Samba, Trance & Rock n Roll

Samba, Trance & Rock n Roll


  • Category:Sport
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Rafael Mellin
  • Writer:Rafael Mellin

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Samba, Trance & Rock n Roll torrent reviews

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YiYin H (gb) wrote: I watched this film few years ago when it was on cinema. I cried for that. It was not only the story was so beautiful, but also all actors acted just perfectly. This is one of the best films I have had. I would like to watch this again. The singer of this sound track is one of my favorite singers. The song was just perfectly fit in the movie.

J Corey S (br) wrote: A lot of dragging plot between a few very funny scenes. Typical and above average.

Gemma M (gb) wrote: For a sequel, the Return of Jafar retains the much lovable characters from the original movie developing them further than where we last left them all. Personally, I quite liked the continuing themes of love and friendship while Iago's redemption is a lovely new addition with him continuing to retain his much loved evil persona.

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Katerina C (us) wrote: At this point, it is a nice nostalgic look at the beginnings of Graffiti art, hip hop and rap.

Geoff C (fr) wrote: Not a bad film. Not John Candy's greatest, by any means, but not a bad film nonetheless. There were moments when John Candy had me laughing hysterically. As always, Candy was the best part of the film. Perhaps more so this time, than in other instances where he was put up against the formidable appearance of a worthy costar. (Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, And Automobiles) Candy is the only huge draw to the film. But he manages to carry it, and it is worth a watch.

William K (ca) wrote: black swan in chinese

David C (fr) wrote: not only does it show the backstory of Arnel, but also goes back to how Journey was created in the mid 70s, good watch

John C (mx) wrote: Disturbing and depressing. Sadly, many children will probably be exposed to this by accident.