Salón México

Salón México

Mercedes (Marga Lopez) dances for money with the clients of Salon Mexico, a famous cabaret in Mexico City. Her younger sister Beatriz (Derbez) studies in an expensive private school, paid ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason B (br) wrote: This film is a bit low budget however it has a good story, It's worth a look if your bored

Kevin B (ca) wrote: I gave it a star because it is a blast to watch it with someone and make fun of it.

Benjamin F (gb) wrote: It's silly and convoluted, but it still a good movie with the star power, well filmed action and an overall sense of style.

Eric H (it) wrote: What starts as a tongue in cheek how-to guide evolves into a touching and insightful questioning of the war on drugs/ addiction/ and poverty. When will we ever learn?

Gwen H (gb) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this movie. It was intriguing to see how Nazneen grows and comes out of her shell. I can relate to her longing for her home country (or state), but "you can never go back home". Subtle and yet seductive.

Christopher E (kr) wrote: Could have been worse, but not by much.

Kym c my community profile R (nl) wrote: I rented it cause I wanted to see something else Scott Caan was in (other than the Oceans movies & Gone in 60 seconds) and I got a surprise.. Ian Somerhalder is in it LOL. Made in 2004 but looks more 90s. There?s subtitles as they are war with Germany in this. Scott Caan is on the cover as one of the stars of the movie & well? I won?t ruin it. Didn?t think it was great but didn?t hate it either. C

Shane G (es) wrote: yet another goldberg movie

Michael M (it) wrote: I feel if a movie is going to go past the 2 hour mark, and especially if it's going to go past the 2 and a half hour mark, it better have a damn good reason for doing so. I don't really know that Boogie Nights does. Every character has an arc, there's tons of stuff going on, and a lot of it feel could ultimately be cut out. It feels like a really long script that never got cut down. I love the idea of a film set in the porn industry, since it's such a bizarre world to explore, but I don't think it needed to be this much of an epic.Having said that, there's nothing in the movie I didn't like, I just felt like there was too much of all of it and it kind of overstayed its welcome. But I still liked it all. I liked Wahlberg's story of a rising porn star, I loved Burt Reynolds as the legendary porn producer, I liked the journey through the decades of porn from the golden age to the modern age, and it had enough heartfelt drama to keep me invested while still being just an all-around fun movie that I really just plain enjoyed. It's a damn entertaining movie that given a few cuts could have been damn near perfect, but as it stands its overlong pacing issues keep it from greatness. I didn't love it, but I came very close. I really really liked it.

Charlie M (de) wrote: Snobby rich mom out to prove her husband wrong, volunteers to be the leader of her daughters wilderness group. She bonds with her daughter and helps the troop win a wilderness camping expedition. It's a silly 80s comedy with a cute premise but thin on plot.

Andrew S (br) wrote: It brilliantly reflects the fragmented nature of history. Its barely comprehensive, yet consistently engrossing and visually dynamic

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Better than I remember from first time I watched it, It's a little confusing and slow sometimes but when the hulk pops up it's really entertaining, The effects on the Hulk were good but abit too much like a cartoon and the ending was a little silly but apart from that It's a good little movie.