Salvatore - Questa è la vita

Salvatore - Questa è la vita

Salvatore is a young orphan, living in Sicily with his little sister and his grandmother; after loosing his father in a tragic way he quits school and starts working as a fisherman and a ...

Salvatore is a young orphan, living in Sicily with his little sister and his grandmother; after loosing his father in a tragic way he quits school and starts working as a fisherman and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda C (gb) wrote: At times a tad overbearing and earnest, Cyberbully at its best is a highly accessible film about the realities currently facing teens in the online world. It's formulaic and sappy, but never strays from its central message of be careful of what you say online and the dangers that come from anonymity.

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Huxinyi H (us) wrote: not that funny... but is a comfort movie

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graeme d (ag) wrote: Drawn to the wealth of four star reviews and the description printed on the box I felt utterly had after enduring the tedium of this film.... Whilst trying to be worthy and cinema verite this movie misses the whole point of the genre- er suspense? Tension? Structure...? 40 minutes in and still not a whiff of any of the above- and yes the performances are good but the premise is so paper thin and undeveloped it had me checking the time every five minutes. TTTTEEEEEEDDDDDIIIIOOOOUUUUSSSSS.

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Ross B (jp) wrote: A gritty and brilliant remake that is worthy of John Carpenters praise. Unlike the original that had a gang laying siege to the police precinct, this reboot has rogue cops attempting to kill Lawrence Fishburne's character before he makes it to court and sends them all to jail. Ethan Hawke is good as the cop in charge of the precinct and Gabriel Byrne is brilliant as the leader of the rogue cops. The action is brutal like the original but alot of the dialogue scenes seem more like the characters are just trying to have a swearing contest. Really enjoyable thriller.

Kenneth R (ca) wrote: The movie where you can feel your own teeth being drilled. Great movie don't know who the bad guys are.

Evan W (ag) wrote: An inventive sci-fi thriller from Hammer's black and white period. It's hard for a mostly unintelligent lump of radioactive mud to make a compelling antagonist, and the ending is weirdly abrupt, but it's an engaging film nonetheless.

bill s (nl) wrote: A remake of the way overrated 1980's slasher movie can not even come close to the original.

Cody S (it) wrote: What a great movie that's about more than just revenge, but also redemption and doing the right thing, even when the wrong thing is a whole lot easier.Bound to Vengeance is a new horror movie where a young woman gets captured by a sexual predator. When she breaks free that's when the movie begins. Once she's about to escape she finds a bunch of pictures of other girls that the man is holding captive, and with that the game is afoot as she races across the city with the kidnapper's help trying to save as many of the girls as she can until the movie reaches its shocking conclusion.I thought Bound To Vengeance was a pretty awesome horror thriller movie with a fresh take on the genre, how the main character had to rely on the help of the kidnapper in order to free the others. Sure most people would just call the police or run for safety once they were free, but if that happened then we wouldn't have a movie. Many things go wrong for our protagonist on her mission, but that's what makes Bound To Vengeance fun, the pacing of the events.The movie just released in select theaters across the US on June 26th, and will be in this years Sundance Film Festival, so I don't want to spoil the ending in this review. I'll just say that I personally didn't see the ending coming. Make sure you watch every last second of Bound To Vengeance and you'll see why this movies was so fun.