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Salvajes torrent reviews

forcebucket B (us) wrote: An overlooked masterpiece which is far better than the oscar winners of 2014. *great movie

Joanna C (ag) wrote: It's a great funny movie and I really liked all the act in the circus. :) Well Done Everyone!!!!!!!!!=)

Nicolas L (mx) wrote: Caf de Flore de Jean Marc Valle est avant tout un film de perception. Envoutant, dchirant, men dans une rflexion introspective, aussi saisissante que terrible. Si l association maladroite de ces traces de vie peu laisser dubitatif, le theme dvoile l une des pistes les plus inexplor du cinma. L amour, il en est bien question, complexe et droutant, irraisonn, se jouant de nous mme. Un amour passionnel loin d tre parfait, parfois goste et possessif. Toutefois l angle de vu se resserre pour se focaliser, jusqu' faire apparaitre une lumire nouvelle. Si la passion guide notre coeur, ce coeur sait il cependant tre capable d aimer plus que lui mme ? Une question que Jean Marc Valle a os poser a travers une ralisation fluide et originale. Vanessa Paradis est magnifique, rayonnante. Chapeau au couple Kvin Parent et Hlne Florent pour la vraisemblance de leurs jeux. Mention spciale pour la qualit du son, raliste et naturel, ainsi que du soin apport a l image. Un film russi a ne surtout pas rater.

Richard G (us) wrote: What is the Higgs-Boson particle? Super-Symmetry or Multiverse? There are a couple of the questions that Physicists are trying to answer about the origins and fate of our Universe. I found this to be a very fascinating documentary...if one can be allowed to get excited about Particle Physics!

Dustin B (it) wrote: The movie is excellent until Tony Todd drops our heroes off at the party. I became entirely engrossed in our heroine's quest to support her daughter. She is as sympathetic as Anna in Martyrs. I was thus aghast to see her butchered in the most insultingly stupid torture porn I've ever laid eyes on. The torturers' rationale is bogus. Their crimes are illustrated with piss-poor gore effects. The whole thing ends suddenly without any more word on our heroine than a blurb of text. If you feel like paying full price and turning it off as soon as Tony Todd makes his exit, feel free. But if you keep watching you'll want the rest of the time back.

Samra M (jp) wrote: Pretty average story ... Arshad Wari & Irfan Khan and their banter made it worth a watch ... otherwise one could easily have shut it off !!!

David L (br) wrote: Brilliant film-making.

Michael J (de) wrote: Good movie, really good. Uncle was my favourite character, cracked me up. Though, I think the funniest part was the non-Indians at the theme park trying but not quite getting into the proper Bollywood groove. Best musical number was Koi Ladki Hai with the kids in the rain. Shakrukh Khan was his usual awesome self.

Peter B (ru) wrote: An indie with two main topics: relationships and sex. A very well written, well acted, interesting film.

Heather M (mx) wrote: Peck and Loren made this movie worth the watch. Overall the story wasn't that spectacular, but these are two attractive people with plenty of talent that you have to watch.

Robin P (au) wrote: This little musical made me smile and laugh...that says a lot. Judy Garland..superb, Mickey Rooney..hilarious. This was GOOD!

Paul D (de) wrote: Light-hearted comedy vehicle for two likeable stars playing likeable characters. Charles Coburn has plenty of presence too as their foil. It's a fairly slapstick storyline but not slapstick in style.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Metaphysical nonsense masquerading as science and conspiracy and Mozart saves the world. Lame plot.