Saludos Amigos

Saludos Amigos

Live-action segments show members of the Disney staff touring South America and recording their impressions in sketches. These segue into four animated sections: "Lake Titicaca" depicts tourist Donald Duck's troubles with a stubborn llama; and in "Aquarela do Brasil," Jose Carioca shows Donald the sights and sound of Rio de Janeiro.

Disney animators tour South America and present four animated shorts inspired by their trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arthur R (es) wrote: Challenging to watch, but fascinating nonetheless. A bit like if your weird uncle did an eccentric remake of The Wrestler. The character may be a train-wreck, but the portrayal certainly isnt. Utterly weird, but captivatingly so...Resonant Line: "The Comedian: Why don't rapists eat at T.G.I. Friday's? Well, it's hard to rape with a stomachache."

Eric A (jp) wrote: kept me guessing until the end. good plot.

Xyme A (ca) wrote: very entertaining movie based on teenage collegians.

Em W (fr) wrote: Don't waste your time. The ending is terrible and the whole movie is predictably! Dumbest movie EVVVVVEEERR

Stephen C (us) wrote: Cracking Brit movie tracing the rise and Shocking fall of Joe Meek Legendary music producer. Based on the play by Director Nick Moran, the opening up of the play does the film a great credit. Con ONeil is astonishing as Joe Meek a man with his demons and a drive to be the best. The Meek sound is wondefully potrayed as a ramshackle affair produced from a flat on the Holloway Rd in London . Here Meek gave us classics such as Telstar and Johnny Remember me songs and productions which are widely regarded as classics of the pop genre. The Supporting cast are fine including James Corden as Clem Cattini and Kevin Spacey as Meeks backer. But the film ulitimatley belongs to ONeil as Meek a man driven to destruction.

Luke G (fr) wrote: I agree with the critics that the plot and drive of the movie makes you feel sorry of Bullock rather than joyous. All About Steve is a hollywood imagination of a stalker story, more funny, but still as creepy as somebody following you around. The country.

Ralph Daniel C (mx) wrote: This one of the rare Filipino movies that you'd stop and think about. Tears rolled down my cheeks watching this movie.

Aliekha T (us) wrote: This chick-flick doesn't even feel like one. Predictable, hasty and there's no chemistry in the film. Such a shame Firth is in it.

Gareth H (ru) wrote: This is a film that you might watch right now and immediately come to hate it. The conformist instinct of humanity will make this film repulsive to your senses. You'll join the legions of people who believe this to be an affront on film making but, if you choose to trust your baser instincts, your last thoughts as a live human being will be "that one... that one we got wrong."The director/writer, Martin Brest, casts the conventions of film making into a lake of fire. The lynch-pins of the Hollywood troglodytes are obliterated. The trusted lexicons of all trusted purveyors of film, in their many forms, are stricken from this dimension altogether. This film personifies creativity more than anyone before or since. Gigli is not your garden variety hit man. He's a sensitive guy who;s more-or-less forced into his profession. Ben Affleck, who preforms astonishingly well in this timeless classic, plays a bad actor. That is who Gigli is. He needs the intimidation factor to do hid dirty deeds, and it takes the wise eyes of Jennifer Lopez to see through this facade.The plot casually progresses as if it were a breezy Sunday afternoon. The chemistry between Affleck and Lopez simmers and cools until its utterly enjoyable crescendo at the end. Even if you can't stand this movie, the end is guaranteed to bring the warm tears of joy to your eyes. Obviously this a film that should be handled with caution. You should avoid seeing it with cynics and desperate intellectuals in need of something to criticize. It is a film that is best watched by yourself.

Adam S (ag) wrote: Oh dear. This may just be the most pretentious film I have ever seen. It really is a self indulgent piece of rubbish, and people should avoid it like the plague. Sorry, Gina, not even you could save this one.

Joshua L (de) wrote: The Physical Comedy that this is, is what makes it sooo fun to watch.

Alex K (es) wrote: My Favorite War Film Is 1998's Saving Private Ryan.

Toshi T (nl) wrote: The film flows like an argument. Crosscutting between two narratives, one set in a mythical past and the other in a German villa. Intimations of Marx, thesis and anti-thesis, but the result is poetically and philosophically stranger. A one of a kind cinematic work. Watch for Clementi's facial expressions.

James H (gb) wrote: The Dick Tracy series in the 1940's was a very interesting contribution to the film industry. Unique in many ways. Low budget, as most series were but always interesting. They never achieved the greatness of Charlie Chan, Sherlock Holmes, Andy Hardy or Blondie, but they are fascinating to watch.

Matt B (ca) wrote: Even though the book is A LOT better and there's not much chemistry between Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, Water for Elephants is still enjoyable. It's colorful, stunningly photographed and the lead performances are nice. Still, though, the book is SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

Blake P (mx) wrote: To give an auteur's work a C grade is depressing enough as it is, but because Terrence Malick's "Knight of Cups" is thrillingly shot and riskier than anything being made right now, I figure it'd be best if I avoid trying to write a detailed review and summary as a way to more directly map out pieces of information and unfiltered opinion that characterize my introspection as cohesively as possible.(1) "Knight of Cups" is Terrence Malick's seventh film. He began his cinematic career with 1973's "Badlands," a stunning lovers-on-the-run sweeper. Despite a twenty year gap between 1978's "Days of Heaven" and 1998's "The Thin Red Line," Malick's stamp on American cinema is remarkable to the point of being unable to criticize. Even if an offering doesn't strike you as strongly as a conventionally "good" film might, it still strikes you, even if that striking is sometimes deterred by boredom and sometimes deterred by the inescapable feeling that all in front of you is utterly pretentious and utterly masturbatory.(2) I'm indifferent to "Knight of Cups."(3) The film follows Rick, a Hollywood screenwriter played by Christian Bale, as he travels around the city indulging himself in his industry's many excesses in an attempt to distract himself from the vast emptiness that he feels.(4) "Knight of Cups" jumps back and forth between the present and the past, and is divided into eight chapters, six of them dedicated to the relationships with the women in his life.(5) Those women are played by Imogen Poots (as a carefree fling), Cate Blanchett (as his ex-wife), Freida Pinto (as a sensuous model Rick finds himself entranced with), Teresa Palmer (as a rebellious stripper to whom he takes a temporary liking), Natalie Portman (as a woman he loved but jilted), and Teresa Palmer (as an unaffected youth that could provide Rick with the optimistic future he so desperately needs). These actresses, despite their varying levels of fame and acclaim, are equally bewitching, and are the most interesting things about the film. (6) "Knight of Cups" is sumptuously filmed, as all of Malick's films are, and it contains boundlessly thought-provoking ideas that comment on the dangerous fixation the entertainment industry has on pleasure and how it can affect those constantly bombarded by it.(7) On many occasion did I wish "Knight of Cups" were made as a traditional movie: its ensemble collects the greatest talents currently working in movies, and its story carries the capability of being a modern-day "La Dolce Vita" in the ways last year's "Youth" so desperately tried to be. It could be one of the best movies ever made about Hollywood, but is too mercurial and scattershot to have any effect on us.(8) Aside from its expansive visual palette and its array of exhilarating images, "Knight of Cups" does nothing and says nothing, a fatal mistake for a film dealing with such weighty abstractions.(9) I loved looking at this movie. It's like living in a dream. It's dizzying in its movement and is able to make even the most basic elements of life seem meaningful, alien even. I just can't bear anything else about it, especially for two hours.(9) Spoken dialogue is always more effective than voiceover, even if a given voiceover is philosophical, melodramatic, and eloquent.(10) Four decades later, Malick is still among cinema's most mesmerizingly talented filmmakers. "Knight of Cups" is as wondrously unwilling to conform as it is staunchly mundane. Its visual energy is given nothing to grab onto, and so we're left with materialistic thrills that eventually drift away into pretty nothingness.

JH K (gb) wrote: Sorprendente pelicula, sin duda merecedora de verse y comentar, el viaje a lo largo de una identidad falsa tiene mucha mas miga de lo que parece, y sin duda lo mejor que se haya rodado sobre violencia en el futbol, hooligans, y demas descerebrados.

Jenna R (ru) wrote: While the humor often strays closer to a miss than a hit, Nanny McPhee is a pleasantly entertaining story with a good enough heart to carry it through the rougher moments.