Salt & Gold

Salt & Gold

When King Pravoslav's favorite daughter tells him that she loves him more than salt, he's furious since he considers salt to be worthless. Her fiance the Salt Prince makes all the salt disappear to teach Pravoslav a lesson.

A fairy-tale about the power of love. The old king Pravoslav feels it is time to entrust the rule over his kingdom to one of his three daughters - the one that loves him the most. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George E (es) wrote: There's a line in this movie that occurs during the scene when Detective Harrison (Ray Liotta) is telling Ronnie (Seth Rogen) that he didn't make the police academy, something along the lines of "I thought this was going to be funny but now its just sad." That about summarizes Observe and Report. Some comical happenings at the beginning of the movie are quickly offset by the increasingly unfortunate and often more depressing than humorous circumstances of Ronnie's life. Unless you love dark comedy wholeheartedly and Seth Rogen is your absolute favorite person in the world, this probably isn't worth seeing even once.

Jessica H (it) wrote: as an egar allen poe story it has promise. As a film it's lacking, but easily victem to many future remakes.

Ethan T (it) wrote: The simplest of documentary films: spend 70 minutes in the company of the world's greatest photojournalist as he talks you through some of his favourite photographs from his archives. Nothing more, and nor need it be, because Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) was such a master of composition and light that any insights he can offer into his art of the 'decisive moment' are priceless. He has quite a sense of humour too, claiming that photographic inspiration sometimes deserts you but it always returns, 'just like a burp'. There's a fair helping of pseud-ish analysis dished up too by some of the other talking heads, but then this is photography we're talking about, so it's no great surprise.

Ashli H (fr) wrote: The first real Jeremy Renner movie I actually really, truly remember seeing. I still love him in this movie, it's probably what made me a bigger fan of his work today. Dahmer was, and is still a fascinating murderer to me. To this day, I still feel bad for him, despite the horrible crimes he committed.

Aaron H (gb) wrote: Excellent drama of a rags-to-riches tale in the spiritual sense primarily. Overall, a nice surprise!

Justin A (us) wrote: While it has Jamie Lee Curtis and plenty of cheesy moments with magic, Terror Train is simply too generic of a slasher movie. Outside of the stuff with David Copperfield and the (maybe) memorable reveal of the killer, the movie suffers from slow pacing and a lack of any memorable kills. It's not bad for a late night slasher, but it doesn't rise to the top of the genre either.

Hunter D (gb) wrote: One of Ed Wood's less-enjoyable bad movies, he did this one after PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE but it wasn't seen until recently because he couldn't pay the lab processing fees at the time. The movie is worth seeing for seance scene alone, and the production design is gloriously inept, but it's not up there with the classic Ed Wood movies like PLAN 9, BRIDE OF THE MONSTER, or GLEN OR GLENDA. After this it was all downhill for Ed Wood (well, as downhill as he could go anyway), as his career consisted mostly for directing porn and descending further into alcoholism before his heart gave out on him in 1978. If only he'd survived to see the Medveds dig up his body of work and turn him into a world-famous cult icon. Shame.

kathy m (mx) wrote: I see this win I was a kid you just hafe to see it . it mak you thank it it will mack you cry to see the things they do t this little boy.

Jose M (br) wrote: Sometimes beautifully engaging while other times a drag, Rescue Dawn is an incredible, but tragic story of an American pilot who is shot down in Laos and imprisoned by villagers allied with the Pathet Lao. Dieter Dangler and four other prisoners plan for an escape while dealing with another prisoner, Gene DeBruin, serving as the foil. The film is really compelling to watch thanks to the strong performances from Christian Bale, Steve Zahn, and Jeremy Davies. The location is also enthralling to watch. I thought director Werner Herzog really did well with the shots and use of the environment and documentary footage in the beginning of the film. I linking this with Encounters at the End of the World, another masterpiece by Herzog. However, there are a few issues with the film especially Herzog having to do a PG-13 film because it cuts certain truth to the story even though it could lapse itself in glorifying torture. It doesn't help that there are certain elements of literature instead of historical accuracy like the use of foil which sparked controversy among the family members of DeBruin. We are left in the dark with the characters after the big break out. Don't think of it as a spoiler, this is film is after about survival.

Gary D (nl) wrote: An early Hammer sci-fi/horror that has elements of the film company's later successes(good acting and creepy moments). Ultimately though, it's a watchable (just)1950s B movie.

ArYa DarMa D (ru) wrote: 4/5 Ratings for Zombie Land F: 89%R: 11%Horror 30% Drama 20% Romance 30% Comedy 20%