Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

The issues the miners strike for include equity in wages with Anglo workers, and health and safety issues.Ramon Quintero helps organize the strike, but at home he treats his wife,Esperanza Quintero,as a second class citizen.Esperanza who is pregnant with their third child,is usually passive but she changes her attitude when the men are forced to end their picketing by a Taft-Hartley Act injuction.

Based on an actual strike against the Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico, the film deals with the prejudice against the Mexican-American workers, who struck to attain wage parity with Anglo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (ru) wrote: Intriguing but also dull.

Carlette D (kr) wrote: I was very surprise this was actually a good Russ Parr movie. I enjoy this movie!

Mark J (ag) wrote: It could have been a good movie but its not! Ending sucks! And actors don't feel comfy, I didn't liked it!

Darnell B (nl) wrote: this is my favorite movie I did this program this year sadly we lost in the danceoff at the grand finals

Charles C (mx) wrote: one of my favorite Filipino films about a kind-hearted boy...not your usual crappy drama

familiar s (de) wrote: I was able to bear it only up to around 30 minutes, after which I was unable to take the torture anymore. Though appreciated & applauded by lots, this one's obviously not my cup of tea.

Scott R (br) wrote: Absent the psychic, it's not so bad

Zane U (nl) wrote: South Korea exporting this film to the United States is like the United States exporting Miss Congeniality to the rest of the world. This movie is a comedy that tries to simultaneously be a dramatic and tough mafia movie (as opposed to a mafia movie with occasional humor or a comedy about the mafia). Like Miss Congeniality, this one features a tough female who has to domesticate herself for reasons out of her control. It struggles, despite a not uninteresting concept.

Sarah F (br) wrote: I went into this movie thinking it was a yeah. No, it's really not. A well done film and very edgy for it's time. NOT a comedy.

Daniel S (mx) wrote: Im a big fan of Fritz Langs Metropolis, and his M is also a classic, but i was curious to see how hed transfer to making American films, im happy to say this one def was a success, Robinson is a great actor, i can watch him in almost any role, and here he plays against type as a timid type, actually all the acting in this is very good, especially Duryea as the sleazy bf of the heroine, i will admit everyone in the movie is flawed and you really dont root for anyone to "win" but credit to Lang for making it still move fast and be entertaining, and the actors for making their characters engaging to watch

Pavan R (mx) wrote: Fun movie with an interesting story and some heavy life lessons too. Well enacted and directed.

Gavin S (au) wrote: I've always been a Steve McQueen fan since I first saw Magnificent Seven as a kid, and through Bullet and the Great Escape. This is one of the first McQueen roles that isn't the usual character he plays, but it is a welcome departure for a change. Papillon is a thief who's sentenced to life in prison for a murder he didn't commit, and sent to the French penal colony of Devil's Island in French Guyana. Of course, he promptly figures out how to escape, and the film showcases his various attempts to escape, and how utterly harsh the prison life is for him and his friend Dega (a wonderful Dustin Hoffman). This follows years in the lives of both men, and by the end of the film, Dega has resigned himself to his fate and seems content with the life he's made for himself, whereas Papillon still yearns for escape. What will the final scene bring? Is everything what it seems? Has the prison broken the men? Or will Papillon fly away? As a side note; this was based on a true story.

Eber N (gb) wrote: An immortal classic that will last for ever and ever and still captivates children and adults alike, a magical nanny taking care of a few unruly children helping them to order their room snapping his fingers, into an animated world in a painting in the floor, laughing and floating on the ceiling or dancing to the rooftops with chimney sweeps, it's amazing, you can feel happy and content being lost in this wonderful world where dreams and hopes are fulfilled because that is the true magic of movies , tries to escape and disconnect from the world, people are tired of the harsh reality, he just wants to enjoy, see fiction and forget about the problems of life for a few hours looking at the screen, because quoting the great Walt Disney "is what we do storytellers: restore order with imagination, we infuse hope again and again, "the film is much more than a machine to print money is an escape to places where everything is possible and nothing is what it seems.