting a nice message about finding your place in the world. Topher Grace is pretty annoying (as his character needs to be for the story to be effective), but it sometimes made me too aware that I was watching an indie film. The script is great, guaranteeing a few laughs (like the guy poking the monkey) and a few tears (like the meet-cute at the end). I also appreciate the amount of language that was left out. It was nice to be reminded of how effective plain, simple language can be. "The Giant Mechanical Man" easily earns an A and a spot on my list of "must-see underappreciated indie films."